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The appropriate response

Jawsus aka Pruane2 aka Sexman aka Pruane2Forever aka Prone2Failure aka BAYUTMAYUN aka Prune Face aka down syndrome elf Pierce (real name) is an attractive 13 year old cool guy who claims to be not interested in pornography, most notable for his fucked-up grill that gives Cockmongler a run for his money. His awkward silence (think Billoon45), high-pitched, whiny and grating voice (think Gaydiamond), doesn't help either. Essentially, all of which creates much antilulz and commercial shit like fiddy tyson. Jawsus derives his name from the fact that one could easily drive a Mack truck between any pair of his teeth. His father is a hopeless alcoholic with a mangina and his mother is a dickgirl AZN which explains why he looks like a fucking hybrid with bad teeth. He spends a great deal of time shitting out "movie reviews", offering his "thoughts" on various subjects or attacking porn addicts and gays. He really wants to suck Le Shizzle's wang because even though he became his YouTube friend he is still desperate for the cock. With cries of DENTAL PLAN, LISA NEEDS BRACES, and BRB OCEAN, The entire Internet drove him off of YouTube for a short while although he has returned to les tubes under the name Pruane2Forever. His Facebook, which was so generously searched for by Anonymous Rapier, is: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1026488599&ref=sgm deleted.

Fuck he has braces now. I doubt they will do much, though.

Father John who is my dad and is not a priest molesting me



I don't care about America



I got braces now so you cant call me Jawsus



I AM THE BAYUTMAYUN(he holds up a batman mask)


—Jawsus (Fag)

But why, daddy? I want moar, give me fame!

Dental Plan: It's hereditary.
One wonders if Fra. Johann has ever spread his seed in rural Pennsylvania...

Some light was recently shed on the mysterious origins of Jawsus' twisted mind twisted teeth when his Father and bedfellow John, appeared in a drunken, crack-induced, and rambling interview with Jawsus. He proceeded to spin the yarn of how he had once punched out a snotty cabbie who was givin' him the grrrs. The cabbie responded by threatening that he would "fuck your sister, fuck your wife, fuck dat hawt azz son o' urs, and fuck everything!". At this point the hard-hitting journalist Jawsus poses the question: "would he fuck the dog?"

Did you shit on his windshield?


—that's what Jawsus would have done, by golly.

You asshole, you’re on the wrong side of the street if you want to fuck my wife, or fuck my dog!


—Father John, tough guy.


He's Back, Assholes

(Sex)Man's best friend

This is not the Pierce you're looking for.

Also in this gem of a video, Jawsus showed his deep affection for the family beagle when he was appalled that the insolent TaxiMan threatened to screw the pooch, too –- something that only Jazzus feels entitled to do.
Father John's Freudian slip of repeating "You wanna fuck my wife and my DAUGHTER?" as "You wanna fuck my wife and my DOG?" speaks volumes of the sexual escapades that take place at the Jawsus household.
Is he referring to Jawsus when he says "my daughter"?.

Chris Crocker is also Jawsus best friend as he/she (what ever the fuck a Chris Crocker is) duals Jawsus to a video-camera whore off!, to see who can bitch on about their lives the best. But because Jawsus hates everything they ended the relationship to go on with their transgender lives.

My name is

With levity known only to the inebriated, pappy John thought nothing of dropping SexMan’s powerword by addressing him as “Pierce”.
In hindsight, this had been a very prescient name-choice for baby Jewsus, as piercing is exactly what his grating voice was to inflict on his unsuspecting public's auditory nerves not a decade and a half later.
He also divulged that he is of Irish ancestry, though that came as surprise to noone.
The greatest revelation of this short video came next, when Jawsus rebuked his father for using the name, and to quote:

Don’t use that name! That’s my slave name. It’s SexMan!


It recently came to light that Jawwie had a bitchfight when his dad referred to him as "Pierce" because his dad didn't blow his load into Jawwie's mouth last time they had some fun, but instead, blew it all over his face.

First the finger...
Jawsus rikey.
...then the fist.

There you have it. Had you been in a BDSM relationship with your father, you might have turned out a feckless lolcow, just as Jawwie has.
The saddest part of all this remains that a video of his drunk, rambling father got a rating twice as high as Jawsuses best offerings.

His real name is Jimmy Walker.

Jawsus on the front page

Proof positive that monkeys are still running les tubes, Jawsus was featured on March 14th, 2008 and again on April 14, 2009. Whether it was a mistake by a YT employee or in fact chosen to be front page material is still unknown but he has officially given hope to every other low life vlogger on the site who has honest dreams of hitting it big.

Mommy Dearest, halp me become famous!

In what was hopefully a taste of things to come, Jawsus's mother made a short vocal cameo in the video. If her looks match the shrill voice, she is a 400-Lb hambeast with a hairy wart on her nose.

My mom and dad are going to help me become famous


—Jawsus the Sexman on e-fame


I think you are cute in your own ways..


Shotacat approves.

This is boylover smoothoperator2005 seeing past the teeth, to his inner beauty, even forgiving Jawsus ripping his favorite shota fap show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Do let SmoothOperator know that boylove is nothing to be ashamed for. Oh and do remember Jawsus is homophobic.

