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The Jackson 5 Jena 6.
When viewed from space one can see the Great Wall Redneck of China Jena.
a fight...a fight...a nigger and a white...if the nigger don't win then we all jump in!
This is why we can't have nice things. The White Tree now. School authorities decided a stump was more aesthetically fitting to its setting.

The Jena Six are five, black teenage civil rights activists from the backwater, hick town of Jena, Louisiana.

After beating the crap out of a white boy with a penchant for trees, the local district attorney decided to lower the banhammer on the six boys for great justice and charged them all with attempted murder. The weapon?... a sneaker.

However, since one of the spirited lads was a 14-year-old minor, the charges against him were dropped and four remain in limbo. So far only the 'fight's' 'instigator', Mychal Bell, has been tried by an all white jury (which was only all white because the niggers called for jury duty didn't show up... lol lazy niggers it's their own damn fault) and remains in jail despite his assault conviction being overturned on appeal. A request for bail was denied for the honor roll student and pillar of the (criminal) community. According to an impressive rap sheet, his consistency would suggest that if he did batter somebody, criminal damage to property is the worst thing that could happen. In Jena.


In summation: the Jena 6 incident was nothing more than a retaliatory attack by a gang of high school students on a rival after his gang had beaten the crap out of one of the attackers. The initial attack resulted in zero police action since they where peckerwoods whereas the payback attack resulted in numerous charges for the perps since they're colored boys. In the civilized world, this is called racism; in the Deep South this is called last Thursday.

The Victim

The victim, Justin Barker, whose only 'crime' was tying a couple of yellow ribbons round the sole tree (dubbed The White Tree, because of its beautiful white blossoms) on the Jena High School campus in support of the troops in Iraq, was injured so badly by freedom and America hating Negroes that he was treated and released from a local hospital in time for a school 'ring' party the same night.

Much has been made of this but it should be noted that if a beaten young colored boy had made the brave trek from his hospital bed to a school function, he would be hailed as a hero for rising from the dead to show the white man what true courage is all about.

In testifying against Bell, Barker admitted to taunting Bell's friend and fellow Jena 6 defendant Robert Bailey for getting his ass whooped by a gang of whites at a local party. Lady Justice was truly blind this night to the 6-on-1 gangbang because nobody was charged despite a well placed deadly beer bottle over the nigger noggin.

The Fallout

They haven't seen this much black here since night.




Similarity is our strength! Support the White Ribbon Campaign!
Bumper sticker found on Al Sharpton's freedom bus
He got that much right

All this would have probably blown over since apart from the minor that got let off the hook entirely- the rest were only facing assault charges after the murder charges were dropped, but when Crazy Al Sharpton heard about it from story-hungry 24/7 news stations on a slow news day all bets were off.

Crazy Al never met a racist he didn't like because where there's even a hint of racism there's massive amounts of delicious drama and attention whoring to be had. More like a pirate than Batman, Al would rather plunder an ass than save it so whenever and wherever there's injustice (perceived or otherwise) to be found and Commissioner Gordon throws up the Al Signal, Al's packing his mob of butthurt niggers and coming to the 'rescue'.

Ironically, (but not that ironically), unlike the Duke Rape Case where a cracked-out black stripper accused a white mob of gang rape, causing Al to scream bloody murder and pressure the local DA into railroading the innocent lacrosse playing students into court (and ultimately ruining their lives), Al is betting on the mob this time out.

Before you could sing "Ole Man River" thousands of 'journalists', leftards, The Negro Community and David Bowie [1] were flocking to the tiny town -swelling its population from 3,000 (including 350 niggers) to 18,000 ( to get on this hoary old bandwagon, "Shocked & Appalled" that racism in the Deep South was back (after all, hadn't we fixed that shit with the Civil War?).

Ultimately nobody gives a shit and everyone turned their attention to the latest OJ Simpson trial when it got under way. And as CNN's voice of reason Rick Sanchez posited, "With the grills in their teeth, their pants hanging down and acting the fool aren't young blacks asking for it?"


Photo taken during the assault.
What is this faggot tree?.

The savage shoe beating was just the latest in an escalating series of incidents with racial overtones that led to trouble with the law and subsequently what appeared to be different laws and punishments for blacks and whites. This, of course, has been vehemently and vigorously denied by the local community who are totally not racist.

These included an arson fire than burned down the school's main building, a cracker getting let off the hook for knocking out a nigger with a bottle, and a young redneck going to the black part of town's 7-11 packing heat - which resulted in the nigras being charged with assaulting the aggressor and for stealing his pump-action shotgun after they'd disarmed him.

But whatever it was, it always seemed to boil down to the lucrative naming-rights of the school's so called White Tree. Three boys from the school's rodeo team (I shit you not) had tried to claim the tree for the gay community only to get expelled from school and later unexpelled but suspended (but not from nooses). In the end, the school board pwnt the fucking thing and killed it with a chainsaw.

The segregated town was simmering with hatred; heat of the night not seen since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. and the DAMN NIGGA. It was only a matter of time before someone got beaten up at school and the obligatory murder charges for the winner(s) (typical for school playground beatdowns) were filed.

It should also be noted that during the Jena Giants High School football season, all the racial tension in the school magically vanished as most of the Jena Six (including All-State running back, Mychal "LOL WUT scholarship?" Bell) were gainfully employed entertaining white folks by legally beating the crap out of kids from the next town over.

Although this seasonal migration of racism from the South is welcome, it is not without consequence since it leads to much panty wetting by white, teen cheerleaders fawning over the virile, young, black bucks like Bell and leaving scrawny, white, losers like Justin Barker to seethe with the jealousy and contempt that is a staple of American school life regardless of color.


Jeremiah Munsen's actual truck as snapped by CNN iReporter Cassanova Love (no rilly)

The Jena Six have not only caught the eye of white liberals and niggers but also the right. As of writing CNN are reporting that the KKK and white supremacists are locating the dox of the black boys and will post them online for some good old fashioned IRL trolling.

In other news, two dumb ass crackers from another hick town about 40 miles from Jena were arrested for driving a pickup truck around town on Thursday night with two nooses hanging off of the back.

18-year-old Jeremiah Munsen and a 16-year-old pal repeatedly circled groups of demonstrators from the Jena protests who were waiting for buses back to their homes. Munsen was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, driving while intoxicated, and inciting a riot, according to the police report.

Also found in the back of the truck was an unloaded rifle and brass knuckles, the police said. Munsen also sported a tattoo of KKK on his chest.

Honors from the nigger Community

Two young heroes are feted by BET for demonstrating civility and fair play
"By no means are we condoning a six-on-one beat-down ... But the injustice perpetrated on these young men is straight criminal."


—Katt Williams

Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones, triumphant victims from the gang attack, were honored at the December 2006 Hip Hop awards for their bravery and courage in having successfully subdued a Grand Dragon from the local klavern. Comedian Katt Williams, looking darling as usual, congratulated the superior combat tactics employed by the Jena six and reminded the attendees that fights with racists should only occur at odds of five on one or greater to ensure equality for all races. He also encouraged hopeful future Klan fighters to continue stomping and kicking their opponents after they have fallen to the floor; that way they won't be able to use their racist powers.

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