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ShoweR florida.jpg Jessi Slaughter is an irrelevant lolcow who had long since been milked by the masses.

You can help by finding someone else to pick on, you meen-spirited cyberboolie!
4chan's Parental Advisory Board: exposing bad parenting since 2003.
Ello Im Jessi Toxic Slaughter. I Can Be A Bitch In The Ass If I Want To. Im Scenekore And Its Siq! Im Bi. I <3 Pandas! I LOVE The Band Blood On The Dance Floor! Im Taken By Mah Lovely Death Matt. I Listen To Techno, Raver, Crunkcore And Screamo. Im In A Band Called Girls Get Druged! I Party Till I Pass Out And I Fuck Till I Bleed. Im Meh and Only Me I Cant Be Tamed.


—Jessi Slaughter via Tumblr

Now don't be saying suicide!

Well guess what, and y-, my daughter is not lying and I’m not gonna put up with any of you peoples crap anymore! If you ain't got anything nice to say about my daughter then keep yer mouth shut and anymore of yer comments that are put on there i’m recording them all and they are being sent to the police department and guess what! Your emails will be caught and will be found and who said you were gonna beat my daughter up, you will have to deal with the police, because ya dun goof'd! YA KNOW WHAT?!?!?! I’M GONNA TELL YOU RIGHT NOW!!! THIS IS FROM HER FATHER, YOU BUNCH OF LYING NO GOOD PUNKS AND I KNOW WHO ITS COMING FROM, BECAUSE I BACKTRACED IT!!! AND I KNOW WHOSE EMAIL OF YOU IS DOING IT AND YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO THE CYBER POLICE AND THE STATE POLICE!!! AND YA BETTER WRITE ONE MORE THING, OR SCREW WITH MY COMPUTER AGAIN, YOU’LL BE ARRESTED!!! END OF CONVERSATION FROM HER FATHER!!! AND IF YA COME NEAR MY DAUGHTER, GUESS WHAT, CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!! YA LYING BUNCH OF PRICKS!!!


—Jessi Slaughter's Dad

Jessi Slaughter ("Kerligirl13", powerword: Jessica Leonhardt) is a disturbed 14-year-old girl posing as a 16-year-old morbidly obese land whale, barely legal tumblrina thot, potential Maury guest and chronic sufferer of GOTIS. Jessi wants you to know that she is so much "more pretty" than you, has more friends, and more people like her and so mature for her age that her parents, Gene and Dianne, turn a blind eye when it comes to her extracurricular activities: partying until she passes out, fucking until she bleeds and telling anyone and everyone who'll listen all about her crazy life on YouTube.

In mid-July, 2010 Jessi's considerable body of work came to the attention of 4chan's Parental Advisory Board who—being the diligent, conscientious, upright e-citizens they are—thought that her unprotected Internets shenanigans were cause for concern and that the authorities (if not her seemingly asleep-at-the-wheel parents) should be alerted to what appeared to be a case of either negligent parenting and/or a cry for help from an out of control youngster acting out in cyberspace (where noone can hear you scream).


In the beginning, she put a Glock in your mouth and made a brain slushie

4chan originally got interested when a /b/tard put down the bong for a few moments and stumbled across the video, starting off yet another "you rage, you lose" cancer thread causing it to quickly go viral. While most agree that /b/ is not anyone's personal army, much like when someone hits a cat, they joined together and immediately flooded the comments with RAGE and hæt. The resulting shitstorm gave birth to the lulzcow that is Jessi Slaughter.

The typical pattern of birthing this lulzcow has progressed since last Thursday. Anon trolled several of her accounts and through the use of extensive investigative journalism her dox were discovered and shared.

And So It Begins

Originally, the video was posted to Tumblr by two straight edge girls with gaping holes in their ears, named Autopsical and Caged Owl. It was spammed thousands of times to other Tumblr users, which inspired our muse to respond with a heavy amount of GOTIS using her whorish good looks. The power of Tumblr and /b/ led to the rampant sexual obsession). In turn, Jessi went into full defense mode, using her formidable wit to deploy sharp "comebacks" in an attempt to look super cool and awesome, while of course failing miserably.

Since getting on YouTube and making threats was so effective at dissuading trolls from harrassing her, the attack didn't end. Anonymous' talented Internet Detectives used their powerful skills of deduction to find Jessi's Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. As an eleven-year-old whore, Jessi accepted all friend requests; even from accounts with ridiculous names, such as I.P. Freely and Pedobear (SRSLY), resulting in anons obtaining her email address and place of residence.

