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Given Name(s) Marrisa Batke
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born April 21st, 2001
Residence Florida
deviantART Deviantart-favicon.png NummyPixels (active)
Dumblr Tumblricon.png queenofmoebius (inactive) Tumblricon.png JINXDROWNED (inactive)
JewTube YouTube Favicon.png  JINX DROWNED

JINXDROWNED (Powerword: Marrisa Batke; born 21 April 2001; also known as JINXTARD, JINX, and JINXY and now as JOKER and currently NummyPixels) is a 20 year old dA cunt, attention whore, ugly as fuck tranny, and long term enemy of PrincessElizabeth013 (aka Erin Anthony). Not much is known about her, other than that she lusts over a shitty Sonic the Hedgehog character ripoff, dubbed by the dA community as "Scourge the Hedgehog", is in an intense e-battle with PrincessElizabeth013, and that she even lusts over the MLP character, named Discord. JINXDROWNED has a history of stealing artwork, claiming it as "her own", cuntpasting it all over her shitty dA page, and bragging about it to her imaginary friends. JINX has no life whatsoever, no wonder she spends all of her time on dA trying to be intelligent, original, and even badass. Unconfirmed sources say that she was raised by a couple of faggots in a shitty household, and therefore had a shitty home life which could explain why she's such a dumbass and a fail troll on the Internets.

JINX discovers ED

Writing herself into an article

Sometime around May 2015, JINX discovered ED and the PrincessElizabeth013 article. As with most newfags, she thought ED was her personal army that she can control, and that it was the perfect time to get back at her. So she made a sock account, which of course is now b&. In the sixty seconds prior to her brutal ass ræp, she made a few attack-edits to the article, such as this. Apparently, she was trying to write herself into the article, or some shit; however, her attempts at establishing self importance failed, and she is now back to shitposting journals on her deviantART account about people she hates, probably trying to unite the hordes of tartlets to get them to do her evil bidding.

Erin's senpai!

It turns out that the sonicfag is obsessed with another deviantART user *Deviantart-favicon.png JINXDROWNED, hoping to have Jinx eat out her herpes ridden pussy before she her from using her bases which sent the porncess into a bitchfit rage, yelling at Jinx while she was on vacation and waiting desperately for her to return, hoping her senpai would notice her.

This escalated into Erin herself making several "I HERT JINXDROWNED" journals, sending her white knights after her due to butthurt, even making an anti-JINXDROWNED petition to try and get her off of deviantART and FurAffinity.

After Jinx made a whopping three rants on Elizabitch she swore to get revenge on Jinx for not licking her asshole and fisting her every night. She has tried herself to make the shitstaisn of youtube she called rants that she BAWWWWWWWLETED within only three or so hours of posting it. But you can still lose brain cells by watching latest and still living rant where she bitches and moans via typing like a pussy about other users who have passed on facefucking her whenever she wants.

You can still see several lulz-filled pictures Jinx made of Erin Shithony (as she likes to call her) on her deviantART and watch the rants on her YouTube channel by the same username.

JINX, trying to write herself into PrincessElizabeth013's article.

Banned from ED

Here's an older journal entry, posted on June 1, 2015 about her getting the treatment from ED sysops. As with all of her journal entries, their only purpose is to gain attention from her followers on deviantART. The funny thing about this is, is that nobody gives a shit that she got banned from ED, or any other site for that matter, and as a result nobody reads them. Being as fucktarded as she is, she openly admitted to promoting herself on ED through editing herself into her arch-enemy's article.

ED sysops go in hard, no lube.

Um, okay???
Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 6:30 PM

So right after making an ED I get banned because I
mentioned myself on Erin's ED page.

... And this is after I see people on ED mention
themselves in articles and they don't give two f*cks
about it.

Kay bro.

Not really gonna work considering I have a way to get
back there with a new IP address sooooooooooooo ID
blocking me won't help.

But I'll worry about that later considering other people
got EDs after me so if I need something done I can get
them to do it.

Found that funny cause like it was actually funny and I
wasn't promoting myself anymore than I had to.

