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Please note: this pic is not actually him, and his father is not actually Chris Hansen.
Jeremy's mother, an "elder shaman-in-training", finding out about her son's online activities

Once known as one of the coolest vandals since Willy on Wheels, Grawp has since turned into one of the biggest lolcows since Sceptre. As Grawp, he doesn't want you to know that he was also known as JarlaxleArtemis, also known as Jeremy David Hanson (born December 1988). Why? According to Wikipedos, it's because Grawp originally had an account in which he made many productive edits to Wikipedia. JarlaxleArtemis is currently an administrator on the InfoAnarchy wiki, a site sponsored by Erik Möller of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Isn't it ironic that JA/G went to ED to rag on Wikipedia, and then managed to piss off everyone over there? You'd think that eventually he'd realize the problem is him, not the administrators of every website he ever visits.


NawlinWiki (talk) 12:20, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

Since 2011, Jarlaxle has been very open about his anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian beliefs, and insults anyone who criticizes the state of Israel.

Contributions to Wikipedia and ED

Jarl's notable contributions in order from newest to oldest:

For reasons that are unclear, [1] [2] [3], he got into a fight with the bureaucratic fucks of Wikipedia. This resulted in his lulzy revenge campaign against Linuxbeak, in which he vandalized nonstop while impersonating Linuxbeak. [4] [5] Blu Aardvark once got in a fight with some administrators and initially went on a much smaller vandalism campaign anyway (not the large one later) and he was never allowed back. But Jarl, after just a couple of months, was welcomed back into the fold. Why? Because he's one of The Wikipedia Jews.

While using good-hand accounts, he snuck back with bad-hand accounts and eventually got banned. Normally he'd melt into the crowd, but he was notable because his long term abuse page was packed full of his dox: his first, last and middle names, his high school, birth date, parents' names, social security number and even more personal information on its subject than Chris-chan's biography.[6] Wikipedos ignored his attempts to get rid of it, but they later deleted it because Wikipedia Review spotted it and then Daniel Brandt used it to justify his compilations of dox on all the administrators he didn't like.

Jarl then came to ED, but did not fit in because he is a Jew.

JarlaxleArtemis (left) with his gentile pal enemy ByAppointmentTo (right) in thirty-five years' time. NawlinWiki, not shown, is still getting trolled.

He then seemingly left TOW, ED, etc. Everyone thought he left to play more Forgotten Realms and spend his Jew gold to buy a boyfriend-free girl via Russian mail-order. Instead, he was now Grawp.

A year and a half later, a terribly obvious impostor called "Mister Jarlaxle" vandalized two people's userpages and suddenly Krimpet restored the page at the request of a Wikipedian called Blueboy96. Blueboy96 is a lovely admin who, when ByAppointmentTo complained on TOW about Alison spreading the Grawp-dox on ED, locked the talk page. Who was the impostor? NawlinWiki and some others were the first to discover that JarlaxleArtemis and Grawp were the same person, so someone in the know wanted to trick them to get the page back. It was baleeted yet again by Krimpet, then arch-enemy Alison would ensure that it stayed dead...for now.

What have we learned from the revelation that Grawp is secretly JarlaxleArtemis?

  1. Never trust a Jew; see the gallery above.
  2. Michael Jackson is a pedophile who masturbated with children.
  3. Michael Jackson's tears can cure cancer when they come from his eyes. Unfortunately, due to excessive plastic surgery, they always come through his nose.
  4. Michael Jackson is so strange and so freakish that not depicting him as a freak is biased.
  5. Michael Jackson is fucking dead.

How do you solve a problem like Jeremy?

The Allie-van is gonna get JA!

Whilst it is agreed that JarlaxleArtemis's trolling of the Wikipedos has been a source of epic lulz for at least the past year or more, the userbases of both Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica have come to believe that he is just taking things too far, now. Not content with his pagemove vandalism, he also feels the need to make death threats towards Wikipedia admins by mobilizing /b/ as his personal army to leave threats on Wikipedia sysops' user talk pages. Examples of these include the following:

Now that the Abuse filter has been installed, he has dropped the Grawp persona and has taken to abusing the dox of both ED and TOW users, and making threats of violence as well as accusing these people of being child molesters and suchlike. He does this by creating large numbers of attack usernames in multiple user accounts all at once.

On the Wikipedia Review, it was recently concluded that he suffers from a mental condition known as antisocial personality disorder. After all, he has a problem with authority figures, doesn't succeed in interpersonal relationships, becomes aggressive towards everyone and everything that opposes him, believes that he is a God-King of the Internet and cannot understand the difference between right and wrong.

He has also claimed to own a gun and not to be afraid of using it. Could he be the next Cho Seung-Hui? Only time will tell...

08:24, 16 April 2008 Wælgæst wæfre (talk contribs) moved Seung-Hui Cho to GRAWP THINK HE DID IT FOR THE LULZ! ‎ (for great justice and epic lulz; also, go to http://blocked.on.nimp.org [a must-see])


—Grawp aka JarlaxleArtemis

If nothing is done to stop him, news headlines may soon read, "Harry Potter killer commits biggest civilian massacre in US history."

Krimpet's View


Haiku by Jeremy

towering up above
pine trees standing solemnly
in big, silent woods

howling mournfully
wind whistling and whirling by
monsoon is coming

peacefully swaying
golden grass with wisps of green
calmness in meadow

eagle in the sky
elegance flying up high
graceful, fierce, peaceful

stars twinkling at night
pinpricks of light in dark sky
silent, heavenly

Doxing himself

Back on Sep 7, 2005, he uploaded his name Jeremy Hanson in Elvish, proving that he is fluent in Tolkien's made-up language like those who speak Klingon. The image is below:

Jeremy Hanson in Tengwar Sindarin.png

Time passed and all the drama about him being banned as Jarl and then banned as Grawp from ED and Wikipedia. And then him continuing to vandalize, dox drop, and issue death threats for years. And all the calls to his mom and his mom denying it. And him continuing his same behavior.

He'd uploaded this and other images of his real name in fictional languages long ago, marked them as GFDL and then TOW marked as public domain because "This image consists entirely of a raster rendering (e.g. PNG) of characters from one or more typefaces. As such, it is ineligible for copyright in the United States and therefore is in the public domain. This does not apply to vector format images of fonts, such as SVG. Also, this may not apply in most jurisdictions outside of the United States."

Eventually the first one in Elvish was found by googling "Jeremy Hanson" encyclopedia and uploaded to this article Feb 23, 2010. On Feb 25, 2010, Jeremy started with sock puppet after sockpuppet trying to revoke the free license on his images as if he was Malber. He also did it to some images ED did not know about such as his name in Nordic runes. So we see he has doxed himself further with another image. Thanks for exposing this other one too:

Jeremy Hanson in Futhark.jpg

TOW commons admins of course reverted him instantly and so he so eloquantly wrote, "I'M GOING TO SUE YOU, YOU NO-LIFE PIECE OF SHlT" to one of them.

Grawp becomes uncool

Thisiswhatgrawpdoesallday.PNG He has sunk endless hours into pointless shit like the above, proving himself to be the ultimate Wikipedia aspie.

More recently, in 2018, he has made himself look like even more of a pure time waste with this bullshit.

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