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Jeffrey James Weise
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore Killed 9, injured 5
Top 25? Nope. 31
Style Single player
An Hero? Yes.

Jeff Weise (aka Lj-favicon.png weise) (Aliases: Regret, Blades11, Todesengel, Native Nazi, T o t e n k o p f, neonecrosis, verlassen4_20) was an honest-to-God Injun, as well as an angsty teen from Minnesota. These three defining characteristics—his Injun-hood, his angsty teen-hood, and his Minnesotan-hood—formed the greatest trifecta of Native American rage since Geronimo, leading to the Red Lake High School shoot'em-up. Like most angsty teens and all High School shooters, Jeff was a massive fanboi of famous celebrities Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Due to Jeff and his people being non-white, America only paid 5 minutes of attention to their story, before fucking off like usual and zoning in on the next major news story. Over a decade after the tragedy, the story is beginning to attract slight media attention, with survivors coming out and doing interviews.

Background: Early Childhood

Jeffery James Weise was a bastard-child born on August 8th, 1988 (8-8-88) in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a suicidal father (21-year-old Daryl "Baby Dash" Allen Lussier Jr.) and an abusive alcoholic mother (17-year-old Joanne Elizabeth Weise). Jeff experienced a tolerable early childhood, but as time went on, he would suffer a nightmarish life. Shortly after his birth, his mother's parents forced her to give Jeff to his father and his family in Red Lake. At the age of 3, Jeff was reclaimed by the mother and they moved to Minneapolis, where he lived until 1999, in a mobile home behind a pickle factory. During his childhood staying with his mother, he experienced significant childhood abuse. His mother dated other men, and one of them was also very abusive to Jeff. Shelda Lussier, Jeff's grandmother, stated that Jeff's mother would often lock him out of her house. Her boyfriend would lock Jeff in a closet and force him to kneel in a corner for several hours. On occasion, Jeff's mother would take him up to the Red Lake Reservation to see his father, whom neighbors described as "a real nice guy when he was sober". His father eventually killed himself during a police standoff.

In his childhood, he was bullied and abused by his mother. Online, Jeff detailed some of the abuse he received-

My mom used to abuse me alot when I was little. She would hit me with anything she could get her hands on, she used to drink excessively too. She would tell me I was a mistake, and she would say so many things that its hard to deal with them or think of them without crying.


Jeff also details the tragedy that inflicted his mother-

My mom got drunk one night and wrecked her car and had to relearn how to tie her shoes, I was too young to fight back or too young to stick up for myself without getting struck down when this was happening.


Loss of Parents

At the age of 8, in 1997, Jeff lost his father during the infamous standoff and suicide, after the father took a 12 gauge shotgun and shot himself in the head- likely devastating the young boy when he received the word, and scarring him for the rest of his life. Jeff's grandfather (Daryl Jr.'s father), Daryl Lussier, Sr was a police officer and was present at the scene of the standoff. There, he tried to talk his son down from committing suicide, but was evidently unsuccessful.

Two years later, at the age of 10, Jeff's mother, being a severe alcoholic, naturally was involved in a drunk driving accident. The event happened when Jeff's mom and her cousin decided it would be a great idea to get drunk as fuck and go for a drive. They got into a car crash in which the cousin died and Jeff's mom got injured- devastating her and causing permanent brain damage. This resulted in her being put into a nursing home for an indefinite amount of time, which resulted in Jeff Weise being forcibly moved from the city.

Jeff was shipped off to a shitty Native American reservation called Red Lake, hundreds of miles to the north, in the middle of a cold, underdeveloped, miserable environment in the middle of fuckin' nowhere. He spent the rest of his life living with his Grandfather in a lower-middle class house, or in the care of his aunt and her family unit. Jeff had a moderately caring family unit and seemed to have found some semblance of happiness with them, but likely longed to return to the big city and escape the dead end nightmare that was the Red Lake reservation- like many of his peers. When moving to the Reservation, Jeff lived with Shelda Lussier since the age of 9, and had a significantly greater time, with a sizeable family who showed care for him. Jeff shifted homes on occasion.

A year after the car crash, Jeff's mom and her husband separated, with the divorce being finalized in 2004. Their custody arrangements left out Jeff Weise- another example of how little those pieces of shit cared for the child.


During childhood, your surroundings and upbringing will play the biggest role in shaping who you will be for the rest of your life. Victims of severe childhood abuse, such as Jeff, suffer from extremely higher rates of depression, violence, and suicide- a common trait among Native Americans from a reservation background.

Childhood: Relocation to Reservation

After the accident, Jeff was left a shattered, broken child. He was placed in the custody of his parental grandmother and left out for the Red Lake Reservation, leaving Minneapolis, his city of 9 years, behind for good. Two of his aunts were involved with his care, with one of the aunts living with her child and her mom- providing Jeff with some social element at home, and opportunity for support and socialization. Jeff's grandmother and her husband were separated, but Jeff grew close to both of his grandparents. In 2003, Jeff's mother recovered enough to be able to work part-time, regaining the ability of basic speech- thus legally providing ability to take guardianship of Jeff. However, there was no way in hell Jeff wanted to put up with his abusive monster of a mother, so he chose to stay with his grandparents- even if it meant staying in the rez.

