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the billionaire businessman and convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Edward Epstein was Jewish billionaire and child molester, and was the Final Boss of American International Paedophilia, a title he earned by molesting at least 100 children and getting away with it because of a combination of Jewgold and being friends with Bill Clinton and the Trumps.

Molesting more kids than Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile and Muhammad combined, this motherfucker had it down to a science. Not only would he fly kids around on his plane -- dubbed Lolita Express -- so that he could play doctor with them on his own private island, he actually paid these girls to then go back home and convince their friends to let him fuck them, too!

One would think that over the course of the DECADES this was going on, someone would catch this fucker and hand him a 9000-year long sentence of sharing a cell with Bubba, but instead, when his crimes were FINALLY discovered, he only served one year in a federal country club, where he got to leave for 12 hours a day, six days a week for "work release" (the kind of sentence Jerry Sandusky only dreams he could have had). Too bad the "release" was only to do actual work, versus the kind of "release" he wishes he could do all over the face of some 9-year-old.

The Guy Qanon Warned You About

Wayfair connection

Jeffrey's Magical Kiddie Playhouse was home to such impeccable decor as a life-sized mannequin in a wedding dress hanging from a chandelier, an entire wall made out of glass eyeballs intended for wounded British soldiers, and an oddly prophetic mural of him in prison, surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers, but conspicuously absent of a marauding horde of angry, horny niggers eager to show a rich Jew what happens to pedophiles in prison. As if intentionally designed to get the Qanon and Pizzagate faggots at 8chan to furiously masturbate over the implications of creepy-ass, edgelord designs that would have been considered too on-the-nose even for a fucking Saw movie, his 7-story townhouse in Jew York City would have made the perfect Halloween attraction had it not been declared a crime scene for hosting more CP than and Sarah Butts' hard drives put together. Cleverly hidden on compact discs labeled 'nude girls', either the guy is an absolute fucking retard when it comes to hiding his CP stash, or he was just that confident that the Party Van would never come for him again, and if it would, he'd get off scot-free once more. Given who his friends are, it's probably the latter.

Wikipedia Shilling

After Epstein's arrest, mentions of Bill Clinton being with Epstein and Kevin Spacey on Jeff's rape island were removed from Epstein's Wikipedia page, but mentions of Epstein meeting with Donald Trump in the 1990s were not... (((Clearly nothing sinister here, folks))).

Similarly, the Wikipedo Jews pounced on the Epstein article straight away, deleting all mention of his Jewishness. Their excuse?

On reflection, the addition of his ethnicity is not necessary. Few, if any, Jewish-Americans are identified as such on Wikipedia.


—Ambitus (Wikipedia Editor)

You read that correctly. Wikipedia, where just being an American Jew is enough to get a work detail of basement-dwelling yids hammering out a 10k-word hagiography, thinks it's irrelevant to mention that Epstein is a kike. Never mind that TOW actually has a category that is fucking entitled Wikipedia Favicon.png "American Jews", where thousands of hook-nosed yids are listed in a variety of subcategories, including Epstein himself.

The Lolita Express

This being the nickname for the private plane in which Epstein's guests were shuttled back and forth to his private pedo paradise, Little St James, one of the smaller of the Caribbean Virgin Islands -- conveniently located off the southeastern tip (just the tip) of St. Thomas. People like Matt Groening and Bobby Kotick are really hoping that you forget about it, but as the saying goes, the internet never forgets. And neither should you.


You feel like someone is watching you.

In July of 2019, Epstein was finally V& in Jew York after some (((journalist))) in Miami did an exposé on just how many people bent over backward to spare him from Bubba's BBC the last time he was v& for diddling little girls. Said (((journalist))) uncovered everything from a campaign of witness intimidation, sweetheart deals, a deliberate coverup of the involvement of everyone from Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew at Pedobear Island, to a claim that Epstein "belongs to the intelligence." Such arguments did not move New York prosecutors and judges. After his Fortress of Molestation was searched, an entire safe was found full of cash, diamonds, and a fake passport claiming that Epstein, a filthy kike, was a sand nigger from Saudi Arabia. Claiming that it was only because he knew what actual sand niggers think of rich Jews who molest kids, it's probably because he knows that child molestation is a time-honored tradition of Middle-Easterners and saw sand niglets as another source of underage poon once the American well runs dry. Whatever the case, the means and motivation to flee proved too much, and he was ordered held without bail. The only question now is whether or not Bubba will get to fuck him before he's inevitably found swinging in his cell or Tyrone shivs him to death in the cafeteria yeah that's not a question anymore now, is it...

NYC Jail Injury and "Suicide"

Epstein headpat.gif

The asshole was found injured in his jail cell on the 24th of July, 2019 nearly unconscious, tied and gagged, in a fetal position, attempting to imitate the age group he has an obsession with. He has been placed on a suicide watch. At the time of writing this, it is unclear if it was suicide, a hit job, or someone beating the shit out of him because he's an alleged pedo. Apparently, he was put on suicide watch where he would be monitored 24/7 without any tools to commit suicide, but the camera just so happened to malfunction right when he died.

Goodbye, cruel world

his last mugshot

He ded, ladies and gentlemen. Handy Andy probably had something to do with his death if the tabloids are to be believed. On the 10th of August, 2019 our unfortunate protagonist was found dead of apparent suicide in his jail cell. It's currently too early to state definitively whether or not his rich mates ordered the assassination or he was just a massive faggot and pussied out pre-trial, given he'd been up for some pretty heinous stuff in the past and walked away pretty much scot-free. Rest in peace, Jeffrey. All the people listed in your black book will never miss you.

Gallery of Gucci Billionaire Drip

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