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Jane Cunningham (R-Evangelical?) is a Missouri State Senator and quite possibly the biggest lulzcow the St. Louis area or the state of Missouri has had since Phyllis Schlafly.

Cunningham is a known Luddite, anti-feminist, psycho-Christian, and supporter of plutocracy.


While there are certainly other atrocities that belong in this section, other incidents can be added to this section, the most recent bouts of insanity are listed here.

2010 Census Dance Criticism

As part of the promotions of the 2010 Census, a volunteer group went to Jefferson City to promote the head count with belly dancers. Everyone seemed to enjoy the promo, except for her. Disgusted by the bare middrift, gyrating hips, and sexy youth, Cunningham was first in line to criticize the pre-funded event as "Obama wasteful spending" and amoral as navels were present and women were outside of the house not making sandwiches or servicing their husbands.

Amy Hester Student Protection Act

In the summer of 2011, Cunningham devised a way to sabotage education (as if defunding it wasn't bad enough) over an emotional wedge issue.

Amy Hestir Davis was raped by her teacher when she was 12 years old. While this is certainly not lulz, the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act is.

Eager to capitalize on an issue that is very rare and exacerbated by the Media, Cunningham named Senate Bill 58 in honor of Hestir. The bill would make colaboration with students and teachers practically impossible. While it was indented to discourage student-teacher relationships online through private communcation, it also makes communcating via Facebook, Twitter, e-Mail, and student-teacher collaboration using online software like Google Docs prohibited.

The bill was passed by the Missouri legislature and signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon. And conservatives and nanny state officials were so proud that they slew this Manbearpig.

There's just one detail everyone seemed to have left out. AMY HESTIR DAVIS IS 40 YEARS OLD! She was raped in 1983, long before computers could help teachers and students establish relationships with each other.

So unless Hestir and her teacher were cybering at 300 baud over a Bulletin Board System, Jane Cunningham has some explaining to do.

Just putting her name on the bill has put Amy Hestir in the crosshairs of a lot of teachers unions.

So why not create an article about Hestir and snark on about rape, loli, the Pedobear, and teacher-student relationships? Because this bill she sponsored seems to be more about Cunningham allowing private control and censorship to access to the internet than protecting children, which is often the case with any bill that claims to protect children. And Jane Cunningham is leading the way at killing the Internet in the state of Missouri and will likely extend these Luddite policies to other states.

Cunningham has an agenda and it is worth investigating.

Child Labor Endorsement

On the other hand, maybe this would explain her motive.

It turns out Mrs. Cuntingham endorses child labor, especially undocumented child labor that makes a lot of old men who love little girls feel so good.

And old-wives-tale sort of person who doesn't like children meeting strangers online or at school but is perfectly OK with letting children meet strangers at some low paying workplace. What is she thinking? Oh, that's right, it's not her place to think.

Jane Cunningham
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