School Life & Bullying

Red Lake Senior High School
Traditional native headdress
Not suspicious at all!

Jeff, being from outside of the close-minded, close-knit community, naturally faced opposition and alienation from the residents; especially the youth. This persecution only went on to increase significantly with the flow of time and his development of more macabre interests. Due to his unconventional interests, such as Goth culture, he suffered from intense bullying from his peers.

Before moving to Red Lake, Jeff attended Pearson Elementary School from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade, and Bluff Creek Elementary School in fifth grade. He attended Red Lake Middle School from the 6th to the 8th grades. However, he managed to flunk 8th grade in 2001, due to significant truancy and horrible grades. The school forced him into a Special education program, the "Learning Center". This fact caused a significant amount of bullying for the boy. A woman named Mary Sumner recalled seeing children beat up Jeff Weise outside of the middle school on at least six occasions after she picked up a grandchild. "I thought it was sad that he would stand there and take it. He took it out on himself."

Around this time, Jeff started to be bullied to an extreme, which is likely when his homicidal fantasies truly kicked off. He was a heavy alcoholic and stoner, and internet addict during the last few years of his miserable existence. What he didn't realize was that he was one of the most privileged people in his Rez; he at least had a home, intarwebz, and food - enough to become a fatass NEET.

Because of my size and appearance, people don't give me as much trouble as they would if I looked weak.


Naturally, the bullying was most intense during middle and high school. He, like many of us, followed the shitty advice that our parents and teachers tell us - to not fight back, and to ignore any taunts. Jeff was 6'3 and nearly 300 pounds by his mid-teens and his death- he could've easily beat the shit out of any tormentors. If he did, it's almost certain that those little faggots would learn not to fuck with him.

Jeff was able to confide in his counselor, Ron Kingbird, who often informed Jeff's family members of Jeff's situation. His bullying became severe enough to the point where Jeff often ditched school more often than he attended. He would shy away from describing the events of his day, and his families' advice was to simply "Ignore it". Jeff avoided telling his grandma what was truly happening with his life, but other people filled her in with the truth- that he was being persecuted. These cocksucker pieces of shit would often torment Jeff over the loss of his mother and father.

Jeff had a heavy interest in art, obviously seen by his flash projects online. In school, he kept noteboods filled with horrific artwork he drew, one of which was labeled "WARNING: VERY FUCKING OFFENSIVE" which a close friend pointed out to the media. This notebook featured lulzy artwork, often of Nazi-inspired shit, like SS officers mass killing Juden, women, commies, and little kids. As time went on, Jeff developed a goth/columbine style of fashion, wearing a long, heavy black trenchcoat at all times. For several months, Jeff spiked his hair with badass devil horns- as seen in the class portraits. The media reported that Jeff was a fag and used eyeliner, but this was denied by his family.

Few students reached out to Weise or showed him respect, but due to his large stature, he avoided a lot of bullying and torment he would have otherwise received. Weise was able to garner a few friends in real life, and a few girls confided in him with their secrets and qualms. One girl stated, "He was the only one I talked to about my problems. He was trustworthy, and he was always capable of understanding what I was going through". Other girls also expressed similar statements of Jeff's reliability for support. Though Weise expressed online that few in his clique truly cared for him-

I have friends, but I'm basically a loner inside a group of loners. Most of my friends don't know the real me, I've never shared my past with anyone, and I've never talked about it with anyone. I'm excluded from anything and everything they do, I'm never invited, I don't even know why they consider me a friend or I them...


—PMs sent to a friend

His grandpa asked him about his school life back in 2001, [1] to which Jeff replied, "It's not good. I don't go to the real classes. I go to the alternative school. I'm a year behind. I can't be in regular school because kids are mean to me. They punch me. They trip me. In the aftermath of the massacre, over half a dozen school officials, community members, and tribal employees came out to Jeff's grandmother, stating that Jeff was bullied extensively.

My god, they were even pulling clumps of hair out of his head!


I don't want to tell you this, but about five kids ran up to him and punched him, beating him up. The kids laughed and ran away.


Around 17 months before the shooting spree, Jeff pulled the eraser from a pencil and scraped the metal edge into his arms. This incident caused his doctors to spike his prozac intake, to 40mg/day. Jeff's aunt states: "I just hugged him and said, 'Jeffery, don't hurt yourself!" A while later, Jeff got in trouble and was confined to a cubicle in a suspension room, where he again cut himself with the metal edge of a pencil. This again made the (((Doctors))) spike his prozac levels, this time to 60mg/day. Jeff's behavior began to become erratic, with his family reporting that he began to have bizzare movements, started to hallucinate, and heard made up noises. Probably Satan convincing him to go kill everyone or some shit.

