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Police.gif Fun Facts: Jasonspeaks was a former EDiot, Read on...
You got that right.
Jason knows all the cool people.
Jasons obsession with tinkerbell.

Usually the YouTube cesspool is known for housing all manner of fugly, obese, and psychotic "vloggers" on the Internet. Offering solace to nearly every variance of misplaced megalomania, and satisfying a desperate need for e-friends shared by every YouTube lolcow. So it isn't uncommon when these all clash on a site which functions as a nexus for every recessive trait in the human gene pool. YouTube Favicon.png Jasonspeaks is prime example of this - a fragile Mexican "carebear" troll with an extensive history of passive-aggressive online faggotry. He's notable only for being one of YouTube's most shameless, bipolar manboys and for having the appearance of a portly bull-dyke with facial hair. More importantly he failed the good person test. Jason failed it because of his skewed frame of reference; it's okay to pick on Vietnam Veterans, but not his own children anonymously.

A Brief History of Faggotry

"Hey mang, git da fuck away frum my lawnmower esé!"

A former EDiot User:Jasonspeaks is an embarrassment to even himself. Just like his other e-friends in phailure Amber, Hope, and of course Jebbi3. Jason's passion for vlogging brought him to the Internet not long after he went to his local news station to register complaints over negative YouTube comments he was receiving on videos he posted of his children. Jason was upset that anonymous YouTube users were criticizing him and decided to go to his local news channel to whine about the misfortune of the many oh-so-nasty text comments he was receiving. The lollercoaster took off from there. Thus Jason -- a man who's displayed no problem trolling others in the past -- possesses a disturbing "online" victim complex, and is apparently quite sensitive to 1 star ratings or any reference to his overwhelmingly disgusting IRL appearance. He's enjoyed searching for e-pals whilst venting frustrations over spilt milk via the tubes for about 2 1/2 years now and his YouTube experience can be summated as a lengthy process of him stewing in his own juices over "haters". This has been the grounding for Jason's faggotry during his days as a YouTube "vlogger" and thing such as this are typically a consequence of his ineffectual e-rage when things don't seem work out.

IRL keyboard tough guy.

Jason can often be caught making melodramatic "I don't want drama" videos when he isn't uploading extremely boring content and can usually be found lurking for any whiff of online drama to not partake in.

Jason was also featured as the YouTube Favicon.png YourTubeAdvocate "Community" channel host (a result of one of Theestranger's less-than-thought out decisions as it turns out) during the month of July, 2007. His role as the YouTube Community's "advocate" was a point of controversy not only as a result of his sketchy online antics before and after his tenure but also because in a video Jason YouTube Favicon.png defended Young Tubers United (whilst saying "epic" and pro-tip about 10 times, of course) -- which is all very interesting since Jason actually trolled YTU himself and pretended to be Michael Jackson on a Snapvine call. Months of faggotry later, Jason decided to close his YouTube channel in early 2008 due to high levels of butthurt over spilt milk. Somewhat later, realizing life offline was a little static, he returned to produce more informative, lengthy, and entertaining "vlogs" for the myopic and stunted YouTube users naive enough to actually buy the façade.

But Jason isn't old at all though - he's hip, he's cool, he's a dad who's just like the kids. And he loves those crazy, zany things they're into these days -- you know, those meme thingies. And he can often be spotted abusing any and all possible when trying to fit in with other online e-buddies. Either that or he will continue to believe he is actually friends with sysops like Zenophile808, and worse, that he is actually relevant anymore. Jason is a little bit of a spoilt child though, and his tact for being trolled has typically remained that of a misguided manchild, paradoxically attempting high ground whilst surreptitiously creating sockpuppet armies and engaging in surgical efforts to attempt some pointless "e-revenge" on his perceived e-nemies who seem to care little about him to begin with.

Jason, you're a punk in real life and you're a punk in cyber.



