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Jericho is actually Rick Astley in disguise.


Jerichoonly / Crossing The World is a Ustream live show run by Vincent David Jericho (aka The Bible Answer Man), a self described "Conservative Christian" talk-show host and failed politician. Jericho is more or less an ignorant douchebag with no sense of humor who thinks he's the second coming of Christ. Jerichoonly is currently being raided by Ebaumsworld.

The Beginning

Jericho first received a trololo call on the 15th of June 2010 leading to his brain being full of fuck. It was then that Jericho began to realize something was wrong as his viewers had risen above 5 to over 9000. This particular day's topic was "Is being gay a sin?" but in reality the main discussion was that since anyone who is homosex has AIDS and can't give blood then niggers shouldn't be able to either and repeatedly shouting "Are you a liar?" before disconnecting the call.

Jerichoonly is currently being raided every morning by the lost boys of Ebaumsworld which he pronounces as U-bomb. The onslaught continues and will never stop because anon will never give you up, neither will they let you down.

Jericho has inflitrated Ebaumsworld with spies. This article is comprimised along with all previous Tinychats. Measures will be taken by veterans of the raid to weed out the spyfags, stay tuned.

Features of the show

Did you know that Jericho is a registered sex offender?
File:Jericho crying.jpg
Jericho crying, 12:08 June 18th 2010 .

Jericho actually makes a living off of this. His bread and butter is being a retarded douche online for four hours a day Monday-Friday. Somehow this generates an income. Little is known about Jericho's other job, where he performs sexual acts on christians at his local church.

Jericho's Back Door.

File:Jericho misery.PNG
June 23; The world on Jericho's shoulders..

As this show is Jericho's main source of income he relies upon two ways of getting money.

a) Money from business sponsors for "advertising".

b) People accessing his backdoor.

Little is known about Jericho's backdoor. Some say it allows access to Jericho's blog, archives and extended interviews. Others say it allows Tyson from Harlem to insert his 12" penis inside Jericho's anal cavity. All we know for certain is that it costs $10.

Nonetheless, it is imperative that this information is accessed and spread around the internets.

Reported to Skype

Upon receiving a prank call, Jericho will take serious legal action, such as reporting your fake skype accounts you use to roll him and "tracking your I.P. address". This Canuck takes great pride in reporting anons to Skype when they call into his radio show bashing the shit out of him. He really believes that by reporting the account that they will actually get banned. HERP DERP. Although once he realized that reporting you didn't do shit, he announced that the FBI was on the case. Because the FBI has nothing better to do than track a few internet bullies' IP addresses and get them v&.

Lost Boys

Jericho losing The Game.

Jericho think that all the trolls are just "lost boys," and that he will be the proverbial shepherd who leads them back to the proverbial flock with his gay little broadcast. A few "prankers," according to Jericho, would hear the Word and be enlightened. So he says that he doesn't mind all of the trolls. Everyone knows he's full of shit, though, because about five minutes later, he'll rage or cry like a little pussy. He has also threatened to kill anyone from the lost boys who comes into contact with him.

Jericho losing The Game

Eventually one lost boy had the idea to ask Jericho to put shoe on head. Surely he wasn't the first to have the idea, but he was the first to actually try it, since most people didn't think he'd actually do it. But, as shown above, he actually put his shoe on his head. In exchange, the caller was to go to church the following Sunday (NOT a Catholic church, though) and send Jericho a picture via email.


Jericho naked.

Jericho also began to show signs of insanity on the 17th of June 2010. This was immediately after a raid where anon received Jericho's home phone number (see pic). This in turn led to a massive trolling as various Anons began to obtain his home address and other information. Then, in a TinyChat raid, an anon called Jericho's house number, first leaving a message of heavy breathing. Anon called back later only to find that Jericho had disconnected his phone. Anon continued to call and thus, epic lulz ensued when Jericho did answer the call. He also appears to be speaking in tongues while on this phone call.

Jericho declares war against /b/

Some austrian faggot called Jericho on the 9th of July 2010 and asked him about 4chan "destroying" him and Jericho said "he's one tough sonofabitch" and he called 4chan "jokes". This means he officaly declared war against /b/. He also said that "his wife can be murdered and he wouldn't care because she would go to heaven". Apparently the war will be fought by playing some sort of game. Unfortunately, this time he won first round of the game against /b/. We are still unsure of what the game is and he seems to know this "you don't even know the rules of the game".

/b/ Losing first round of the game

--While jericho was getting worked up about abortion....

Ausfag: "If your wife had a rape baby would you have an abortion??....YOU LOSE THE GAME" -- At this point ausfag thiks he has won the game

Jericho: "NO YOU LOSE THE GAME, BECAUSE MY WIFE DID HAVE AN ABORTION AFTER SHE WAS RAPED, SO YOU LOSE THE GAME, YOU LOSE THE GAME" -- Jerico's wife was raped and the had an abortion so he wins the game

--After this Jericho continues to tell us how abortion is wrong.