Some bitch named Mary Kay Klein, an attorney for the shitty school district, stated:

There's rumors galore out there. How many of them are actually truthful, who knows? But I can tell you: Jeff Weise's size is not a secret. He was a big kid. Students did not bully him, but then again, that's based on my knowledge. I wasn't in school with him every day.


In his Junior year, he stopped attending classes at Red Lake, and enrolled in a homeschool program instead; his last chance to get his education. He was eager for this program due to the extreme bullying he received, but the isolation likely worsened his mood. A friend, James King, states "Going on homebound cut him off from them and gave him too much time to think about how crappy his life was".

4/20 Incident

In 2003, he got in trouble from doing a Nazi salute and shouting "Seig Heil" at a school rally, when the rest of the school had their palms to their hearts in song. This alerted his school and resulted in them beginning to actively persecute and stalk his activity. He was sent to the counselor, and like a moron, confessed to his neo-nazi views and love for Adolf Hitler. He described the counselor as "about as useful as a Billy goat's tit." There was a school shooting threat called on April 20th, 2004, for the 5th anniversary of the infamous Columbine massacre, so he naturally got the blame. Luckily, he was cleared of all charges. Not that it matters, as he was eventually kicked out anyways.

Home Life

His family he lived with remembered him as a polite, intelligent, pacifistic and artistic young man [2] who had great potential for the world. They described how Jeff had some interest in entrepreneurship as he wanted to open a video store. Lining up with his history with drawing art and making flash games, they were told by Jeff that he wanted to travel the world to produce films.

Zero Day

Zero Day

Even though he (like most of us) had a horrible experience with the monstrosity that is the American school system, he managed to make a handful of friends, something 80% of us can't say. They were mostly other outcast types, and some of them would often discuss violent acts and school shootings. Just 17 days before the massacre, Jeff and a few close friends watched movies like Zero Day and Elephant, two films about school shootings, released in the aftermath of, and inspired directly by Columbine. After old media picked up on this, it caused interest and controversy in the two films to surge.

Weise was close to recruiting one of his few friends for his assault, but decided to go postal without him. After the bloodfest, the person in question was arrested and interrogated by the FBI over the email conversations he had with Jeff. The young man was eventually set free, but sadly didn't continue Jeff's genocide crusade.

Suicide Attempts

He attempted to an hero twice; once by slicing his wrist with a box cutter and creating a massive blood puddle before calling for help. The second time, he wrapped a belt around his neck, pulled it taut, and attempted to hang himself- before being found by a friend, and being driven off to the loony bin, where Jeff, with a raspy, strained and weakened voice, exclaimed: "I need help..." and getting drugged out on mass murder pills like Prozac, the same drugs that Eric Harris and countless other school shooters were on. The following month in June 2004, he attempted to an hero again, which resulted in him being hospitalized on a facility outside of the reservation. A week before the massacre, his (((Doctor))) decided it would be a good idea to spike the dosage of Prozac he received, raising alarms with his family. We all know what happened when he attempted suicide the next time. Third time's the charm...

When this was discovered post-massacre, it caused a moderate shitstorm which ended up getting the FDA to get a warning out stating that the pills did the exact opposite as intended. To this day over a decade later, many moronic parents and greedy doctors continue to forcibly poison innocent children with these mass murder pills.

Red Lake Reservation

Typical scenery in the Red Lake Reservation. As if it was that developed in the first place.
Red Lake Police Department

The Red Lake Indian Reservation is not unlike the majority of Injun Reservations; Isolated, rural, shitty lands, retarded residents, no jobs, extreme poverty, little tech (such as internet), lots of violence, fuckloads of druggies / alcoholics, and a suicide rate 3x higher than the national average. Red Lake sucks so much that in a 3 month range before the massacre, a few kids on that rez already killed themselves, such as a 14 year old girl who hung herself. The year before, another teenage girl became an hero. A few weeks after the massacre, and another girl, aged 15, hung herself to death with a belt. Like most newspapers, the Red Lake one covered up the deaths in a futile attempt to avoid copycats. Children as young as 8 commit suicide out there.

Red lake has jack shit to do, besides ice fish, boat, go innawoods, or abuse heavy drugs. The nearest city is Bemidji, 30 miles to the south, and with a population of only 12,000. There are no malls, sporting centers, or fast food joints- not even a Mc Donalds. Red Lake is one of only two closed reservations[3]- only members of the tribe can live there, and visitors are often unwelcome. Any whitey who find themselves in injun territory often get scalped and cannibalized. Red Lake is fortunate for one thing- terrain. Instead of inhospitable desert wasteland, like the vast majority of reservations, Red Lake territory is lush in forests and lakes.