And if I wanted promotion I would have done it in a
more relevant way. Not by begging a joke website to
do it.

Eh, win some lose some. What can I say? It's not like I
really wanted to be on that site a whole lot, I just did it
for the h*ll of it.


Cancerous Comments Below

Not really gonna work considering I have a way to get back there with a new IP address sooooooooooooo ID blocking me won't help.


—JINXTARD, thinking a new IP address will prevent her from being banned again from ED.

The retarded cunt claims that she has a way to circumvent getting banned, as she wrote in her journals. Ostensibly, her "method" of circumventing ED sysops involves merely changing her IP address to back on ED "undetected". What she fails to realize is that IP addresses can easily be traced and blocked with the use of a godly power known as "checkuser", so even if she manages to change her IP address, her short-lived spree of editing herself into articles, and otherwise being highly contaminated with USI, will be over in seconds, just as before, and most likely, another butthurt journal entry detailing how she got banned from ED (again) will come flying out of her fat ass. However, we need not worry about such a thing, denizens, as JINXTARD, like all special-needs prepubescent children, isn't tech-savvy enough to know what an IP address even is, let alone how it works or especially, how to change it.

ED spawns a new article

Shortly after the incident, an article about JINXDROWNED was created. The article, initially under JINXY's radar due to its small size, and poor quality, soon attracted the attention of ED's very talented editors, who began properly researching JINX and her trail of tranny cunt slime all over the internet, and quickly began updating this article with content. As the size and quality of this article grew and grew, and, unsurprisingly it has attracted the attention of JUNXY herself, due to one of her toilet slaves pointing it out to her.

Reaction to the article

Upon discovering this article, she wrote a couple of shitty dA journals about it, and even accused Erin (or PrincessElizabeth013) of writing the entire article, even though her account was brutally ræped the same day she made it, and by extension, didn't actually write this article.. The journal entry was a complete lulz-fest, and nobody even took her seriously, except for her loyal female cuntlickers. It mostly consisted of shit nobody cares about, for instance, her failed attempt at gaining attention from her "followers" on dA; in fact, this is probably the reason why she even writes these shitty "journals" in the first place. She claimed that her ED article actually "helped" her gain more watchers on her dA channel, when in reality, people just subscribed to her completely out of curiosity after reading this article, and will probably eventually unsubscribe in the near future due to intense faggotry. She even claimed that the fact her Twitter account was linked in this article, it gained her more fans and followers, which is total bullshit, considering that nobody with half of a brain in their heads would subscribe to her shitty dA channel, or follow her shitty Twitter account. More or less, it was probably the same degree of curiosity that led to more people into following her account, but as time goes on, they'll probably unsubscribe after seeing her face, or watching any of her videos.

The lulzy journal entry:

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2015, 3:53 PM

So Vivi brought my ED page back into attention and oh HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was it a joy
to look at.

I'm not even being sarcastic. I'm laughing at how desperate Erin is to sound edgy and
2cool5school. Though I will say this.

I didn't mention anything but someone's made a rumor that me and Vivi have been f*ckin' n'
sh*t and that Vivi's a pedophile. I want to put that rumor to rest now.

Vivi is no pedo. I care a lot about Vivi. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I F*CK HER ON A DAILY

I'm f*ckin' 14, Erin. If you want to f*ck everybody in sight that's just you. Not every 14
year old wants to whore themselves out to every last thing that breathes.

If I ever decided to have sexual relations with Vivi that would be when I am of legal age.
And right now I'm not WORRIED about that because my head isn't always about "MMMM
SMEXY TIME" cause I actually HAVE A LIFE.

Yes, I can be perverted. Who isn't? But to have sex with Vivi? Someone who's 23????


When I RP with Vivi we do a number of different RPs. Our agenda is not to get off. It's to
enjoy the other's company and to indulge in a world of fiction. Not to give little hints about
how we'd like to eat each other's a*s.

And another thing about that. I see that you've added a white knights section that includes
Vivi, Beatrice, and Cassie and I'd like to talk about that.