With this, anons shifted into a full-out Pizza-and-UPS-box-attack on the hapless target and numerous Craigslist whores in the area were recruited to pay her a visit. Finally, moralfags started their usual screaming of unfair play, finally bringing an end to the raid's momentum, much to the detriment of everyone's collective lulz.

She then decided to make a Tumblr account that was subsequently deleted, in order to helpfully show off her ex-girlfriend from the 4th grade and claim she "haz moar titz than u!" while posting pictures in bikinis with a pushup bra underneath.

You Dun Goofed


As if Jessi hadn't had enough, she released two new videos of herself crying hysterically while her father (a distant relative of Yosemite Sam) and his awesome child-molester mustache (molestache) going completely ape shit bonkers, screaming at the computer over the IRL and OL trolling they've just endured, despite previously stating: "You know what? You bitches don't faze me!" while addressing her 'haters' in her first video. Throughout the new videos, Jessi cries that: "her life is ruined" and that she's "going through hell", while her father spits out instant classics such as "you dun goofed", "I know who it's coming from cause I backtraced it" and that the "You've been reported to the cyberpolice". The result of these actions means that "Consequences will never be the same."

Dun Goofed Part 1
Dun Goofed Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Lulz were had by all. Despite the fact that the original thread 404'd, over 9000 new threads soon followed and even a musical mixing of Mel C with her dad and his consequences was spawned. In an attempt to stop the hate, she deleted her MySpace account.

Much of /b/ already hopes for Jessi to be their next An Hero, but that is unlikely since she was soon seen back on Stickam, smiling, whoring and telling everyone shes 'fine'. How and why her parents didn't set fire to her computer right then and there will forever be one of life's mysteries and probably a better question for the Child Services to waste time on.

Internets Reaction

Within a day or so, The Daily Anti-Lulz ran an ArchiveToday-favicon.pngarticle on their blog. Surprisingly enough, they wrote a fairly balanced and non-hysterical story on the subject, although it is filled with lulzy quotes throughout, such as:

Normally, we find fears about kids on the Internet the product of technophobic hysteria. But this case is a very good argument for why parents should at least be vaguely aware of what their kids are up to on the Internet. Is your 11 year-old girl embroiled in an underage sex scandal with the lead singer of a popular emo band? Is she threatening to shoot people on YouTube videos? Maybe now is the time to invest in good parental control software before she becomes a meme.


—Sounds like fairly solid advice.

/b/ and the chans are nature's response to making kids wear bike helmets and seatbelts; how else can the universe weed out the retards?


logruszed (thanks?)

Unfortunately for everyone involved, someone posted it to the Internet's scariest hive mind:'s /b/ board and Tumblr.


—Scary indeed.

I have a theory that 4Chan is just the Storm Botnet gone sentient. If that is indeed the case, the world is about to be enslaved by the equivalent of an omnipresent 15 year old with entitlement issues and a firm belief that indifferently co-opting culture is the same as ironic reflection.


—Fantasticos_Ganymede, being as pretentious as humanly possible while discussing a camwhore

This is what 11-year-olds are like??? And I just bought my niece of the same age a Playmobil boat for her birthday? I feel such a fool


—bawhide (yes and yes)

Despite the fact that the Gawker article itself is relatively objective, the comments section of the article is an absolute goldmine of trollable liberals. Unfortunately, one needs to 'audition' and be approved for commenting like it's a fucking orchestra, and any hint of attempted lulzmaking or trolling will lead to an almost-instant banhammer. Nevertheless, it's worth seeing how the pretentious NORPs react to something Internet nerds see often. Most are absolutely shocked that an underage girl would be stripping on the Internet voluntarily without realizing that her semi-nudity is barely the biggest issue. Fact is, if she had just gotten naked and kept her stupid trap shut, she'd likely be beloved by the same people who want to make her disappear forever right now.

Beyond Gawker, /b/ has still been on a seemingly nonstop Jessi Slaughter post-fest, with a related thread polluting the front page on nearly every refresh. Most anons are asking for noodz while the rest are either looking to cause more grief to her and her family or be moralfags by talking about how she's just a little girl and should be left alone.

Failblog posted the reaction video under the title "Understanding of the Internet Fail". The comments section exploded with moralfags and white knights whining that it wasn't funny to make fun of a spoiled brat or her technologically impotent daddy. Members of 4chan came quickly to get a little attention by trolling the NORP commenters.

On July 19th, Urlesque picked up on the story as well. While the article does make one-dimensional "oh no, they shouldn't have harassed her" statements to appease the NORPs and soccer moms who frequent the site, the article in effect states that she was asking for it.

Decrying the trolls is sort of like decrying a gang of thugs who mugged a guy wandering dark alleys wearing a suit made of hundred dollar bills. The girl was posting suggestive photos of herself, threatening people who posted nasty comments about her videos and taunting her bullies. In other words, this girl was inviting it.