The schools are just as bad, with Red Lake Senior High School only having a graduation rate of .. 15%. Over half of the youth of the rez have seriously considered becoming an hero, and who can blame them? Did you know that in 1996, there was a major gang shooting at the high school? This prompted metal detectors, security guards, and cameras- in order to ensure the safety of the students. This was a total facade, as Weise was able to simply crash into the school and kill everyone anyways.

A 2004 survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health and Education found that 9th graders at Red Lake High School: ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSauce

  • Considered suicide at a rate of 43% for males, and 82% for females.
  • 20% of males attempted suicide, compared with 48% of females.
  • (Note: 1/3 of youth in Red Lake aren't even attending school or work)

Statistically speaking, Native Americans are:

  • 2 1/2x more violent than whitey
  • committing suicide at twice the rate of other young people
  • Three times more likely to die than any other racial group under the age of 25
  • 670% more likely to die from alcoholism (due to genetics)
  • 650% more likely to die from tuberculosis
  • 318% more likely to die from diabetes
  • 204% more likely to suffer accidental death

Most of the youth are Dindu Nuffin types; similar to the common Nigger. They're addicted to their shitty gibsmedat smartphones, listen to rap, stab each other to death, and hate on duh wite maan. They blame whitey for everything, whilst taking no responsibility for their own actions. Few of them ever make anything of themselves, instead breeding like cockroaches and ensuring the 1% of their tribe with brains never reproduce, further diminishing their collective IQ.

Assault: the IRL drama


Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary: Remington 870
  • A common, cheap and extremely powerful shotgun. 65~155 Damage.
  • Secondary: Ruger MK II
  • A pistol chambered in weak .22lr caliber. 8~14 Damage.
  • Secondary: Glock 23
  • A standard police-issue glock, chambered in the powerful .40 caliber. 24~40 Damage.
  • Perk 1: Injun Rage
Fire Pit Crew.jpg
  • 30% Aggro bonus. 15% Damage resistance bonus while in PVP.
  • Perk 2: Naziism
  • 30% Damage bonus against all non-whites. HEIL HITLER!

Level 1

Introductionary Tutorial

March 21st, 2005 was the day Jeff would finally succeed at suicide- bringing 9 others with him to Hades' realm. Jeff stole a Ruger MK II .22lr pistol, which he used to kill his grandfather as he slept- shooting him twice in the head and ten times in the chest. Somehow, the gunshots didn't alert anyone. Apparently, Jeff had access to this gun for up to a year. Jeff stole a .40 caliber Glock 23, and a generic Remington 870 pump-action shotgun from his grandfather, along with body armor- all common issue tools utilized by American police.

Level 2

Jeff shot and killed Sigana with two well-placed shots to the skull, whilst she carried laundry up the stairs. He prepared himself for the bloodbath, using the gunbelt to holster the weapons and magazines, and left the house. He stole his grandpa's cop car to the high school, arriving around 2:45 PM (CST). Jeff approached the main entrance, and encountered two unarmed security guards whom manned the metal detectors. Immediately, Jeff shot and killed Derrick Brun, but the other security guard was able to escape. Unchallenged, Jeff entered the school, ready to get the High Score.

Level 3

The greatest obstacle Jeff faced was a "Gun-free zone" sign. However, he was able to overcome this obstruction

During the final level of the game, Weise entered the school, knowing that he had precious little time to do his sick deed. He walked through the red painted walls and lockers, peering through classroom windows and opening fire, until he found his way to an English Room. It is here that he immediately opened fire on the students, managing to score 3 headshots. The teacher, 62 year old Mrs. Rogers, cried out for god- "God be with us...", which prompted Jeff to execute her. Notably, he copied off the Columbine killer, Dylan Klebold, by asking one of his victims "Do you believe in god?". Like with Columbine, conflicting reports exist in which a student answers yes and is killed, or a student answers no and gets ignored.

A student, Ashley Lajeunesse, was sheltered by Chase Lussier, a boy murdered by Weise. One of the students, Jeffery May, shanked Weise with a pencil, which was able to divert enough time for other students to escape. Jeff May was shot in the face but miraculously survived (albeit with a huge facial scar), and went on to become a national hero.[4] He would receive hundreds of thousands of dollars which attracted new "friends", but when the money ran out, he was left a heartbroken man. Alica White, one of the fatalities, was a girl he was in love with, and planned to marry.

Survivors noted that Weise had an eerie smile on his face during the rapage. After several minutes of turning the classroom into his personal execution chamber, Jeff returned to the main entrance at 2:52 PM. He was spraying bullets randomly, but spotted students staring him down through the winder of a Biology class, where he spotted two people, one of whom was a good friend, Carter Hart. Jeff smiled at hart, but scowed at thumder, firing a round at him and grazing his hip.

A student rushed to keep the door locked, but Weise continued to fire at the lock, unable to break it. Note: Most locks are designed to be bullet resistant- only specialized shotguns can break locks. As students fled, the rebel yelled "Run! He's coming! Just FUCKING RUN!!" He spotted a group of students and opened fire, pwning 2 and getting hit markers on two others.