Jawsus vs. Magibon

In what must be the most hypcritical and jaw-dropping statement ever to soil the noble tubes, Jawsus said this about MRirian:

She's...quite ugly, by the way


—the earth stopped spinning for a moment.

Separated at birth or lip tooth-locking slashfic waiting to happen?
Or both?

Yes, you read right. Jawsus, the Canunck Juliana Wetmore IS CALLING SOMEBODY UGLY.
Not just that, he is calling somebody WITH FUCKED UP GRILL (who is otherwise demonstrably raepable) UGLY.
We may never know why world haet's Amerikka, but we do know why Amerikka haet's Jawsus.

What If

The video is the only one from Jawsus's apparent cockpuppet, Gang Bang Productions. There are two ways to explain this.
A. Jawsus truely haets Magibon, or:
B. Knowing full well that he is the Joseph Merrick of our time, he realized that he will be (like his predecessor) relegated to search for true love among THE BLIND (and deaf, come to think of his voice).
UNLESS...he could find somebody as repulsive as himself, somebody with teeth so crooked and soul so camwhorishly black....Maggie!!?!
Upon this discovery, Jaewsus fell in loev with Magitard and quickly baleeted the hateful rant. Luckily, a concerned anon re-uploaded it in an attempt to prevent these two ever having offspring, as it would be the apotheosis of the dark matter of the internets.

Jawsus Related Videos before 50

The only known pic of the vag whence Jawsus sprang.
And you thought that a regular vagina dentata was every guy's worst nightmare.

After he deleted his original channel, he recently returned to les tubes under the name Pruane2Forever. Shortly after creating this new account he uploaded a video with the message: "I'm Back Assholes"...Noticeably, the little coolio is under the impression that he is superior to everyone else, which can be seen with him saying "I took time out of MY day" in almost every fucking video. What an informed little blood belching vagina, trying to make himself sound ten times superior.

ZOMG hes a racist. 50 CENT want to be his pal

Rick Ross laughs, but he's not amused at all.

Jawsus hates Soulja Boy, who is black, which makes him racist. He also is racist with the way he says "fifty...ur i mean fitty cent" which means he is gunna get a cap in his arse due to trying to act black. It's pronounced TWO-PAWK, not TEEW-PACK, dipshit. He then made another account where he hid his face due to his faggotery,that constantly gets hacked.

Jawsome Quotes

My mom is not a man. She doesn't have a cock, mmkay?


—Jawsus knows his genders

American is in trillions of dollars in Net, thanks to George W. Bush the stupidest monkey face son of a bitch Republican.


—MSNBC's Senior Political Correspondent, Jawsus

If a president needed to be assassinated...instead of Kennedy...Bush shoulda gotten killed.


—Lawd Jewsus speaks for the oppressed masses, committing a fe'ral felony in the process.

...and I didn't even get shoved into a locker or get my ass kicked.


—not believing his good luck, a la "It Was a Good Day" Ice Cube



— Pruane unfairly singles out another nigra

...He [Father John] doesn't co-operate. He's usually intoxicated, by alcohol...


—Jawsus commenting on his Dad

...[on Keanu Reeves] I think he's a good actor.


—Jawsus knows quality

i walked up to these girls and asked for help and they didnt help me.


—Jawsus finding that he is really a unwanted man

G-G-G-Gee Unit!


—Jawsus' braces getting the better of his speech



—Jawsus's cry of happiness over it being his birthday

Y'know it's just the worlds gone to 3D!!!!


—Jawsus doesn't appreciate the 21st century.

Reactions to Jawsus

holy fuck ur ugly


this guy's appearance makes him subhuman!


why the FUCK does this faggot call himself "sexman"????


Jesus Christ, those things are all over the place!


u fangledtooth mutherfucker u got like ur own set of parking spaces in ur mouth


Why arent your teeth friends?

Why are they so distant? Bring them together.


Commit suicide and become an hero.


The best thing about this is that you can't fuck up the portrait .Any abomination will still resemble his face.


Hard to fuck up with someone that looks like that[Reacting to his portrait]


ur soooooooo ugly this vid should be flagged because of ur face!




The Call Of Jawsus


Reactions to the Jawsus monster

Actually, Some men do not care for vaginas. Under ED's Equal Opportunity doctrine, here's their version.
Rare Episode of MTV Cribs Featuring The TyrannoJawsus Rex
Jawsus GB2/Sea
Jawsus Dislikes pr0nz

A Challenger Appears!

Using his leet speak, he thinks he knows the internets well and claims ED and
/b/ should stop bullying; he's clearly butthurt. He even sounds like Jawsus lol

Unfunny Eminem-related Video

When Eminem's latest album full of songs about how depressed he is about being famous and rich leaked, Jawsus made a gay porn tape with some rapist-looking pedo in which they point phallic objects at each other. Note the two posters next to his bed, both of which have two half naked oily muscled men. No doubt there to keep him warm through those long, cold loveless nights. Apparently it's "fucking bullshit" that albums leak. Or something. Who knows? Who cares? Knock yourself out:

Fan films

The Death of Jawsus

Death of jawsus.png


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