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I am an over-dramatic adolescent trapped in the horror of suburban existance.


—Jenny talks about who she is


Jeni's Big Honking Jew Nose

Jenny, or Jenny Ann Lancaster (identities: Lolita (former admin) at BadFanFics, Sissy aka "amyleefan14" on wordpress, BadFanFics, and Dan Lirette's Encyclopedia Parodia) is an epic 17-year-old self-obsessed drama queen who almost tricked the goons while they were going after Dan Lirette. But her game ended when she tried to create lulz by being a double-agent inside the Cult of Rick, feeding Dan just enough information to not give them completely away but at the same time giving the Cult information to keep the lulz going for as long as possible. The Cult of Rick was trolling Dan, she was trolling the Cult of Rick and Dan. But as is always the case, the internet drama-whore wasn't nearly as smart as she thought.

She trolled the forums of GodAwfulFanFiction for a year, and when they closed she opened up BadFanFics in December 2008 and continued. She was only 15 when she started. This has got to be the fucking record for lulz and butthurts.

Jeni's quest for fame

My purpose in life is to become famous. Please make me famous.

Jeni lives in Virginia, as do all of her sockpuppets. Not surprisingly Jeni masturbates to Harry Potter fanfic and sparkly faggot vampires. She writes about the entire teen crew of the novels dying in a cellar so she can have sex with them and rape them up the ass with her Daddy's dirty saxophone. If you want you can check out her TOTALLY RANDOM YouTube.

Daddy's Dirty Saxamaphone

Jeni also likes to make dirty videos with her daddy. She wears Strawberry Shortcake pubic hair on her head and looks at her daddy's dirty saxomophones. Oh, Daddy's Saxamaphones is sooo dirty!!! <video type="rutube" id="d49990ebf7d66d85c500be2346dc05e2c" width="470" height="353" desc="" frame="false" position="center"/>

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Jeni myspace1 blog.png
Jeni's Myspace blog, November 2007

Jeni creates amyleefan14

How desperate does one have to be to create fake online drama? Ask Jeni. Everything in her account of amyleefan14 is false. Sissy never existed. She made it all up, hours upon hours, for some sad-ass forum drama. Why does she do it? She's obviously an attention whore and creepily pathetic. Fake lulz and fake drama give us upstanding ED readers douche-chills. Because she couldn't get anything interesting on her own, after desperate attempts, she decided to import drama from SA and the Zombaby.

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Lolita amyleefan14.png
Jeni talking about herself

Sissy was so believable, she made The Wandering Critic write extremely lengthy reviews on amyleefan14.

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Amyleefan14 critic.png
amyleefan14 chat

Sissy posts on Dan Lirette's EP

After Sissy posted about Lolita on Dan's ED ripoff on May 23, 2009, some goons went into a frenzy to find out who she was. She started visiting the chatroom as amyleefan16 to make it appear as though Dan really had a new follower. At first we all fell for Lolita's made up story of Sissy, and some of them set out to find her. They were chasing a ghost.'s Sissy Approval About missing Pics
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Jeni creates JasonFontaine and uses theweirdkind's account

We believe Jason Fontaine, as we know him, was never actually on BadFanFics. The only place he's ever trolled 100% is on BadFanFics, and it is believed to be a sockpuppet created by Jeni to stir up drama and keep things interesting. Jeni decided to reset the password to theweirdkind's account(real) and give it to Dan Lirette, which Dan then used to converse with Jeni on the public chat room of her forum. This was enough proof for the users on BadFanFics to realize they have been trolled, and have disowned her:

The Hack and The Mole About missing Pics
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Chasing Sissy

The rat inside the Cult of Rick.

Lolita pissed off JackNapier by feeding him a bunch of Red Herrings. But have no fear, everything was preserved for posterity. Chasing Sissy was like chasing a ghost, so he made sure nothing was left behind in case shit hit the fan.
Jack eventually stumbled onto one of PersephoneMediocris' fanfiction websites, one that would show emails after you signed up. The email was [email protected] Jack emailed Jeniann13 to inquire about Sissy Jack then inquired about the email to Lolita (see gallery) who continued to spout Sissy's story, saying that Sissy was accused of stealing Jeni's story.

  From: Jack
  To: Jeni Ann
  I know this is sudden but I'm looking for info on amyleefan14 aka Sissy.
  Not an address but if you know her real name, MySpace, Facebook, or most recent email I'd appreciate it.

A few hours later it was revealed that the Cult of Rick forums were breached by a user named TheTudorRose, with the email -yes- [email protected] An IP trace led to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Lolita's Gallery of Deceit (left to right) About missing Pics
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Jack got the following E-mail from [email protected] after inquiring into Sissy. Unknown to her at this time we had already found out who she was.