After 10 minutes, the difficulty was upped from casual to hardcore, when the pigs began to spawn outside of the school and zerg rushed it. Weise was caught by two pigs, who shot at him and injured him in the hip and leg for 13 and 16 damage respectively, causing the "Cripple" status aliment, resulting in -1 STR, -3 Agility and -1 Perception. Unable to find any Stimpaks on him, Jeff bitched out and went back to the classroom he turned into a bloodbath, and tried (but failed) at the [50 Speech] check- screaming how he had hostages. Sadly, he didn't injure any more students, but chose to bitch out and escaped to a vacant classroom, where he ragequit the game by putting his shotgun under his chin and emulating Kurt Cobain. Game over.


Info non-talk.png See: Jeff Weise/Reactions

Newspapers and TV stations around the nation immediately jumped on the story and masturbated furiously to the topic of school-shootings and violence for several weeks until, flushed and weak in the knees, they finally moved back to the severely more important news schedule of arbitrary missing white women, Terri Schiavo, and Lindsay Lohan's latest eating disorder.

Naturally, this brief media frenzy ensured a new round of pointless IRL drama combined with the typical routine criticism of Marilyn Manson and the temporary banning of all Hot Topic merchandise from school grounds. Somewhere along the line, some concerned mothers probably got involved as well, but that's shit only they care about.

When the FBI took over the investigation, they stole all of Jeff's shit, netting a fuckload of drawing tablets, journals, and notebooks, his computer, and 3 hard drives. Jeff's family kept a refrigerator magnet with a Christmas picture of Jeff Weise. The police and feds took several family photos of Jeff, never to be seen again. Over 100 people attended the funeral of Jeff Weise, and many teenagers left messages of support for Jeff and his family.

Literally like a week after the massacre, and the entire nation collectively forgot what happened. The injuns on the rez were eager to ignore the tragedy, having blocked media from accessing their lands since the 80s. Thus, it took nearly a decade, and the extensive shilling of a specific EDiot who wrote 99% of this page, for there to be any media attention given to the story after its 15 minutes of fame were up.

Weise Memorial

Immediately after the shooting, makeshift memorials were erected along the prison-fence surrounding the school. The shooter was paid no attention or love, considering his crime. However, weeks later, somebody paid tribute to Jeff Weise.. A poem stood alongside countless prayer symbols and photographs of the casualties-

Cold as winter, strong as stone

He faced the darkness

All alone

A silver god, a reflection

not his own …

He stares down at a shattered youth

A shattered mirror shows

The shattered truth.

Little Braids Like Horns

Keith Rock, a Native Amercian from across the nation from Red Lake, was the man who made the Jeff Weise Documentary that runs for 10 minutes, as a school project. That video is the only documentary about the event. Keith wrote a poem from the viewpoint of Jeff's mind:

Little braids like horns,

this flesh born bone leaves sores.

Little horn is born, sworn to the blood

in all that implies after being on the frontlines

of the hidden genocide;

Time to turn the tide,

take the guize of a genocidal genius.

Feels like none of the people can see this.

Depletion with depletion,

seeking the solution,

but there are no easy answers,

for this classroom execution.

Born on a plane that is not the same as their mind,

I am the weak, the sick, the one left behind.

God damnit I'm sick of their kind!

Pieces of shit don't even know what they are;

in their little cliques, laughing and smiling with their friends,

passing judgement on everything they see-

I know they're laughing at me.

I am an angel in disguise,

sent to either be nurtured or denied.

I am an angel that fide, so as punished with this life.

My feathers have not changed,

I still blame god for making me this way.

That is my nature, the true test was for you

to nurture a soul you could see needed structure.

For all of your talk of tradition, you never taught acceptance;

of the benefits of being receptive.

Instead, you took my beauty as a commonality,

of a word you didn't hesitate to call me.

Reinforcing old war wounds, you made me legion.

Here to bring your ruin, and the changing of reason.

Trapped in this physical body, I can only see one way to be free.

I will change this fucked up world, by making sure everyone knows of me...

List of Noobs PWN'd

  • Daryl Allen Lussier, age 58, police officer and Jeff Weise's grandfather. Pedo bear too old.png
  • Michelle Leigh Sigana, age 31, Lussier's girlfriend. Pedo bear too old.png
  • Derrick Brian Brun, age 28, security guard for Red Lake High School. Pedo bear too old.png
  • Neva Jane Wynkoop-Rogers, age 62, English teacher. Pedo bear too old.png
  • Alicia White, age 15, student. Pedobear mourning small.png
  • Thurlene Marie Stillday, age 15, student. Pedobear mourning small.png
  • Chanelle Rosebear, age 15, student. Pedobear mourning small.png
  • Chase Albert Lussier, age 16, student. Pedobear mourning small.png
  • Dewayne Michael Lewis, age 15, student. Pedobear mourning small.png
  • Jeffrey James Weise, age 16, student/perpetrator. Spinning 666 Star.gif

On the Internets

Weise updating his LJ profile.
If the best you could do was this, you'd be pretty upset too

Before killing himself, Weise was known for his numerous activities on teh internets. He registered several accounts, on sites like Newgrounds, Livejournal,, zombie fanfic sites, along with others. Weise had an internet presence as early as the 1990s to 2001, when he was a tween.