1. Thank you for confirming you're a transphobe by calling Vivi "tranny" and that I want to
f*ck her. Quite interesting. Ya know, you've pissed me off before. But how's about I DO act
like I f*ck people on a daily basis and f*ck you over? OH WAIT! YOU DID THAT YOURSELF,

2. Why call Beatrice cockblocker #1? We've never even considered the fact we have any
romantic feelings for each other and I DON'T have romantic feelings for her. Beatrice is both
mine and Vivi's friend, but a cockblocker? Again, WHAT KIND OF 14 YEAR OLD DO YOU THINK I

3. Calling Cassie cockblocker #2. Oh boy, ain't that interesting. Ya know, I find it funny that
you think messing with her is how you'll drive me nuts. Yes, I am extremely protective of
Cassie and the second someone touches her in a negative way I will take pleasure in ripping
their dick off and force feeding it to them. HOWEVER merely calling her "cockblocker" and
adding her to a white knight list when she doesn't get involved in drama other than maybe
something involving you makes no sense.

Also, thanks for adding my picture and saying how ugly I am. I'm cool with it cause I know I'm
f*ckin' ugly. I don't like my reflection whatsoever. But I will say thanks for adding one of my
more favorite pictures from a video I made to cheer up a friend. My hair was flat ironed and
had hair chalk streaks in it that day and it look quite cute. You really know how to
compliment even the worst features in me, don't cha?

And finally THANK YOU for making that ED page to begin with. I've actually gotten MORE
watchers coming in BECAUSE of viewing the page. You even added in my Twitter page! Tell
ya what, I got an Inkbunny, Tumblr and Miiverse! Go ahead and advertise those so I can get
more followers and watchers! I'd appreciate the publicity! 8D

So, Erin. Go ahead and insult me. Go ahead and show EVERYONE EVERY LAST THING I'VE SAID




I was actually having a bad day yesterday. I should have looked at that ED page! It woulda
cheered me right up!

Thanks again Erin for the laughs. And one day when you try and kill someone I'll make sure
to visit you in prison every day just to piss you off with my presence.


Retarded Comments Below

The last stand

On July 30, 2015, JINX decided to write yet another journal about her ED page. (as if the other ones weren't enough?) In this journal, she tries to convince others that she simply doesn't care about the fact that she has a page about her on ED; however, her actions speak louder than her words. If she truly didn't care about her article, she wouldn't have written these elongated journal entries about it in the first place. So despite what she says, she definitely cares about this article and probably has a bunch of white knights who are willing to take it down, either by blanking it, or spamming the talk page with unsigned comments demanding that our glorious sysops take it down, to which they respond with the banhammer.

JINX even thinks that ED will shut down at some point in the future. This is completely false, as ED's legacy will live on forever, and not die off, or end up in any way like TOW. She mostly says this because she is extremely butthurt about there being an article about her on here in the first place, and it makes her feel good about the idea of ED being non-existent, and therefore her article being non-existent. She fails to realize that ED is just for the lulz, and only an idiot would take it seriously. As for the rest of the journal, it mostly talks about her longstanding arch enemy, Erin Anthony, and how she wants to get even with her, as well as some other bullshit about overused memes.

See it for yourself:

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 1:56 PM

You don't need to tell me about the ED things on there. Someone brought to my attention
they put a last name on there. And I'm just here to confirm that they actually got that
wrong. The name they used is something I use for last name bits in usernames and the sort,
like my Skype. I do the same with Jinx Chaos and all that jazz. So don't worry guys, I'm

I don't even really care about the ED. All it is is a page where people who don't like me,
Especially Erin, insult me purely because... Well because reasons? Idk why they don't like
me and personally I don't care. If I started caring about strangers hating me I would have
gone crazy years ago.

I get the concern, and I appreciate it, but there's no need. It's a website filled with hate
and immature insults. One day these people will have to abandon their internet time and
the website will fall into ruin. It's popular now, sure, but really how long is that gonna last?
So as far as I know it could be gone at any minute. And if it stays then it's just a bunch
of people insulting me. I've got Erin saying sh*t about me in text AND audio. I've gotten
hate art from her (which was hilarious but besides the point) as well. And I've got lots of people
who don't like me. It's nothing new to me.

