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Jahi presents her e-cock to you for worship

Jahi/4444/Yuni is almost as big a drama whore as snapesnogger, though without as much of the lulz factor, mostly because she has a habit of deleting journals as soon as one person disagrees with her, often too quickly even for trolls to screencap. She lives in the deepest bowels of Y!Gallery, and occasionally Deviantart-favicon.png yuni. She draws pictures of 13 year old boys splooging while having every bone in their bodies broken. With lol-cow written all over her, this codemonkey seems to think that everybody and everyone worships the ground she walks on. She currently hold position of site developer on Y!Gallery, though have only used said position to bawwwww about how much her art sucks.

She refers to herself as both a male and female online, leading to the speculation that she is actually a trans-man.


Completely in love with having her e-clit sucked, a new journal or poll is posted every other week or so begging her viewers for more input, demanding to know if they like the spineless, rat-tailed, putty lipped creations that she splats onto the internet. Said journals are then deleted the minute she has finished fapping to them, leading casual passers by to think that there is no drama. Then she whines that nobody loves her because she doesn't get enough comments and she's going to go start her own community where everyone can post what they want, but it's too much work. The websites she has started in the past have all been shut down because she cannot get the much needed blow jobs from fangirls and comments from passers by. Luffkin.com was shut down when Jahi realized that the site was completely drama-free, and no one wanted to wank to her twisted fantasies. So back to DeviantART, which is notoriously famous for tolerating crybabies and grandstanding drama fags. PROTIP: If you notice a journal with lulz on it written by Jahi or any of the many pseudonyms floating around the interwebs, screencap that shit.

The reason for all this whining in the journal from time to time... it's not because people leave, like, horrid critiques or being trolls because somehow I've always been lucky to attract the nicest people to my gallery o.o but... the problem also isn't popularity, my enemies call me an attention bitch, but it's all lies, I tell you. They're wrong. Very wrong.


—Jahi, being emo

Luckily I have zero enemies anywhere, I have nobody I would want to hurt. The only foe is my own mind which makes me come up with weird ideas from time to time.


—Master of contradictions

Fired from Y!Gallery


Being the main developer of Y!Gallery, she seems to like to remind everyone that the site's admins and mods are faggots, while forgetting that she is on the staff as well. Jahi was fired after one of her friends got banned for repeatedly posting anthro art. She seems to believe that not only do rules stifle creativity, but everyone from Russia should be given immunity from them. When her whining at the mods did not result in an immediate apology for the banned friend, she went on a rampage, invoking Godwin's law and stamping of feet. There was no deletion of gallery this time, for Snover had apparently had enough and fired Jahi from being site developer, and then suspended her for being a bitch.

Flounce, Rinse, Repeat

Upon learning that "Jahi" literally means "a whore" in some language or another, she promptly deleted her entire gallery and went crying off to dA where she created the account "Mayhem"[sauce plz!?!1!]. When this one didn't get enough pageviews to satisfy her desire for lurve, she deleted it and made Deviantart-favicon.png Yuni. Then realizing that she could not post delicious pr0nz at dA, she returned to Y!Gallery and hacked the system to change her name to 4444. When she realized that her legions of fantards weren't going to do anything about this article, Jahi deleted all of her arts and went crying off the internets. By rumor, she is holed up somewhere on Livejournal, posting pr0n for the Commies. At the end of june 2009, she realized she 'missed Y!G', and decided the boycott was over. For how long, we wonder?


His bullshit apology

Not a month later, Snover rehired Jahi to do the exact same job she was doing before she got fired. Which was mainly nothing, other than sucking Snover's cock.

His fans

Don't leeeeeeeeeeave meeeee!!

Her fucktardedness attracts idiots who love teh penor. Despite the constant temper tantrums and screaming, they cluster around her like retarded clowns on a helium tank. They baww and bleat and fap to every word she says, then jump down the throats of anyone who dares point out that Jahi has the emotional maturity of a two year old on crack.

Your opinions are always good ones.



I honestly love your way of thinking *nod*



I like the way you draw little boys.



Your art is sooo amazing...if i was half as good as you are, i'd be happy. ^_________^



Gettin' Bendy Fo Ya

Jahi decided to show the world what a wigger she is, by creating her own rap song, called gettin' bendy fo yah.

I've mastered JUDO and I know Kung FU
I can fold my spine completely IN TWO
I wouldn't break, even if I kissed my ASS
I can bend in shapes that make others pass GAS
I'm absolutely incredibly drastically fantastic
Snakes and panthers WONDER how I get so ELASTIC
Envy my GYMNASTICS, bitches' words so sarcastic
Come closer to me baby as I lay on the floor
Push me HARDER, let me entertain you MORE
Pull my BUTT to my HEAD, squeeze as TIGHT as you CAN
Making me MELT in your ARMS is OUR master PLAN
I am LIQUID, baby, my heart beats so FAST
My figure is NOT the same as in the PAST
Who am I after all? Maybe one of the GREY MEN
Judging by my CLOTHES I'm rather one of the GAY MEN
I can't hear ya, MAN, my thighs squeeze my ears
Can't see me, MAN, acting like you know my worst fears
You say I look like a GAL but my closet's so SMALL
'Am enjoying MY THING even if 'tis not for y'all
But entertaining Y'ALL, showing as much as I CAN
My devotion, EMOTION, that's what makes a REAL MAN
All beauty is your enemy but it is mine TOO
I adore the UNUSUAL, I enjoy to break THRU
I love what SNAKES do, can't stand the fake RULES
And when you rigid STOOLS call us bendy FOOLS
...bitch I'mma kill ya with my NEXT POSE if ya keep being so DUMB!
If yer AGGRESSIVE, better stretch me like a chewing GUM

Art isn't art if it gets stolen!

Last Thursday, artists and weeaboo fans on DeviantArt, Y!Gallery, FurAffinity, and elsewhere shit their collective pants when an animu wannabe wrote an inflammatory article in Animation World Magazine claiming that the Orphan Works Act would go into effect and make art theft legal. In a fantastic display of wtfuckery, Jahi wrote her own journal after most of the bawwwwwwwing had died down, claiming that no one should worry about this, not because it was untrue, but that stolen art isn't art at all. This journal was promptly deleted within ONE HOUR, after it was found by trolls users who were fed up with her bullshit and called shenanigans. Screencapped for graet justice!

Think of it, girls and guys. If someone is willing to steal your art, is it really art?



Another very easy choice: simply draw fanart, you will get protection from the major companies, for instance if you draw Inuyasha you get protection from the guys who own Inuyasha!



She further goes on to say that she only draws contortion art because it is unusual and no one would willingly want to steal it. Oh, a challenge!


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Interestingly, not unlike Jahi/4444 herself, none of the characters here seem to own a spine.

'CAUSE WE STOLE IT About missing Pics
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