Lj-favicon.png Weise

Weise had a LJ that he created on December 24th, 2003. Months before his death, he only published a few entries; 3 brief posts inquiring about cutting, alcoholism, grammatical errors, and other shit nobody cares about.

In the aftermath of the shooting spree, the LJ account attracted a shitstorm of comments, which prompted the LJ admins to shut down the comment section on the blog to save up much needed bandwidth. There are rumors that the journal had more than 3 entries, but any info validating these claims is lost forever... He had numerous online friends, many of which were obviously mentally ill. Many chatlogs they had with him have yet to surface, but we can probably speculate that it involved a lot of emo dribble and other nonsense. His chick friends on LJ still baww about his death to this day...

Bio: I'm nothin' but your average Native American stoner. I'm mellow half the time, mostly natural, but mostly drug induced as well. I'm not a junkie, or an alcoholic, MJ is my gal' of choice. Enough about that though, I don't know why you're readin' this anyway. I'm gonna roll this joint so I'll c'ya later...

Interests: classic rock, hippie era mentality, history, mary jane, some other stuff..., world wars


Info non-talk.png We have all of his content mirrored Here!

On Newgrounds, he had two accounts; Syko666, and Regret. Syko was an older account made in 2003 that produced only a handful of flashes, all of which featured plenty of violence that worried some pussies in the comments sections.

The flashes were Gangland, Pigeon Hunter, and The Hitman. Syko666 was briefly suspected of being Jeff's account, which you'll see if you look through the reviews. However, this knowledge was lost for a decade before being rediscovered sometime in 2016. Combined, Jeff's three flashes under the Syko666 account have only managed little over 30,000 views.

His other Newgrounds account, Regret, was created in August 2004. Why he decided to start another account we will never know, but he created two more flashes under Regret; the most disturbing of them all. One was titled Clown, which depicted some teenager (who looks a lot like Jeff) walking up to some badly drawn clown, who proceeds to freak out, lift the teen up, and bite his head off.

If you have a good eye, you might've noticed it actually shows the clown devouring the victim for just a single frame. The other flash is perhaps the most imfamous flash in the entire history of Newgrounds. This flash was called Target Practice, and features a lone gunman taking aim and shooting a bunch of people before committing suicide. To this date, it has attracted half a million views, and over a thousand reviews.

A user posted the following on Clown: Was that like a warning message? Hmm dude you need help badly

To which Jeff replied: You obviously can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Don't try judging my mental health based upon a simple animation, capisce?

In only a few months, Weise would commit one of the deadliest school shootings in the history of this sorry ass nation, only serving to prove the commenter right.

For several years, Jeff's flashes remained the most notorious works on the site, even surpassing the creator's columbine parody "Pico's School". One glimpse at the comment section on Jeff's flash animations reveal that more people continue to bring it up, often crying and being little bitches. The occasional Red Lake resident pops up on occasion to BAWWW.

As more interest poured towards the neglected, decade old tragedy, Newgrounds was a vastly different place from the experimental, juvenile den of lulz and creativity that it was throughout the late 90s and 2000s. Now, it existed under the control of SJW and marxist mods and an idiotic lame community of gen z fags. These freaks are hell-bent on deleting / banning anything even remotely offensive. Jeff Weise's content has been shut down one at a time around the late 2016 area. Fortunately, we here at Encyclopedia Dramatica maintain an archive of all of his content that you can reach here.

Click here and click on "The Disturbed Loner" for more info from ED on Weise's Newgrounds activity.

He made many ArchiveToday-favicon.pngposts on various Nazi websites, knowing full-well that Hitler didn't ArchiveToday-favicon.pnggive a fuck about Native Americans and only cared about Germany. These sites he posted on have long been shut down, but words of his still survive to this day. One of the sites he was on was (defunct), a site calling its self the "Libertarian National Socialist Green Party". Here, Weise made several posts, under the alias "Todesengel", which is german for "Angel of Death"-

The Natives you've known to be sympathetic to the cause are probably ones who've experienced firsthand what kind of problems cultural and race mixing can cause. As a result of cultural dominance and interracial mixing there are barely any full blooded Natives left. Where I live less than 1% of all the people on the Reservation can speak their own language, and among the youth wanting to be black has run rampant. Under a National Socialist government, things for us would improve vastly... That is, if we haven't already become too soft from the way this materialistic life-style has made us, and that is why I am pro-Nazi. It's hard though, being a Native American National Socialist; people are so misinformed, ignorant, and closed-minded it makes your life a living hell.