—Couldn't have said it any better.

Some Troll's Facebook message to the mother (was emailed to me by my friend Anonymous)

"Your daughter: Distributed nude photographs of herself. Went on a live cam chat and performed all sorts of sexual behaviors. Made threatening youtube videos towards people she didn't like/who disagreed with her/said mean things about her

The "brain slushy" video was of her talking about putting a gun in someones mouth and pulling the trigger.

Personally, I blame you and your obviously meth-addicted husband, and was 100% involved with the actions taken against your daughter. This wasn't cyber-bullying, this was a group of proactive individuals trying to smack a little sense into a kid who's quite obviously getting zero discipline from you and your meth addicted husband.

This is not a threat.

This is a fair warning.

If Jessi does not have her internet access revoked, by you. Then I will be forced to compile as much evidence against you and your husband as necessary and will be contacting child protective services to the effect of having your daughter removed from your household.

Responsibility should not fall on anyone's shoulders besides your own. I am not responsible for what happen to your family, nor is anyone else who was involved in the actions taken against you.

You are responsible.

I do not want to see your daughter anywhere on the internet for the next 4 years. I do not want to open my favorite image board sites or photobucket and stumble across disgusting photos of your daughter.

You are responsible for your child's well being.

You failed to maintain said well-being.

And... Now... You've suffered the consequences.

And they'll never... ever... be the same."

Police Protection?

The whole ordeal in a nutshell.

ArchiveToday-favicon.pngGawker continued its Jessi Slaughter coverage with a story on her alleged need for police protection. According to Gawker's sources, Jessi and her family have been receiving death threats, resulting in Jessi's being taken into police custody and placed in a safe house for a short period of time. Apparently, a judge also took the necessary action by banning Jessi from the Internet; something that any parent who isn't on a 24-hour-a-day meth- and Jack Daniels-fueled stupor would already have done. Unfortunately for Jessi (and the entire world), the order only lasted 3 days, at which point even more faggotry can be expected to emanate from the bowels of Dunnellon, Florida.

Gawker conducted a brief phone interview with the parents, who opened their mouths and subsequently eliminated all doubt about their mental state. When her mother was asked about the "brain slushie" video, her response was: "I haven't seen it... I don't even go on the computer."

As the interview continued, Jessi's parents claimed that they were "under 24/7 police surveillance", with the father further expressing that he just "wants his life back" and his "daughter's life back". If there's one thing that the interview made clear, it's that Jessi's parents are completely oblivious to the irony that the choices their out-of-control daughter's made are directly responsible for the absolute shitshow their world has become. Jessi's father admitted that Child Protective Services became involved, which is also "something they never wanted".

There have been no death threats or threats of harm in any way [towards Jessi or her family]


—An update according to the Florida Sheriff's department.

The update goes on to say that they are only investigating the possibility of pornographic pictures of her online, as well as a few prank calls that referenced them, implying that the family may have been exaggerating the situation a bit. If you left a mean comment the cyber police will find you!

Related YouTube Videos

Jessi's dad going apeshit
Uh, oh


Ya dun goofed About missing Pics
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MAN THE HARPOONS About missing Pics
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Jessi Wisdom

TO THE GUY WHO STOLE JESSI'S PASSWORD (shaunn?) (forgive my english):

So you wanna be a hacker huh? This is a start... a mistake, actually... but mistakes are good cause you can learn from them ;) Stealing a password from a 12 years old girl is not hacking... In this case you just proved to be a little "attention whore" I know that you wanted to have fun, but you should learn the difference between having fun WITH someone and making fun OF someone. We have a limited amount of time on this earth, so please, from now on use it in a constructive manner. This time you just acted like a mindless bully who goes around destroying sand castles on the beach. If some people keep making sands castles while other people keep destroying them, we'll always be at the same point. But if you put your hours of work into something constructive, maybe you can help us make the world a better place. Hatred produces more hatred, and love produces love. All you guys who spent the last days trolling Jessi should stop for a second and think "what the fuck am I doing with my time?". Jessi is a pretty nice and funny girl, she wants to become a famous singer and she's putting a lot of effort into making herself known. I think she's good, and she has a future. If you don't think so, just ignore her, and use your time to do something useful. If you keep wasting your time like this in ten years she will probably be a famous singer enjoying her millions, while you're still in your basement making fun of little girls. Sorry for the rant ;)


—Words of a moraltroll she posted on her piczo.



—Someone posing as Jessi Slaughter on her owned piczo (28th July)

i havent had muh period yet so i cant get pregnant and yeh we had lots of fun fucking i rubbed her clit until she screamed and squirted. try and tell me that doesnt count.