Winning the game has it's downsides

Sadly, during the summer holiday months, Jericho was discovered by summerfags. They somehow made trolling Jericho less and less exciting as the days passed - they partook in the usual summerfag antics such as getting scared and hanging up once the call was answered, or simply shouting "black person" (which is funny at first but constantly for hours gets old). Gradually, White Knight numbers equalled the trolls, so everybody had to sit through serious phone calls regarding Jesus or Glenn Beck which would last on average over Over 9000 minutes. Initially, Jericho assumed he'd won the game, but then realised almost all his viewers are trolls and he lost his entire audience. In a desperate attempt to regain viewers he switched to a weeknight slot of 7-11PM, but just like during Jesus' final days, nobody cared.

The Whitelist

Jericho announced that he had begun "the whitelist". This was a list of faggots who donated $10 so they could call his shitty show. It was win for him because it automatically stopped the trolls. However, it was also fail because he now has about three callers a show, all of which are the same fags from the previous show.

Jericho's Crapback

After having his jerichoonly site shut down because he couldn't pay for it he came back with a new site after finding suckers to pay for it. He now is "Crossing The World" and the same three old ladies who listened before and one gay rooster named Billy.



June 15th 2010

"No,im sorry you heard wrong. There are no riots in bel-air. And the police aren't using battle toads"

"How would i know how magnets work. Thats science."

June 16th 2010

"All you wanna do is call me and say "penis"."

"Railing a panda? What is that?"

June 17th 2010

"Christianity doesnt have logic. God confounds us with the simplest of things."

"No, what you guys dont realize is...Ive already won the game."

June 18th 2010

"Mexico is a sewerhole. Seriously."

"Chelsea your hair is so messy. Seriously why is it so messy, seriously look at it, it looks like you haven't combed in days. So messy."

June 21st 2010

"You're all crooks."

"Oops, Google Chrome could not find your site, go away man, go away."

"Samoa doesn't have a street."


June 24th 2010

"Time to play Wack-a-troll."

"Rafael, I will put a shoe on my head if you promise to go to church."

June 25th 2010

"once I got it up, everybody was excited."

June 28th 2010

''I've taken on biker gangs, looks like now I'm taking on 4chan. Bring it on."

"Every woman should have a homosexual affair before she straightens her life out."

July 6th 2010


''Hitler should have won WW2 .... cause he could've stop global warming "

''I WILL! take you out. "

''I'm s raising a warband, call 'em Jericho's mighty men if you like"

July 8th 2010

''How can you play the game, when someone else is already playing it for you?"

July 9th 2010

"No! my wife had an abortion so YOU lose the game my friend" - When asked

July 13th 2010

"A pool cannot get infected with aids"

July 14th 2010

"Get off MY internet!"

"Hey gang-rape my daughter UH UH UH!"

"HURR HURR HURR, hey 4chan, let's go jerk off in a corner!"

July 15th 2010

"Fucking SETTINGS, how do they work!"

July 21st 2010

"We had all of 10-Christians listening this morning. I guess you would rather learn about Lindsey Lohan. Goodbye"

Additional info

About Jericho

Jericho's real name is David Vincent Kosciuszko but both he and his wife Trina changed their names to avoid embarrassing their daughter, Denise Kosciuszko, who is a 2007 graduate of the University of Syracuse and works in Harlem in the education system. Trina also runs a blog where she describes her first BDSM experience and how it reminded her of her father. This is typically lulzy since her pro-life mom was raeped at 16 by Jericho and forced him to Falcon punch her.

Jericho also enjoys throwing tennis balls at reporters who call him out, implying that they need furry balls. Jericho also doesn't like to poop at work. This must cause alot of problems now that he works at home. Jericho also thinks that aliens are satan's way of making us lose faith in god as there are no mentions of aliens in the Bible.

Furthermore, he enlightened anon about the biggest mysteries in the world today. When you look at the bible and watch Jurassic Park right after, you'll be struck by the similarities between them. On the 17th of June 2010 Jericho revealed that dinosaurs and the bible are actually the same thing! This is something that Anonymous never knew. He obtained this information from google a reliable and trustworthy source.

Jericho's Garden

Jericho's Garden is a SRSLY interesting project, where you get to watch Vince planting plants.

Of course, Anon easily gained access to both of the XML documents containing all of the images, with EXIF data still intact. A link to all the pictures here.

To save you the hassle, all you can really find out is that photos were taken on a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, and a Motorola Droid. Unless we're missing something.

However, none of the photos look similar to where he actually lives. HMMM...


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