Within 24 hours of the massacre at Red Lake, the media discovered Jeff's connection to the site, which prompted the neonazis to issue an official ArchiveToday-favicon.pngresponse on March 22nd, 2005. Atem, a forum admin for, stated "We knew [Weise] briefly through 34 posts he made on the forum. He expressed himself well and was clearly highly intelligent and contemplative, especially for one so young. In total, Jeff made 34 posts to the site.

Home Page Of The Dead

Jeff Weise was a frequent member of Homepage Of The Dead, an old ass site that existed since the mid 90s, where members discuss everything relating to zombies. Jeff was believed to have been an active member since the early 2000s and made an impression (to an extent) on several members, who still remember him to this day. Some members described Jeff as a weird and mentally ill bloke, whilst others described him as cool.

Sometime in 2003, the HPOTD forums went offline temporarily, when "" shut its forums down or some shit. So some of the members (along with Weise) sought refuge, on The Writer's Coven, which they kept active for a few months. Here, Jeff wrote a (now infamous) story called Surviving The Dead [5], using his OG alias, Blades11. He used the alias "Blades11" as far back as 2001.

Jeff was also a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmember (since October 2001) of other zombie forums on yuku, registering with the email [email protected], where he posted 772 times. ArchiveToday-favicon.png# Even more shit's been dug up about this dude. Jeff was a user of "Rise Of The Dead", where he was moderately known by other users, such as the admin of ROTD. Jeff used the email [email protected] for his Syko666 account on Newgrounds, and for his account on Home Page Of The Dead.

Above Top Secret

Jeff's avatar on the ATS Forums

Jeff Weise was also an active member of Above Top Secret where he described his failed suicide attempt, along with words of wisdom from his elders, spotting bigfoot in his area, cursed owls and other shit nobody cared about. After trying to seek compassion from revealing his suicide attempt, he was only met with ridicule and humor by the other users. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately for us at ED) he picked one of the least effective means of suicide - wrist slitting, which has a 2% success rate, thus keeping him alive long enough to aim for the High Score. After freaking out and seeking medical attention, he was drugged up on the same type of counter-productive mass murder pills as many other school shooters in history.

  • Click here for more info from ED on Weise's ATS Activity.


MSN account

Like most millennials in the mid 2000s, Jeff had a MSN account, using the email [email protected], the same email used for the Regret account on Newgrounds. His profile revealed relatively few warning signs, until he changed it in the months leading up to the attacks, in which it was painfully obvious he was planning a school shooting. Weise describes his location as "endless scrutiny, Minnesota" and his occupation as "Doormat". His interests were "Military", "High Schools" and "Death & Dying".

  • A Little About Me: 16 years of accumulated rage suppressed by nothing more than brief glimpses of hope, which have all but faded to black. I can feel the urges within slipping through the cracks, the leash I can no longer hold...
  • Favorite Things: (Sic) moments where control becomes completely unattainable...
    • times when maddened psycho paths briefly open the gates to hell, and let chaos flood through...
    • those few individuals who care enough to reclaim their place...
  • Hobbies and Interests:
    • Planning
    • Waiting
    • Hating
  • Favorite Quote:
    • "We are little flames, poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out." -Wehrmacht Private Paul Baumer, All Quiet on the Western Front

Obviously, the details expressed on his profile were definitive red flags, and that he was a genuine threat to society- but none of his friends thought it a good idea to snitch him out. Did you notice the avatar? That's a scene from Elephant, featuring the two shooters (modeled after the Columbine fags). Two days after the attacks, and Newgrounds fags made a topic about this.


Yahoo profile

Weise also used yahoo, with his ID being verlassen4_20, german for "abandoned- 4/20" [6]. His nickname, T o t e n k o p h, was a mispelling of totenkopf, a german word meaning the infamous nazi/fascist skull symbol.

Jeff's Quotes

I try not to be aggressive in most situations, I'll use force if I have to, but I'm not about to go out and pick a fight. I'm mostly defensive, I'll defend myself if someone tries something but other than that I'm a peaceful person.



—Jeff Weise, moments before starting a shoot-out with the cops.

The instrument of my resurrection was supposed to be my freedom. But there isn't an open sky or endless field to be found where I reside, nor is there light or salvation to be discovered. ... I don't know, but what I do know is I'm a retarded (expletive) for ever believing things would change for me. I'm starting to regret sticking around, I should've taken the razor blade express last time around. ... Well, whatever, man. Maybe they've got another shuttle comin' around soon



—Thankfully, he stuck around to put himself to use - killing nearly a dozen inferiors and cleaning up the genepool.

So fucking naive man, so fucking naive. Always expecting change when I know nothing ever changes. I've seen mothers choose their man over their own flesh and blood, I've seen others choose alocohol over friendship. I sacrifice no more for others, part of me has fucking died and I hate this shit. I'm living every mans nightmare and that single fact alone is kicking my ass, I really must be fucking worthless. This place never changes, it never will. Fuck it all.