In fact I've used their hate to fuel my need to create more art again. So let them hate. It'll
help. And if they stop it'll still help.

As long as I don't let it bother me I'll win no matter what happens in the end. Besides, I'm
not gonna do something stupid like give my phone number out like Erin did. I'm not an idiot.

So, again, thanks for the concern, but it's all good!

But for people out there who deal with this sh*t, I wanna let you know that really it's JUST
some childish insults on a site that the admins themselves SAY is meant to be for humor.
And if they really don't like you then what's the problem? Going into life hoping everyone
likes you is ridiculous.

I mean, I don't WANT homophobes to like me. I don't WANT transphobes to like me. I don't
WANT sexists to like me. And I don't want LOTS of people to like me cause I don't want to
give these people joy by seeing me. Pissing people off when all they live to do is bring
people down is a victory to me! Just look at it like that.

Eventually you'll be yesterday's news in their eyes and they'll move on. And if they don't
take it as a compliment that they obsess over someone they claim to hate.

Seriously, I do way too much negative thinking on my own, I don't need people to contribute
to that. So I won't.

Now that that is finished I'm off to do memes and the sort in journals. So prepare for journal
spam. Sorry guys. XD


Retarded Comments Below

JINX flounces from dA

On August 8, 2015 JINX flounced from deviantART, announcing that she was moving her "base of operations" to Dumblr under the username Tumblricon.png queenofmoebius. She claimed that the admins don't give a shit about stolen artwork, and that the admins are raising the prices too high on their premium membership. The journal entry was titled: Hate to see this day come, but so be it, as if she thinks that people would even care that she's leaving dA. The journal itself talks about her boring life on dA, as well as other highly personalized shit that only people close to her would understand; however, these people simply don't exist. In the end, JINX is only resorting to her attention whoring ways to just to make people look at her shitty art, or follow her account.

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 7:45 PM

It's time to move my main base of operations to tumblr.

It's been a great ride here, but with core memberships prices rising, the fact dA
has no care if art is stolen, I'm moving my main base of operations to tumblr.

"But Jinx! We'll miss you here!"

I'm not leaving for good. I'm just not posting my art here from here on out. Unless
dA cleans up it's act I'm just gonna go.

"You won't be as popular on there as you are on here."

My popularity has done good. But really it's gotten stressful for me. People expect
me to do certain things, be a certain person, etc. And really it's not worth it. I've
always kept to the shadows because I'm used to just being ignored. It's not gonna
be a new thing anyway. And who knows, I just might stay popular on tumblr. And
if I don't I'm fine with it. Might sound cheesy but if God wants me to continue
being popular he'll work it in the schedule. But knowing how God thinks of me I'll
probably have to do it myself haha

"Did someone else drive you away?"

No, this is purely my choice. If you want to blame anyone blame me and/or dA's

"I don't have a tumblr! How can I reach you?"

I'll still check dA. But I'm gonna be a lot more quiet on here and only post bases (if
I ever get to those that is), stamps, and parody works. If you're still worried
however I do have a SoFurry now, a Youtube (duh), two Twitters, and I'm gonna be
working on other accounts.

"Is this because of this rut you been in?"

Tbh it does contribute. I rarely draw anymore and I don't think I have it in me to
write The Siren's Song. It'll probably just be a let down anyway soooo

"Will you still be doing rants?"

Most likely. If duty calls I'll answer.

"Should I unwatch this account?"

If you want to I'd say you can. But I'd suggest keep me in your watch list since if I
do come back you'll wanna know + in case something happens that I want you guys to know about.

"Can I still make you fanart?"

PLEASE. I will in no way, shape, or form discourage that. I'm leaving my
dA open so I'll also be able to see the fanart I get. The new art blog I made on
tumblr's gonna be filled with fanart I get too! So I want to promote you guys!

"Can I still donate points?"

I've actually been thinking from now on I'll be holding contests and giving some
points away as prizes to the winner(s) so if you'd like to donate please do! It'll go
to another deviant for their hard work! And I'd still love to commission people here
and I'll make adoptables to do so, so points are always appreciated! I just won't be paying
for CMs like the bloodsuckers of dA want me to.