— Jessi Slaughter, summing up the argument against abstinence only sexual education on her Tumblr.

I don’t want to get arrested… I'm sorry guys. I really am. I just figured that picture was all over 4chan and ebaumsworld and everything. And it reallly isnt child porn is it? You couldnt seee anything, it was like seeing me in a bathing suit. people that are minors post pictures of themselves in bathing suits all the time. like i did. and you really couldnt see anything in that last picture. so is everyone on tumblr going to get arrested then for distribution of child porn? and ebaums world? and my impersonators posting stuff too? im sorry, please reply to this with a serious answer? im trying my best to type right for you guys and everything. anyone?


—Jessi Slaughter, demonstrating her atrocious fifth-grade education.

Dont judge me, you don't have the right to. You don't know what I've been through. You don't know what I've felt or what I feel right now so do something better with your time then judge someone you know nothing about.


—Jessi Slaughter, thinking that her feelings make her stupidity forgivable.

I don't suck at singing, people just think I do.


—Jessi Slaughter, showing her concern for public tastes as an aspiring entertainer.

We've had may, many death threats, We're afraid to leave the house. We're afraid to go to bed. We're sleeping in shifts, my husband and I am. I want my life back. I want my daughter's life back


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngDianne Leonhardt

As a father, I was just trying to support my daughter and get people to stop hating…


Gene Leonhardt, father of the year, on why he puts up with his daughter’s shit.

i came out wen i was 10 and? in 5th grade and i lost alot of friends but atleast muh mom still suported meh


— -Jessi Slaughter in a JewTube comment on 12/13/2010

Pregnancy and Miscarriage at age 12

Must be a cookie craving
Her blog post naming Dahvie Vanity as the father

It was November 2010 and one of Jessi's school friends was talking to her in an audio chat which Jessi did not know was being recorded. Jessi's turncoat "friend" posted this conversation on jewtube where it caught the attention of many. Subsequently, for reasons which are a mystery, she (skullqueen1234567 on YouTube) attempted to remove the video from the Internet, possibly during a criminal investigation which stemmed from the video. In this long conversation, we get a mixture of accurate information and lies. She claims she would become the mother of one of Andy's babies on "May 2nd". The part about Andy being the father was total bullshit, which prompted a backlash from the girls at her school, as well as the "BVB army," the BlackVeiledBrides fan community. The real father was Giovanni Jones, who is 4 years older than her. A possible /b/tard, he noticed her after GMA and made contact. He flew all the way from New York to Florida where he spent about 2 weeks there towards the end of summer break. He subsequently returned to New York to make only one additional visit in early January at which time he took some nudes on his iPhone, after fucking her a few times, and broke up with her. After weeks of Jessi desperately pleading with him not to break up with her, she finally tried to kill herself on January 25th, 2011, which resulted in a miscarriage. Little is known about the incident other than that sleeping pills may have been used.(the proceeding comment has been removed by the cyber police)

Jessi's New Home

On February 17, 2011, Jessi was placed in foster care. A religious organization known as the Heart of Florida Youth Ranch is now her legal guardian. The HOFYR is a tightly-controlled pseudo-prison for mentally disturbed youngsters who also happen to believe in Christ, coincidentally. Jessica is ferried to North Marion Middle School via Short Bus from her facility. Prior to her placement at HOFYR, she attended Dunnellon Middle School. The main switchboard for the ranch can be reached at (352) 595-7100, their fax number is (352) 595-4135, and the directors' email is [email protected] and [email protected] The ranch consists of a team of care providers and several domiciles; more specific information about which domicile she is in is not yet available.

HOFYR: 15833 US 301 North Citra, FL 32113

Her Father Dun Goofed

Oh, the delicious irony of it all!

Jessi's father, who has been identified as Gene Leonhardt, was arrested on March 25th, 2011 after punching his daughter from an argument and gave her bloody and swollen lips (which should have happened long ago). When asked about the situation, Leonhardt had claimed that his daughter started the problem by punching him first and he replied back with a bitch slap to her face, letting her know her place. Leonhardt had also reported to the authorities that his daughter was wearing "theatrical blood", possibly as a means to make her injuries more convincing (or she wanted to go for a more emo look). Though with this news, /b/ surprisingly didn't talk much about it as many would believe they would considering how they just can't let old and stale things die. One of the witnesses of said event had claimed that Jessi ran out her house crying out "They're hurting me!" (which pretty much proves that kids these days can't take a little beating and are straight pussies). Despite the consequences this event caused, Jessi's father has pleaded not guilty to child abuse charge and is free on $5000 bail.