—From his LJ

There were a lot of signs of real trouble. He was confined to a computer all the time, and he had said last year that he was going to kill himself. But somehow I was never scared of him. I don't know why not. He never really showed that it could be directed this way.



—T'Anna Hanson, 21, who knew Mr. Weise and was the cousin of one victim.

Some students said Mr. Weise had shown them elaborate, disturbing drawings he made in his notebook, some of them depicting people with bullet holes in their heads, of half-living people with blank stares, of skeletons. None of the students interviewed said they reported the drawings to school officials. They said they had viewed them as the odd but harmless doodlings of a strange boy



—Article about him LOL

Alright, before I get flamed for being a Neo-Nazi white (sic) supremecist, I'd like to make the fact that I am a Native American clear. I do not condone the actions of the Third Reich, or any form of Genocide. My people themselves were ethnically cleansed, so I'm not going to raise doubt on the Holocaust or anything like that.



—Pro-nazi and yet anti-genocide?

Recently though, (the past few years), I've been feeling a strong connection towards Nazi Germany, and it's not Necessarily the most pleasing thought, though I can't help it. I feel like in a past life I was a German soldier during ww2, I feel a strong connection to it for some reason. Now, I'm not a skinhead, or a neo-nazi, or even a white supremacist, but I feel like I like I really was a German soldier...



—Aryan at Heart

The only one's who oppose my views are the teachers at the high school, and a large portion of the student body who think a Nazi is a Klansman, or a White Supremacist thug. Many of the Natives I know have been poisoned by what they were taught in school. They (teachers) don't openly say that racial purity is wrong, yet when you speak your mind on the subject you get 'silenced' real quick by the teachers and likeminded school officials. I'm living every mans nightmare and that single fact alone is kicking my ass, I really must be ... worthless. This place never changes, it never will.



—Ironically, despite the liberal faggotry described, Red Lake actually bans non-injuns from their grounds. A fascist policy, the opposite of what liberals chant for.

Horrorcore Connection

Shortly after Jeff Weise went postal, it was discovered that he listened to a obscure genre of rap music called Horrorcore. This genre of music is populated mainly by lame-ass wigger kids from the suburbs who muddy up the (already-shit) genre with horrible songs such as this. The aftermath of Red Lake was very similar to Columbine and other School Shootings in the sense that the media immediately blamed music, video games, goths, and everything else but the shooter. Due to the shooter and "victims" not being white (except for one teacher) it was only natural for the massacre to be ignored by society. However, the reputation of horrorcore and its rappers were permanently damaged due to the media's chimpout against them. "Artists" like MARS and Jimmy Donn got 15 seconds of fame because of this kid- but also got a shitload of death threats by the psychotic morons from the rez.

Weise Saved Red Lake!

The following comment was left on the wikipedia discussion article by a random red lake citizen. How he or she was able to afford internet is a mystery, but pandora doesn't go back into the box.

This kid did more to clean up the Red Lake Reservation than any politician, law enforcement officer, or legal eagle ever did. He alerted these people to a grave mistake in their way of thinking. He showed us how flawed the "old ways" were. We were a people stuck in a fantasy we had created to help us forget the humdrum lives we led. The "Indian" way killed more of my people than this kid ever did.

Thanks to this kid, we now have a working police force. We now have a real corrections facility. We now have a judicial system that hands down actual sentences for crimes that are legally policed. We never had that before. All we had were fat locals who wore uniforms and confiscated beer. Today, they investigate crimes. You can file a report and it's taken seriously. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE 10 YEARS AGO!!

This is a change that Jeff Weise made for us. I seriously wish we'd put up a statue for him. He changed this reservation more than any other person in our history. He modernized us.


After 11 years, someone finally got around to making a proper documentary about the massacre. Sadly, its just another Injun directing it, so it's likely to go unnoticed or not show up on TV; further keeping the isolated massacre from the minds of the masses.


Red Lake Documentary

Examining the flash projects

News Footage

Jeff Weise's animation redone'

Target Practice


Memorial vid to all the n00bs pwn'd.


Jeff Weise

Photographs or shoops of the killer.

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Jeff's internet activity online, or relating to it.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Jeff's posts under his original Newgrounds account, Syko666.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Jeff's Art

Shit he drew.

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Evidence or other pics not sorted above.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Before and After

Moral of the story: Seek out a psychiatrist. Don't drink and drive.

Graded Score

Graded score
Kills: 9/20
Accuracy: 17/20
Style: 20/20 bonus for looting armor & gun
Butthurt: 17/20 Caused a moderate shitstorm. Nobody was white so nobody cared.
Bonus: 18/20 Stopped his suicide attempt and saved up his angst for greater things.
Total score: 81/100 (B-)
Maybe if you were white someone would care.
See full ranking

Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png



Police Force

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