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Aspergerbenice.gif Jay Wakefield has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Jay Wakefield

Jay Wakefield is basically one of the reasons why Autistic faggots should never have access to computers at all. Similar to retro video game kids, he bitches over the past, except instead of bitching about video games; he has an obsession with old shitty 1990s computers. However, there are some differences from other computerfags.

You see, unlike most other computerfags, he happens to have a stronger form of Autism, to the point where he throws tantrums in public, over Skype, and YouTube, and happily uses Autism as an excuse for his miserable failures at life.

He also is a fatass and bitches about how he can’t see, then refuses to wear glasses like a faggot.

Early Life

Not much is known about his early life, however some insights can be given from his videos and blog posts on various sites.

When he was 3, he was put in the Temple Bank School for the Visually Impaired, where he had a reputation among the stuff for breaking everything in sight.

At 14, he got pulled out of Special ed, and thrown in regular school, where he started getting creepy with others personal space, and having tantrums in public. At the age of 16, he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, and from that point on he started bitching about when people didn’t blindy suck his cock. From the pictures posted of his college life, he somehow managed to look normal, even though he was throwing tantrums a lot and was unable to find a job. One day however, his life changed for the worse (not like it had already been shit).

The Retrofaggotry Begins

In 2011, depressed after being too lazy to apply for the local fast food joint, after losing several GFs over having tantrums, and after he had gained a ton of weight from eating too much fast food, he discovered some 80s computer videos on YT, and fellow retrofag and aspie Billy Coore’s YouTube channel.

Apparently he got attracted to the Autism and retrofaggotry, so he decided pay several hundred dollars to ship a shitty Packard Bell to the US, then shit out his own computer videos on BluePlanet64, most of which were just him juggling a camera while trying to show off his junk PCs with Kid Pix and Putt Putt, but he did make some videos about his Autism, along with a shitty “documentary” that consisted of him reading off a shitty Wikipedia page.

A message to those evil trolls...after 6 min of shit nobody cares about.

Why you should stay in the past, along with a notice to the trolls.

Watch out, this video has ADULT CONTENT!!!!111

Not even the shakeycam filter can stop the shaking

Most of them went unnoticed except among a few of Billy Coore’s dicksucker friends. However, something else would happen that would give this kid something he hated the most: Dislikes.

Discovery by YT commentators

Gligar13Vids later discovered Bluefaggots videos. After making a commentary on him, he started to capslock, then reported the commentator to YT for hurting his feelings, all while typing pathetic death threats about 9/11 in caps.

Turns out, since Jay was a total dumbass and used his real name on the internet AND on Skype, his skype was easy to find. He was invited to a call, where he admitted to flagging down others, which later resulted in an epic tantrum once confronted with it.

He then closed his account and after raging on FB, made a new account, VideosSansFrontier, where he proceeded to make videos sperging about computers (again), along with reuploading the Autism videos that Gligar13Vids2 has mirrored.

For him, all was well. But then all of a sudden….

Posted to 4chan

He ain't black
Insanity at its finest

Some person, either a fanboy of that commentator or a troll, posted his video to /v/, along with one of his death threats.

His videos got flooded with hatemail making fun of him, while he typed out capslocked death threats left and right replying to every comment, before disabling comments like a faggot, all while ironically sending racist hate mail to others.

While normally this looks like generic rage over the internet, at the same time in real life, he was having a tantrum. His neighbors heard it, and called the police who promptly picked him up. After he got back, he got depressed over it and started throwing tantrums in his room.

He later put up several YT videos bitching about his depression, while also calling out those that called him out on his aspergers.

Stay at Penumbra

After getting pwnd by the cops, similar to Chris Chan, Jay was too cheap for a psycharist, after spending all his money on shitty old PCs. So his social worker suggested a stay at some random place. As usual with any aspie in public, his sperging levels rose, and he started to sperg over shit nobody cares about, such as a museum having an old washing machine on display, or them still using a shitty ass COMPAQ DESKPRO EN in an exihibit. Predictably, it didn’t help him and he’s still sperging about shit on his YT channel to this day.

Disability Activism

Ever since he was diagnosed with having Aspergers, his life has never been the same. He now refers to others as Neurotypicals, similar to how people on Wrongplanet feel when people call them out. His twitter and FB pages are full of liking random pro-autism pictures, along with bitching about shit nobody cares about, like how text on the screen is too small even though he’s too lazy to buy a pair of glasses, while throwing a bitchfit whenever anyone says Retard. He accuses everyone of being “disabilist” because apparently, everyone has to suck his cock because he has Aspergers. Anyone who is lucky enough to make a comment on his profile is a disabilist too, and he will probably rage at you too.

He also pulls the you don’t understand card when confronted, by friends, other people with Autism, and even by people in charge.

He also happens to have vision issues, and in many of his videos you can see him using screen magnifiers, mainly due to the fact that he’s too lazy to get his fatass up off his chair and run to Wal-Mart to buy a pair.


Not only does he use his disabilities to pretend he needs special treatment, but he also believes that he deserves a job. He writes ramblings on how the system’s fucked just because his lazy ass can’t get a job doing nothing, while also running a computer “repair” business out of another place. He claims he is able to fix anything from Dos-Windows 8, and yet can’t find a simple cable at his job.

He makes a big deal over his business too, to the point of making a logo/ident for his business with Microsoft Word, even though he receives no customers whatsoever.

Especially when you consider the fact that his PC has bulging caps in his office video, you realize that no Neurotypical would take their computer there, especially when the person fixing your computers in question can’t see for shit.


Like most newfags to the internet, he has a FB and expects everyone to suck his dick. He usually posts about his Assburgers all the time everywhere, and even when other Aspies get sick of his bullshit, he just tells them to go die.

He also hates anyone who wants him to get therapy, a job, or food that isn't McDonalds. He would prefer them die then him getting help, as according to him.

As of August 2012, Jay Wakefield has deleted his Facebook page due to too much failure in his shitty life.

Gallery of Fail

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