March 16, 2011: Jessi Goes Hardcore at 12 years old

Around January 3, 2011, Jessi fully revealed her tits, pussy, and ass for cameraman and then-boyfriend Giovanni Jones. On March 16th, the photos emerged on the Internet and by March 27th, they were circulating around Jessi's school. This only compounded restrictions placed on her Internet usage since she had been placed in foster care following her father's violence against her on February 17th. There, state-appointed guardians did an excellent job of keeping her off the Internet; something her father could never do.

April, 2011

In a second-hand account by Jessi's ex-boyfriend Giovanni, he recounts some of the more recent events that have taken place since March. Between the February 17th smackdown and some time in April, Jessi was not only in foster care, but in a mental hospital again for an extended period of time after her 2nd suicide attempt since Giovanni left. Thanks to the diligent work of Anonymous, Jessica returned to school in April to already have a reputation. Immediately, she tried to kill herself again and she was much more successful than before. For at least 2 weeks she was in a coma.

August, 2011: Death of Gene Leonhardt

On Aug. 11, 2011, Jessi's father died of a massive heart attack. Goodnight, sweet prince. The same day, one of Jessi's schoolmates uploaded a video of Jessi faking apologies when she really was adding another notch to her belt.

Some things never change.


At no point in this video does Jessi apologize for attacking 4chan, it is a fake apology to Blood On The Dance Floor.

Moar Pics

Some /b/tard managed to dig up moar n00ds after unconfirmed reports of Jessi having a Skype. And she's STILL illegal. The picture was deleted quickly, but nevertheless, despite restrictions, she is still more than capable of being a huge jailbait whore.

Part Deux?

As of March 6th 2012, we know that Jessi is back at it.

She has a new tumblr and stickam. (see external links)

In her stickam chat, she said "I don't care if my nudes are out there..." and "I'm glad my dad is dead, he hit me..." while demonstrating her deep throating skills on a hairbrush handle.

Note, she is back home with her mother, but closely supervised. In the video she says "I'm not on Facebook", however, that is a lie; her Facebook is here(BALEETED!)

Jessi fellates popsicle.jpg

Jessi gets very heavy periods.

Jessi shows off a new trick she learned in the group home.

Boyfriend #4

On March 7, 2012, Jessi announces her 4th boyfriend, Dante Volkert, a half-Japanese guy who doesn't even live in Florida. DOB; January 24, 1995. (This makes him 17 while she's 13.)

Damien Ciel Jessi Think's She Is A Boy

Like Chris-chan Jessi can't be happy with her gender.

Allegedly, Jessi wants to become a man. She claims she used to dress up as a boy when she was just a tiny little brat. It's becoming obvious that Jessi is just a confused, stupid teenager with no clue what she wants in life, so she covers it up by acting like a whore on the internet.

I look like a crack whore with my shitty eyeliner!

Just you wait, faggots, she'll be begging for money to have sexual reassignment surgery if she doesn't grow out of this tranny phase in the next couple years.

Now, the question remains...where is her mom? It is painfully, pathetically obvious no one is policing Jessi's behavior on or off the internet since she returned home from foster care. Who in their right mind lets their daughter leave the house looking like a balding five cent crack whore?

Yet Another Suicide Attempt

According to the garbage that she continues to post of her tumblr, Jessi Slaughter has yet again attempted suicide. On July 2nd of 2012, Jessi Slaughter's mother waltzed on into Jessi's room and told her that she is hated, and should just An Hero and get it over with. Jessi then posted a whiny blog about how shitty her mother is. Not longer afterwards, the trolls of tumblr took notice of said whiny blogs and began to encourage Jessi to do as she was told. She then opened a tinychat titled "Damien's Death Cam" and told everyone to watch at 12 EST. Everyone was excited until she posted another blog, saying that she is too huge of a pussy to go through with it. She ceased to blog for a few days afterwards, and claims to have been hospitalized after her attempted suicide for those days. Failed suicide attempt Jessi posted this picure of her scars paper cuts shortly after apparently being released from hospital. Anyone who even vaguely knows of someone who has attempted to become An Hero is well aware that attempted An Heroes don't come back for a long while, Jessi, and you certainly wouldn't go back into the care of your mother, so please stop making such stupid cries out for attention until you are really ready to become An Heroine.

Never go down on a girl when she's on her period.
Jessi, we know you're pregnant.

Jessi Gets Knocked Up Again

Pictures posted on July 28th seem to indicate that the 5th or 6th boyfriend knocked her up, and she is WELL into her second pregnancy.
Who knocked up slaughter?

