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At eleven o clock on February 19, 2008, the filthy Zionist government scored a direct victory against the heroic freedom fighters. Somehow Mossad agents working under deep cover managed to break into the house of patriot James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich and kill him and his wife. These clever Jews managed to hang Jim in his garage and simultaneously beat and choke his wife to death. Then the sick Jewish media somehow spun the story to make it look like Jim beat his wife to death then hung himself. Lying kike bastards.

Why do you give a shit?

James Leshkevich at an audition for Bearforce1.

Turns out Yankee Jim was a member of the National Alliance, a white supremacist group and a radio personality. While nobody would normally give a rat's ass about this if he lived in Alabama, Jim lived in West Hurley, New York. Despite its location in the Hudson Valley - which is populated almost entirely with rich white people - the locals don't take kindly to ultra-conservative racists in their backyard.

Jim worked alongside the noted racist shit sandwich Hal Turner, notably joining forces with him to protest a black kid beating up a white kid at a New York high school. He was also an on and off radio host for Vanguard News Network's VNN Live, collaborating with Alex Linder. His blogger profile lists his interests as "Pedal Steel Guitar" and "choking his wife to death."

So, why did Jim kill his wife?

Quick answer: because she was fucking another guy.

Long answer: Jim had known for a while that his wife was fucking around on his bald, white ass. His fears were confirmed sometime around June of 2007, when he heard his wife talking to her girlfriend about her boyfriend. Jim might have deduced this himself if he wasn't such an idiot, possibly by noticing that she wasn't sleeping at home anymore.

Well, ol' Jim did some sleuthing after his wife came home one night and chose to sleep on the sofa. So he listened in on a cell phone conversation between his wife and her new boyfriend. Some nice, juicy exploits from this include:

I sure hope you washed that comforter/bedding...'cause man, I was so hot, I was dripping all over the place.


—Ohhhhh shiiiiiit!

I'm not even going to sleep with him (Jimmy) anymore...I'm going to make the family room my room. It has everything I need but a bathroom.



I can't believe how much you sound just like Jimmy!" (during the part of the conversation about Wal-Mart) "You and Jimmy have so much in common.



She then proceeded to deny what happened. When Jim decided to blow up her spot, she declared "Fuck You, I'm a Dragon" and went to their daughter's house.

Interesting piece of trivia: she decided to tell both her daughter and son about her affair before she told Jim. The reason Jim didn't hear about it from them is because they stopped talking to him. When Jim listened in to one of his wife's conversations with his daughter a little later, his daughter not only expressed glee at the fact that mommy was fucking someone else, but that now her dad could "go find one of those White trailer trash girls to stay with!"

Belated Valentine

Happy V-Day Jim!

After a while, Jimbo got sick of being dicked around. He put up the docs to his wife's new BFF, a man named Eino Salmi, on his blog. Another straw was added when she decided to spend V-day with Eino instead of the Jimster. She threatened to call 911 during one heated argument.

In retrospect this might have been a pretty good idea.

Jim finally lost some of the restraint that goes along with being a racist fuck and started beating her. Then he started choking her with his sausage-like fingers. Things got a little out of control and all of a sudden, Jim was standing over a newly-dead wife.


Jim quickly solved this problem by freaking the fuck out and hanging himself.

White supremacists around the world were saddened when the news of Jim's death got out.

I miss Jim dearly. I wish he would have called me when it happened; I would have helped him get rid of the slut's dead body. He didn't call.


Hal Turner, always the problem solver

Photo Controversy

Honest mistake or horrible Jewish conspiracy?

It turns out that a photograph run by the local newspaper - the Kingston Daily Freeman - isn't a picture of James Leshkevich at all, but rather a picture of the former PM of Israel's son, Omri Sharon - who was charged with crimes related to corruption and jailed in 2006. The fact that they look exactly the same has created both confusion and cheap lulz as ordinary people confuse a white supremacist with the son of the most famous Jew of the 20th century.

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