'"1,000 e-mails since he took down the video"

Jasonspeaks: The Mexican Eddie Munster.
Bob Hansen reports, you decide. Consumer reports on anonymous comments and the dangers of shocking YouTube exposure in the 21st century.
Bawwwww bunny.jpg

Originally titled "Local Family Attacked By YouTube Viewers", the following video depicts a YouTube user with trolls remorse. This is from a local San Diego news channel, and there's even article online about the "tragedy". It's important to note; for whatever reason, Jason does not want you to see this video. Which is odd since the video is readily available on the Internet page. Go figure, guilt maybe ?! Cool Story Bro!

<video type="liveleak" id="cae_1236024295" width="430" height="320" position="center"/>

direct link: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cae_1236024295

TL;DW Version, also available here [2] .

Penis Shark

No 'sharks' here, just a fat fuck with no skillz.

Sometime before 2008, Jasonspeaks took it upon himself to attack Internets drama llama Mike Skehan. Jason was pissed as fuck that Mike was collecting moar titty pictures than he previously expected ([3]). As shown from his various social networking profiles, Jason is and was only around for the major boobage. Thus, Jason felt he had no choice but to attempt to ruin Mike and exploit online drama before Mike got his dirty little fingers on epic noodz. While this gave Jason some notoriety and brought up his YouTube view counts, it had some extremely negative side effects. His plan backfired when he suggested that Skehan "jumped the shark"; which in turn would have trolls everywhere suddenly wanting to know who exactly Jasonspeaks is and why he championed anti-lulz. Jason's only saving grace was that Skehan began to focus moar on IRL trolling. Nevertheless, Jason forgot that it's pointless to continue to "troll a troll", because Skehan "jumped the shark" the day he bought a computer. When not walking around with the e-guilt of fucking with Skehan, Jason can be found repeating Mike's catchphrases and creating boring YouTube sock accounts like YouTube Favicon.png Unclehankftw.

The following military hero below (YouTube Favicon.png Cyber9Rounder1 ), is an IRL Vietnam Veteran that turned Jason's world upside down.

cyber9rounder is fucking pissed and he wants his wardrobe back.

I should call channel 10 on you..[ ]..I've asked you to leave me alone...but no you've got nothing better to do...you're a coward.



let's talk about what a little bitch you are Jason...



Jason fighting with himself.
Jasonspeaks failsatlife.jpg

Why is Jason on the Internets?

Ex-ediot Jason on stickam where he finds boobies, and trolls
...the boobies Jason was looking for, and found. Jason's number #1 loyal fan in epic phailed trolling, Amber Sumiko Vale. [1]

I won't lie, boobies


—Jason on his relationships outside of his great marriage, and why he enjoys using people on the internet to feed his inner disneyfag

moar boobies for Hiway7

_¦¯ ¦_ ¦_¦ ¯¦¯

Carebear Trolling

Mickey Mouse Hurling.gif

Essentially, this article is about an emo beaner who does greedy things for boobs, all while exploiting his own children for profit.

themaskedanalyst weighs in regarding Jason and his bullshit.

Why so Epin serious!?

Jason on his relationship with Jesus Christ, and his belief system on YouTube and trolling.

dude stick a fork in him he's already done



Related ? Unrelated ?! TROLL DETECTED !

Mylemonholes is not pleased with Jason either. No, not at all.


El Chango Gordo del Beaner.
  • Jason is 35 years old and goes to comic book conventions.
  • Jason dresses like he's 12.
  • Jason is from Anaheim, CA.
  • Jason likes Mexican wrestling, and makes his own luchadore masks.
  • Jason is in the Road Devils Classic Car club, but drives a Honda Element.
  • Jason is, unsurprisingly, also a lolsuit fan, having DMCA'd many videos belonging to the news station who did the story on him. This is, of course, despite having no copyright interests in the video itself. Jason doesn't really understand how lawls work though, as he's a little more interested in scuttling his embarrassing e-trail of self-ownage.
  • Jasonspeaks loves collecting titty pictures.
  • Jason wants to be Fonzie when he grows up.
  • Visit carebeartroll where he resides at Jason A Navarrete 853 Albert Ct Escondido, CA 92027 or just give him a call 760-745-2714


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