It's July 24th, 2012 and Google trends shows as a spike in searches on Jessi Slaughter 20x the average daily volume. A careful read of the Damien Ciel Jessi's tumblr reveals that she recently broke up with her 6th boyfriend to once again make room for her 5th boyfriend, known only as Scott. It begs the question, why bother breaking up with anyone when you can just as easily fuck them all at once? God gave you three holes for a reason.

Compounding matters, she is moving from Dunnellon to an as-yet undetermined location, probably elsewhere in Florida and within the Dunnellon school district, but more information is needed. Her stepmother cannot pay the rent anymore, but Jessi is seriously considering having the baby anyway. Jessi has also expressed an interest in the movie Juno as of late.

August 30, 2012 Tumblr entrys: Guess what! Her name is either Claudia or December and she’s gonna be here in February.


morning sickness at 5 pm


Drug Use During Pregnancy


Despite claims that she is "Straight Edge", Jessi Slaughter uploaded this photo on September 22nd 2012, in what should be the 4th month of her pregnancy. The photo shows her taking an unidentified drug a smartie or mint, which will no doubt render her new bastard a vegetable. Under Florida law, there is nothing that says what she's doing is child abuse. She does not intend to get an abortion, even if her child is deformed.

Self Harm During Pregnancy

Some things never change, no doubt she will teach all her knife skills to her child, like mother like daughter.

Maybe she thinks this is an abortion
Paper cuts: The leading cause of death in Halloween 2012
Totally not preggers LOLZ

Termination Of Second Pregnancy Cover Up

Jessi Slaughter's First Abortion.jpg

Over the past year there has been a great deal of speculation about the status of Jessi's second pregnancy. Now that the due date is a month behind us, we can confirm that no child was born. However, this does not prove that Jessi was never pregnant, as she would like you to believe.

On November 9, 2012, a poolside photo surfaced on her tumblr, purported to have been taken at a relative's house. This, like everything else the bitch says, was a lie. This photo was the last one with a clearly visible baby bump.

Some time later, her mother, Dianne Leonhardt (now going by Dianne Jarvis, her maiden name), changed her facebook city to Ozello, FL. She does not really live in Ozello, she merely wishes she did. However, this important clue allowed us to compare the poolside photo to satellite imagery. The pool in the satellite image is a clear match to the one she was photographed near. It is a good distance out of the way of their current city of Dunnellon, and appears to have been a way to reward for Jessi for getting knocked up again. She would have been 6 months pregnant at the time of the abortion.

Seriously fucked up

Jessi Claims to Have a "Thing" with Lead Singer of AFI

About October 20th, 2012, Jessi claimed on tinychat to have a "thing" with lead singer "Davey Havok" from A Fire Inside. She said she had gone to one of their shows and their manager recognized her and said she was "pretty fucking cool for her Youtube videos" and invited her backstage with the band. She then said she had gotten Davey's number and they were talking all night and told her he was "falling for her." For a man who's almost 40 years old and looks like a complete faggot I highly doubt he'd be getting with a 14 year old. Nice try Jessi! We aren't falling for this one too!...

Jessi Starts Attending Online School Because of Bullying

On November 23, 2012, Damien Jessi confirmed that she was no longer attending Dunnellon High School, but is instead attending an online school, perhaps for the rest of her tenure in high school. Because when a 14-year-old gets pregnant, she's old enough to make her own decisions, including the decision to create new life... but is not old enough to withstand criticism for being a filthy, rotten, whore.

WAAAAAH, WAAAAAH, somebody call the WAAAAAHMBULANCE! Those school kids can be so meen!

Jessi Creates A Sockpuppet Account

On December 6, 2012, Jessi created a sockpuppet account in the hopes of removing this article. The edits were continuously reverted, because Jessi has no idea how ED works.

Jessi's Tumblr responses:

  • STUPID STUPID PEOPLE I went onto my EncyclopediaDramatica page today and I saw that they had made a false statement saying that I claim to have a “thing” with Davey Havok. I do not even know where to begin with how wrong this is! Just if somebody knows how to edit an ED article and take it down please contact me cause I do not want this shit getting out of hand.
  • I wanna be somebody else
  • I don’t want to cease to exist, I just want to disappear… (This was obviously after she was banned from ED, because she is such a retard and thinks that simply deleting the article will solve everything)

December 10, 2012 Tinychat Session

"Everyone has the right to get attention, I AM an attention whore." Say it loud and proud, sister.

Jessi Slaughter re-appears and answers anon's questions for about half-an-hour in the wee small hours. The whore uses the opportunity to tell bold-faced lies such as "I am not pregnant and never have been." and "I have only had sex with 3 guys." Other gems included "The average labia is 1-1 1/4 inches long... I can show you like 100 pictures of like normal girls who have normal vagina's like I do." She also went on a big rant about how high school was stupid and most things you learn in school you don't need in real life.