  From: Jeni Ann 
  To: Jack
  Sent: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 9:48 AM
  Subject: Re: regarding Sissy
  She's a troll. I can give you her full name/myspace etc. but she'll just deny being amyleefan14. Plus for all I know you're some pedo she trolled who wants revenge. Angry, sexual, revenge seems to be what they're into. I haven't had contact with her in months. Basically she was running all of these complex troll operations as amyleefan14 as well as several other identities. We were friends but she kept stealing my stories without permission to make her troll account look more badass. Then when I contacted her to ask her to stop she claimed that it wasn't her but I knew it was. She then called me posing as Sissy and saying angry shit to me. She was using some kind of fake accent but I knew it was her. Plus when I called the number she'd called me at back I got her dad.
  Then she basically admitted to it but then asked me to be "in on it" and start telling people I'd called her and that I'd seen her and she wasn't a troll because people thought she was. I wouldn't do much for her but I did find her some pictures to send out claiming it was her. She also used her Aunt Violet (only part of her story that's real) to help get her online street-cred which bothered me a bit considering the woman is 94 and doesn't even know what the internet is. Nice lady, though.  
  This whole thing has been going on since 2006 and she's really invested in it. What did she do to you? I know she does pedobaiting, fanfic trolling, fake websites/blogs, threatening emails, she's on several forums, etc.

Some choice quotes from an Instant Message chat on Yahoo(whole conversation) TROLL-TACULAR and the content is to be disputed:

If you are Sirius Marquess and if you are I know you'd lie about it, stop contacting me. And no, I'm not on an Evanescence board.


—Jenny, 12:32 EST

Well, Sirius Marquess used to stalk me online and in real life. I think he's started with the online shit again. That other girl is just spreading dirt about me and lying about it. And then there's this girl I used to know who's done something (no idea what) and now all these people are contacting me for information on her.


—Jenny, 12:44 EST

Okay. Again, being paranoid, but you're not affiliated with Elizabeth?

is that a person?

Yes. Can't remember her last name. Also known as Viradecthis, LadyLove, Violet Angela, amyleefan14, QUEEN/EMPRESS199 4, GeorgeVFangirl, Augusta Firesong, any of those ring a bell?



—Jenny, 12:53 EST

Not entirely sure. Some of them are pissed at Elizabeth and want dirt on her. Others are Sirius Marquess digging up dirt on me. He emailed me with a list of all the profiles he'd found all over the internet under my name as well as pictures of me from years ago he found somewhere.


—Jenny, 13:10 EST

Jeni revealed

The chat log from the Cult of Rick IRC
The nose never lies, well at least not one that fucking big. Learn from this skank with the big Jew honker - don't import drama. It might just come back to bite you in the nose.

That picture of persephonemediocris looks exactly like the picture sissy posted of Lolita on EP.


—Bellatricks @ 19:16 EST

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  From: Jack
  To: Jeni Ann
  I have a favor to ask:
  Could you send me the chatlogs between you and Dan? We'll make you look more favorable when the time comes. Yeah, we already know.
  From: Jeni Ann
  To: Jack
  I don't have chatlogs. I have screen shots of pm's I can get but that's it. Dan doesn't trust chatrooms anymore. He started a sockpuppet for chatroom drama now. But I can give you one better. I will give you the passwords to amyleefan14 accounts, on encyclopedia parodia and on both Moncton sites. There are pm archives and Dan may not even know about this yet. You can keep up the ED article; I wouldn't mind it being gone but I know that's not going to happen. I'm through with this shit. All I want is for you to take my last name off of it. I have always been good about keeping my name out of this stuff and the stuff I said about the stalker was 100% true and I still wouldn't be surprised if he was supplying you information. Plus I really was in communication with Doyle Chadwick and you know he's affiliated with that group that gunned down Doctor Tiller.
  From: Jack
  To: Jeni Ann  
  Give me the passwords and I'll take down your last name and email, but remember that ED keeps a history log of changes. You'll be known as Jeni Ann, though, since that is the email you trolled us with.
  From: Jeni Ann 
  To: Jack
  Can't you take the last name off first? You can always put it back on if I screw you and don't give you the passwords. 
  From: Jack
  To: Jeni Ann 
  The password for all of it is [redacted]
  The moncton site, the Encyclopedia Parodia article, and the ALF email account.
  If you can't take off the last name right away just stop researching me and don't promote the article anymore. You can keep Sam Turlip's name on, though. He's a real guy, by the way. I knew it was one of you on the chat. I was hoping to distract you and get you digging up him. He's an internet tough guy/hacker type who reminded me a lot of Dan. 
Jeni is Amyleefan is Lolita About missing Pics
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