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Jellobuns is a true GAWFIK!

Jellobuns (aka Hillary) is a popular-ass TARTlet and a terrible fat artist with an INCREDIBLY HUGE e-go. The thing claims to be a Asian SSBBW, which of course 'it' obviously is not. Even other FAs think 'it' is ridiculous.

However, the simple-minded FAs seem to worship 'it', and draw 'it' dozens of terrible fan art, providing Jellobuns with numerous amounts of lackluster fap material. However, the fan artists are just big attention whores.

This just in, a freelance hack-author, princeshadow13, has reported that after trying to write a flattering fan-fiction about her (in exchange for some fatty fap material or something of the sort), he has been stricken with a depressively bad case of writer's block. On top of all this, he states that 'it' pressured the request out of him on his birthday, leading us to believe that Jellobuns has no soul, nor understands the concept of giving things TO people on their birthdays rather than taking them, but then again, things don't have feelings.

The hack in question is currently in an asylum out in the country, after a session, his psychiatrist decided to post this on the internet, for the lulz.

No further news on the condition of princeshadow13, but rumors state he has slithered away and started to post on /x/ as Dream sage, who ironically doesn't dream, but no one really cares about this. The supposive publicity has yet to be seen, and probably will never be seen.


Atomic.gif Warning!
Exposing small children and pets to Jellobuns' horrific 'artwork' may be hazardous to their health! Proceed with caution!

That's right. Jellobuns' failure of an art gallery is so terrible, it gives anyone with an I.Q. over 30 an aneurysm. However, for some reason, Jellobuns and 'its' worthless fans still are able to fap to it.

Gallery of Failure

Fan Art

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Various Lulzy Comments


Jellobuns' AIM address is MssMassive, and her Yahoo Messenger address is jellobuns2000. Really do send 'her' something to cheer 'her' up. 'She' really does deserve it.

As a matter of fact, find out how she reacts when you show her this picture of her. *Update* After a bit of research, it has been found out that this picture is of one of her fans that circulated it to put a stop to the suspicions of Jellobun's identity.

We all know that she isn't that! Either that or she's a pedophile.

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