Juno anyone?

New Tactics

On the 8th December Jessi uploaded a new video to her Youtube channel after mass deleting all but one of her shitty videos, supposedly celebrating having 3,000 subscribers on tumblr by doing the infamous Cinnamon challenge, all the messages and comments from trolls must be finally getting to her as she set the video to comment approval only, only allowing good or nice comments about how big her tits are (I'll give you a clue guys, it's called tissue-paper). Jessi you do know about 95% of your followers are haters or trolls right?

New Year's Rockin' Eve '13

The Florida Abuse Hotline: (800) 962-2873...
Can you say 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome'?

Jessi Slaughter incriminates herself for the first time (if you don't count producing CP and doing dope on cam) by drinking alcohol and photographing herself doing it. She is VERY underage and she is pregnant. Somebody call the Cyberpolice!

Jessi Gets New Section 8 Digs

On a January 12, 2013 tinychat session, Jessi revealed that she hadn't moved yet, but that she would be moving "in two weeks". When people she considered to be trolls started joining her chat and asking tough questions about her antics, she threatened the Internet, saying, "When we move to government housing, if you keep harassing us you're not just going to be messing with us, you're going to be messing with the government too and then you'll be in real trouble". Other highlights from the chat included Jessi asking her mother aloud whether "black men have larger penises than white men". Jessi said that her mother was an expert on that topic. She also revealed that she is an anal virgin.

NMR Talks: Jessi Slaughter Interview

No words needed, the amount of times she contradicts herself is fucking hilarious.

Tiny Chat Trolling: February 28th 2013

I'm average. I'M AVERAGE! I'm not fat, not overweight.


—Jessi, as she flashes her pregnant looking belly on the webcam.

Jessi getting trolled about her weight.

Forever Alone

On Mar 27th 2013, Jessi told everyone on her tumblr that she was leaving the internet for good (how many times is that now?), although a quick look at her twitter shows this is all for attention as she continues to post bullshit no one cares about.

Her middle name is Melodrama

Jessi Lies About Moving In With 30-year-old man (Proof)

On August 18, 2013, Jessi was hornswaggled into clicking on an ip logger. The IP belonged to Florida, not California. Jessi is living with her mother Dianne and is trying to keep her new address a secret. I wonder what she is keeping on her cell phone...

You got backtraced, you dun goofed

Jessi's Latest Lies

This June 27, 2013 conversation with Jessi on her new skype revealed a good bit of information about what she's been up to. After she saw a thread about this conversation posted on /b/, she realized that she had been tricked, and vehemently denied once again that she lives with a 30-year-old named Chris in Oakland, California, after admitting to it repeatedly in the conversation. This conversation is chock-full of nuggets such as, "I worked my ass off in middle school and [I have already graduated high school]." When asked about whether her mother knew where she was and what she was doing, she said, "she really doesn't care cause she doesn't have to take care of me... since she's into drugs and partying and all that she really didn't want me around."

Other Jessi conversations: 07/10/2013: 07/16/2013:


So it seems that Jessi has created a whole separate tumblr under a new identity "Catie" to try and hide the fact that shes a fucked up pre-teen. It should be pointed out that this new tumblr puts on the "Pansexual" label as well. Hmmmm... You know, Jessi, that we can find you no matter what, right? especially if you post it here, smart one. She also has stated that she has to be 'extra patient' with her dildos because she's too fucking tight to handle anything past a pencil. More proof that she loves anime and weeaboo bullcrap;

Im catie! NOT jessi!
Obviously dildos

July 2015 Update: "I Used To Be Famous"

On July 11th 2015, Jessi posted an Instagram update with an old picture of her and her AFK father with the caption "I used to be famous 👑 #jessislaughter #5yeargoofiversary". Clearly, Jessi has no concept that getting naked on the internet, accusing Z-listers of rape, threatening to leave the internet forever, having abortion scandals and a variety of identity crises is not exactly a magnificent way of becoming famous. The brain slushie is strong in this one.

I bet daddy's real proud.

May 2016 Updates: "The Internet People Ruined My Life"

2 months ago, Jessi was interviewed for buzzfeed and multiple other outlets, as many reported her "tragic" story. It seems that she still hasn't gone off the internet for good, much to our dismay. It seems that she's also promoting a Westboro Baptist Church-esque type extremism among her fellow citizens in her city in order to further promote her cause of brain slushies. Ya dun goofed.

