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He had done things like this in the past


—Australian cop

He should've used a proxy!



OP's threat.
Australian TV re-enacts the crime.

Jarrad Willis was a 20 year old (soon to be 21) from Mt Eliza (near Melbourne), Australia who wrote something ghey on the net about shooting people and then became an hero after the media coverage it gained. Such a loss should never be taken lightly and his family's loss should not be the subject of jokes unless you are a faceless cunt without exception. On Saturday December 8th, 2007 he pretty much died for posting on /b/ that he was about to pull a Robbie Hawkins and shoot-up The Grove mall in Los Angeles. After the FBI's 4chan divison spies ratted him out, m00tle got a visit from The Man and coughed-up his IP so they could track down the wannabe an hero and nip any potential threat in the bud.

Think about this you anti-social nerds:

Jarrad was questioned and released after being charged with "creating a false belief", said a driver for the Aussie Party Van fleet. Australian police already knew Willis, they said, "because he had done things like this in the past."

Australian authorities are currently looking for a long list of people also accused of creating a false belief including Jesus, Tom Cruise, George W. Bush, Jimbo Wales (and his true believers at TOW), and all the people who say Al Qaeda -and not the Jews- did 9/11.


Shortly after the drama subsided, the investigation and charges were dropped due to Criminal Police knowing less about Victorian law than their fellow Americunt counterparts; leaving the LAPD with an estimated $100,000 bill, and making Jarrad one of the most successful IRL Trolls ever recorded.

He is also responsible for the largest criminal newfag influx to 4chan that contributed to at least 100 Raff you Ruse threads, and continues to wreak havoc amongst the denizens of /b/.

The Threat

Listen up faggots this is my last message, tommorow a shooting will go down at 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles using a Mossberg 590, 8 round magazine, I will not stop until I am incapacitated or killed by a police officer.
The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles 90036. Call: 888-315-8883


Proxies Willis...do you use them?

The peanut gallery at /b/, already all atwitter about the hordes of invading newfags that are currently swarming to m00t's all new Web 2.0 designed main page, are now shitting bricks over an invasion of nosy reallyoldfags curious to see "what is all this 4chan.org and it's shenanigans?"

Initial old media reports dubbed 4chan a social networking site and /b/ is a blog. However, at least one finally gave credit to 4chan for LOLcats.

Don't Mess With Football Christmas Shopping!

Aussie Criminal /b/tard on Aussie Criminal News

LAPD by this time had already announced that should Jarrad be convicted, they will go after him for an estimated $100,000 in damages to cover the cost of the local police operations.


An Hero

Faggot ended up becoming an hero possibly to avoid jail rape for having bans on his hard drive. Fgt should have skipped the post and saved $100,000 by becoming an hero the day before. One in the head saves 100k in the pocket.

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