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Since the beginning of time, people that are forced to live near each other have been bitching about one thing or another, ratcheting up the violence, and finally taking things too far. Most of the time an outsider looking in can get a few cheap laughs off of the sniping and the quipping, but when you add the internet, Huntington’s disease, a pickup truck painted like a hearse, and a coffin in the front yard, things go from ordinary lulz to spectacular rage within the blink of an eye.

The feud in question, between Jennifer Lynn Petkov and the family of Kathleen Edward reached new highs (or lows, depending on how you look at it) when Jennifer made a Facebook page that had some images of the girl in the arms of a skulled death figure and also an image showing Kathleen as the skull between two crossbones. While most of the time, it should be frowned upon when a grown woman harasses a 7 year old girl who is dying of a brain eating disease, this special case should warn everybody about knee-jerk reactions and the freedom of speech. Also, an inexplicably sudden outbreak of human emotion has set the world on a mission to defend this girl from her zany neighbor.


Evidently the boring stuff started a while back when somebody wasn’t invited to a birthday party. However, since nobody cares about the inane bullshit, we can skip over that part pretty quickly. Yes, the cops have come out to visit the Petkov's house more than once, but that only adds fuel to the fire as they have been served restraining orders to keep away from the Edward family. Good job, they'll just take their trolling to the internet! Focus on the fact that it is two bitches and their husbands who are mad at each other for stupid reasons and everything will fit into the big picture. Then, remember that a kid who is dying is also involved, and her mother succumbed to Hutchinson's disease a year ago.

Current Events

I don't know about you, but where I come from, this isn't a hearse.

Just because you have the freedom of speech here in America, that doesn’t always mean you should use it. Jennifer is an out and out white-trash idiot who actually told a camera crew that she was glad she made the Facebook page. She also further raged members of the internet by acting like a cruel asshole.

Personal satisfaction…cuz it rubs her ass raw…it burns her ass raw for me to make fun of her dead daughter on that page.


—Jennifer in front of the cameras

After that little spout, she was then told that what she was saying “sounded sick.” Her only reply was for everybody to “take it or leave it.” While she was being interviewed, officers from the Trenton, Michigan police department showed up and entered the Petkov home. Why? Were they looking for a Huntington’s disease rifle that fires pure sickness?

What is really worrying is the fact that many people in the neighborhood and on the internet seem to think that making an evil Facebook page and parking a shitty pickup truck in your front yard constitutes a crime. On several occasions, people can be found asking “Have charges been filed yet?” As if speaking your mind in public is now a punishable offense in America. While it is not, at this writing, against the law to do such things, it should be against the law to be as moronically stupid as Jennifer.

In any event, owning a truck and coffin that scares a child doesn't fall under protected speech, and the Petkovs have been served a personal protection order.


Amazingly, after all of this crap, Jennifer’s husband offered an apology—but only after the house had been egged. One can only imagine the scene inside the house once the couple realized that they had been vandalized:

Jennifer in harpy mode: “Git out thar and clean them aigs up offen my vinyl sidin.”
Husband in browbeaten mode: “okay.”
Jennifer in harpy mode: “An when ye git done, get back on that facebook and tell errybody yer sorry.”
Husband: “But I ain’t”
Jennifer in harpy mode: “I knows ye ain’t, but ye just gotta tell errybody that…it’s called PUBIC RELASHUNS.”
Husband: “p-p-pubic ruh ruh ruh, sheet, I caint say them words…”
Jennifer in harpy mode: “Nevermind, just get them aigs cleaned up and I’ll type this apology thing up fer you to sign later…”

In reality, here is the public apology that was issued:

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't do it, and to that little girl, I apologize if you've been hurt. There's not much more I can say. And hopefully we can live our lives peacefully from now on.


—Sincere? I think not.

Also, the hen-pecked wimp husband added:

We apologize for our actions and stupidity. It was an ignorant thing that we did and it was basically in retaliation about things that were said about my house and my wife.



Because we know you sick fuckers want them:

Address: Jennifer & Scott Petkov
167 Detroit St
Trenton, MI 48183-1210
Phone number (has been d/c'd): (734) 479-0776

Forum for Jennifer's workplace: Doheny Supplies


Shit just got real. Now more idiots on Facebook have created a page called Rally for Kathleen Edwards "Get the Devil off Detroit Street" and have decided to hold a rally for the precious snowflake. They currently have plans to hold the rally on October 23rd in case you feel like attending.

Kathleen is 7yrs old in last stages of Huntington's Disease and is on Hosipce.She has been Tormented by Sadistic Neighbors and tormented by a Death Truck w/ a makeshift Coffin and they pull in front of the House and Rev the engines and Yell Satan is waiting and we can't wait till you die like your Mother.We are tryng to Do this for Kathleen to Show her How much She is Loved and that There are So Many More Good People then EVIL>PLEASE COME JOIN US and SHOW LITTLE KATHLEEN YOUR LOVE! There will be Music,Clowns and other things at this Event Including Lots of Media.PLEASE COME and JOIN US! Please wear blue and bring posters/Signs to show Kathleen the Love.Blue is the Color for Huntington Disease Awareness...Rain or Shine..



I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for harassing a 7-year-old girl with a degenerative brain condition.



There really isn’t a need for a quotes section on this subject as just about everybody in the world wants to string this bitch up in a lynch mob that spans five continents. Lots of teen boys (see also: Internet Losers) also seem to want to punch her in the face. But to satisfy the internet and its incredible desire to hear people scream profanities at each other, here is a small sampling of the Rage that is being spewed on yet another Facebook page:

I have never in my life seen such a sick ass bitch!!!!!!!!! I look at her and I wish I could just punch her in the face for being so damn mean and hurtful.I wonder what that family could have ever done to deserve to be treated like this? How must Jennifers parents and family cope with the hell she is raising?


—From the Downriver Trash Facebook.

I hope that the Trenton DHS has been alerted so that any minor children in the home can be taken away from this animal. Is it me or could she be Anne Coulter's twin sister?! She may be a famewhore, but it's really getting turned around back onto her, isn't it? She really should hire some private security, because than a few people will try to kill her...I hope they get away with it!


—Downriver Trash

I'm convincing myself that all this bs is a publicity scam to help raise $ for the little girl...


—Oh shit, somebody got smart!

Seriously. I have pissed off people before... But I have never pissed off most of the western world. WOW. congratulations for that.




The original video that was a featured AotN.

When this faggot says bitch, he means FUCKING bitch.


On October 20, 2010 Jennifer Petkov was brought into an emergency custody hearing initiated by the father of two of her children from a previous relationship. At said hearing Jennifer was stripped of custody of the children, and they will now live with their father.


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