Article: Brain slushie pic:

July 2016 Updates: "My First Tumblr Semi-Nudes"

"Ah take a picture of mahself with a camera on a stick"

2 months later, on July 28th 2016, Jessi proudly announce she submitted her very first Tumblr semi-nudes on her pretty-grotesque Tumblr page after she celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday by stuffing her face with food while watching Steven Universe. As for the semi-nudes it only shows her using a selfie stick to take photos of her fat saggy boobs and deformed gut to inspire obese Bart "Rag on a Stick" Simpson from The Simpsons. So yeah it's not much to see as semi-nudes as it is targeted for chubby chasers and belly fetishists.

April 2017 Updates

According to her instagram page, she has moved to Memphis, Tennessee to an undisclosed location after too many brain slushies and nudes threw her to the edge, slamming her with an eviction notice. So now not only is she a Tumblr Feminist™ with daddy issues, she is concurrently homeless in Tennessee. Her mom is nowhere to be found, probably drunk and on the streets of Ocala as we speak.

Also, her "catie-sai" Tumblr is found by a friend of mine to be deleted after a random Steam conversation..

Check it out here;

Dey see me rollin dey hatin

Wheelchair hipster

Apparently Jessi is now so fat she has to be wheeled everywhere, maybe all those benefits you get will go towards this "sex change".

More "leaked" Nudez

The retarded cunt got naked yet again(For someone who identifies as a "boy" you sure do really like showing off your disgusting fat tits any chance you get) What a whale!

Peg Me Senpai

Guess what? The fat landwhale is so fucking desperate for money now that she is asking guys to fuck her and pay her some money for her operation that will never happen. A series of videos has also recently "leaked" of the flabby asswipe sucking off and pegging some bisexual crossdresser. If you really want to mentally scar yourself with those videos, the link is below.

CHOO CHOO! All aboard the hypochondriac train!

Just when you thought the fat cunt couldn't get any more lazy, she's claiming to have a brand new RARE disease - Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which has symptoms which range from mildly loose joints to life-threatening complications. That's a pretty big fucking leap! Considering fibromyalgia isn't a medically recognized disease and your old wheelchair was too big for you, it's pretty hard to take any of your "diagnosis" seriously Miss Slaughter. I swear the dumb fuck just spends all day searching WebMD picking all the "rare" conditions that you don't have to prove you have, so she can go back to the only she's good at, sitting on her whalelike rearend sperging on Tumblr.

I give it 5 months before the inevitable Gofundme/Patreon, claiming she has some rare cancer that is making her fat and bone idol, because having money to spend on crappy stuffed toys and really bad obese cosplay will perk her right up.

UPDATE - October 2018

Is that a cancer patient? No wait, that's just Jessi dun goofing her hair.

So this bitch states on her discord that although she has no plans on taking down her precious n00dz server, (Probably for sales and cow titty promoting,) she wants to still have thriving friendships. Last time we saw, all her friends had left her because of the drama 8 year ago, the last "true" friends she had in her life. What a sad, sad life. SHE could be thriving herself, but she seemed to cross off everything on the, "What not to do in life before I get old" bucket list.

Check out this vid/chat log:

She states now that she is so freakin' poor she can't "even make time to make a video". What a pity party. While her precious white knights glutton and fawn over her body, offering her money for it at any cost, she denies all requests while also complaining about her situation. Someone set her up a patreon, because clearly she doesn't know how to function without one, nor does she even know how to set one up apparently.

Jessi Slaughter Facts

  • She is an overweight retarded loli hillbilly
  • Her favorite flavor slushie is brain
  • She is not a boy (even though she thinks if she uses a boy's name that will magically change her sex somehow)
  • Tells everyone she is going to get a sex change, an operation that costs about $25,000, but only gets given an allowance of $55 a month (it would take about 37 years to save that amount)
  • Likes to show off her disgusting tits anytime she is on camera
  • Her pussy resembles an Arbys Roast Beef sandwich
  • She will show you her pussy and tits on cam with no hesitation, if you tell her how awesome AFI are
  • Her definition of "Straight Edge" includes doing lots of drink, drugs and having unprotected sex with several partners old enough to be her father
  • Was very pregnant (even though she denies this to anyone stupid enough to believe her)
  • Is going to get a tattoo of Charles Manson because she truly believes he was a good man who did nothing wrong (Why not get a Hitler mustache tattooed on your pussy while your at it?)
  • Is in a relationship with a 30-year-old pedophile
  • Apparently has a huge fetish for Scheiße
  • Likes to shove toothpicks up her ass
  • Is proud as fuck of all of the above and thinks it makes her famous.
  • Is a dirty-dirty girl that, if she goes through with this "transition", she would probably end up being a creepo in her mom's basement because no one would like them
  • Now a full time Spastic
  • Loves to beg for money attention

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