I think that should answer all those questions.

My accounts:
www.queenofmoebius.tumblr.com/ (WIP/art blog/life blog)

www.JINXDROWNED.tumblr.com/ (random sh*t blog)


www.twitter.com/JINXDROWNED (random sh*t twitter)

www.twitter.com/ScourgeisBae (fanart sharing twitter)


I think that's all.

Thanks for the ride here, guys. It's been great but it's time I gave up the ghost.

And to be honest I'm not the enthusiastic girl I was when I joined. I wanted to
make it big on here, but now that I'm there I've found it's not all it's cracked up to
be. I've made great friends and I've lost people who have claimed to be there for
me. I've protected those and have been hated for it. So in my closing words as a
"true deviant" I just want to say this:

Thank you to my fans and friends. You've all been a great support and I know
you'll still be.

Thank you to the people who have hurt me here. You've helped me grow
and to learn from my mistakes.

Thank you to the people who encouraged me to be the best that I can be. You've
taught me to never give up.

And most importantly thank you to the friends who have become a second family
to me. I never tell you when I'm really sad a lot but you manage to fool me into
thinking things can get better. A little false hope never hurt anyone, right? Haha
yeah thanks guys.

See ya guys later. I'm about to post an adopt, yes, but I'll be moving most of my
works into storage.


Autistic Comments Below

On her Dumblr page she also addressed her ED page, and threatened to block anyone who asked her about it.

Just as an fyi I’m going to keep anons open, but I won’t be replying to anything about that ED page. Hell this’ll be the last time I mention it. I really don’t give a shit about it since it’s just a bunch of petty insults compiled into one page. They tried to give me a burden to carry and I’m not going to carry it. I don’t even bother looking at it anyway. It’s just a waste of my time. The fact I have to write this is frustrating enough. Anything rude I get in anons I won’t even be replying to. It’ll just result in an instant block that will not be taken away at any time in the future.


JINXTARD, talking about her ED page.


All it is is a page where people who don't like me, Especially Erin, insult me purely because... Well because reasons? Idk why they don't like me and personally I don't care.


—JINXDROWNED, still convinced that Erin wrote the entire article.

I get the concern, and I appreciate it, but there's no need. It's a website filled with hate and immature insults.


—JINXDROWNED, thinking that ED is a hate site.

In fact I've used their hate to fuel my need to create more art again. So let them hate. It'll help. And if they stop it'll still help.


—JINXDROWNED, critically suffering from USI.

One day these people will have to abandon their internet time and the website will fall into ruin. It's popular now, sure, but really how long is that gonna last? So as far as I know it could be gone at any minute. And if it stays then it's just a bunch of people insulting me.


—Confusing ED with TOW.



—JINX, toggling the BILLY MAYS button for extra emphasis.

And finally THANK YOU for making that ED page to begin with. I've actually gotten MORE watchers coming in BECAUSE of viewing the page. You even added in my Twitter page! Tell ya what, I got an Inkbunny, Tumblr and Miiverse! Go ahead and advertise those so I can get more followers and watchers! I'd appreciate the publicity! 8D


—The classic attention whore comment.


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Becoming "Joker"

"Am I kawaii now? I'm transsexual!!!! ^___^"
According to Jinx, telling someone to calm down is the same as telling them they're a shitty person; who knew?

Like most of the infamous retards of time, Jinx went down the "I think I'm a cool kid" trend of pretending to be transgender by tying up her hair, opening up a tumblr account, and now proclaiming that she is some sort of "genderfluid-transboy", and now demands for everyone to use her personal pronouns or she will sick her white-knights on you in a journal, then proceeding to follow that journal with some good ol tasty butthurt that snags in said whitenights to give her asspats. This has happened recently, and my god did her "plan" surely work after she flipped on someone who actually told her she was confused about her orientation. They were not wrong, and to make it even better, the girl who called Jinx's shit was a 14 year old girl. Below is a gallery of this lulzfest.

Cancerous Lulzfest About missing Pics
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Their Methods

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