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The most badass motherfucker on the internet.
It's you!

Just like Jabba the Hutt had that creepy little Monkey thing as a pet, Brett Keane, aka The Most Hated Man On YouTube, has... this... this... thing, as his personal penis puncture port fucktoy.
The two lulz-hating lovebirds spend their every waking moment together swapping STD's and false-flagging the fuck out of everyone on YouTube.

This is TheAmazingAtheists' brother Jdubs and if the users at ED don't remove the AmazingAtheist article within 24 hours I will take legal action.


The Living Avatar of DERP

Jdubs(mental capability of a 10 year old), otherwise known as BrettKeaneJr lives up to his chosen screen name. Whether by incessant threats to an hero to keep his slacky lacky JonPaulPrime interested... or accidentally ratting out his buddy BrettKeane for flagging and DMCA abuse....one can't stop laughing at this ignorant pile of mule feces. Listen to him cry over the phone.

Get this kid a pacifier

Too bad he didn't go with the kill himself option.


"I burnt that phone number 5 minutes after I got that voicemail." - TheSkepticalHeretic


Since this vid will vanish 10 seconds after JDupe finds out about it, here's a downloadable version: The Evidence Will Never Die.

Coming Out

Wearing his favorite wig

He recently declared himself gay for his love, YouTube user "AdamLore", while the very same user called him a "fat retarded faggot".

Handing Derp his Herp

"Suck a dick and never bother me again" - AdamLore


Since this vid will vanish 10 seconds after JDupe finds out about it, here's downloadable versions. Streisand Effect for the Win.

The TL;DW Version

10.Creepy troll keeps 'sperging and fawning at AdamLore.
20.AdamLore tells him GTFO, 'cuz he doesn't wanna fuck JDubs so stop asking him out on a date.
30.GOTO 10.

Before any Politicial Correctard's get their pantyshields all in a bunch....remember this: people don't hate JDubs for being a stalkerish fruitbag, they hate JDubs for being JDubs. His queerness is the only thing that humanizes him. That said, here's a shoop of JDubs as a pretty, pretty princess going to a tea party with underaged ballerinas.

<font="purple" size="5">Behold! The Baroness Harkonen!
Jdub fags it up in celebration of finally being out and proud.

Now you know what happened to Marilyn McCann...she got smothered between JDubs flesh-folds.


He doesn't have one.

Personality Flaws

But he does have plenty of these.
If there was such a thing as Whiny Bitch Syndrome, he has it. Which is odd, considering how his whinyness clashes with his Prickish USI Smugness.

Egomaniacal Self-Importance

Maybe this self-regard is why the only people he can identify with are powermad egomaniacs and Despots.

Hanging with Genocidal Maniacs

My boy Gaddafi


His egomania reaches past calling despots "his boy". As of March 2012 he now considers himself a political prisoner being slandered by liberals with a mental disorder, even though he's the jackass that repeatedly tells everyone he has a mental disorder, and picking on him is like picking on the retarded.

The Liberal Conspiracy

I'm in an undeclosed location.


Because JDupe will inevitably delete this video and close his account after we stop bitching about this, here's a link to a downloadable mirror copy of this vid.; and if you prefer to hear a version of it with color commentary, here's Edible Napalm's rebuttal on the Fatal Error Network.

For now, if you want to know about how he is in person, ask his boy... Gaddafi, or Devchelle2

Devchelle2 on Jderp

And not a fuck was given


Getting butthurt over Skep A true story

False Flaggot


This explains his penchant for false flagging. He needs that personal ego boost of taking down a video, just to watch it uploaded and mirrored a few hundred times. He's so proud of his flagging antics that he faps everytime he sees "This video removed"


This is where I would go into a tirade about how he runs his channel page like its a North-Korea style police state....but he never keeps a channel long enough for anyone to notice.


Yeah... his own channels.

The other 9001 Fuckups and Flaws of JDupe

On top of this mountain of RAEG-inducing flaws is...another mountain of flaws. One minute he'll be a half-closeted crypto-racist (until someone calls him on it) and then suddenly he becomes a more-enlightened-than-thou smugpot. Next he'll be a swaggering Internet Tough Guy boasting about how he's gonna get yer channel 'Klanked', the next moment he's whining about how all these people on the internet are soooo mean to him.

"Jdork often blames his father's penchant for abuse for his problems.

Unwarranted arrogance meets selfish malice in a frothy Santorum-like mixture of self-pitying emo twaddle.
Essentially, JDerp is Chris-Chan without the integrity or artistic talent.

Okay, okay, maybe he's actually more like ADF without the masculinity.

NorseInvasion Channel

Thought to be chased off the internet, the retard reared his fat ugly head out from the bridge he was hiding under (huge fucking bridge) and proudly announced he had flagged Coughlan616 and that he is ready for another anal pounding from his best friend Brett Keane, since they both lust for cock and attention, because they don't get any views on their channels as nobody cares about them. Gaydubs newest channel named NorseInvasion, named after his sexual fantasy about being raped by gay Swedes, is widely unpopular. With more than 300 videos, he hasn't even mustered 20 subscribers, and half of those are sock accounts and the rest is Brett Keane accounts, it speaks volume of the absolute irrelevance this fatso brings to the JewTubes.
When he isn't using his channel to flag down other channels, he likes to talk about current events, but as described earlier nobody values his opinion, so these videos are seen by nobody.
When he isn't showing his stupidity when it comes to anything in the world, the homosexual likes to Let's Play, but since he is a fucking retard he only plays the games on easy and with cheatcodes enabled.

Daily Routine

This is what a typical day in the life of Jdubs looks like;

How to Troll Him

  • Be an Atheist
  • Be a Muslim
  • Be a Woman
  • Mention The Drunken Peasants.
  • Talk and treat him like a child
  • Tell him "Johnny Appleseed was a piece of shit."
  • Invite him to awaken his senses with a fresh blast of minty Shotgun Mouthwash
  • Send him mickey mouse videos and children songs and tell him that everything is going to be ok
  • Do anything that angers his Dark Overlord
  • Say how much he loves hitting children with a stick. CammehYaBams can fill you out on that on youtube.
  • Annoy him about how he still lives as a basement dweller with his mom.
  • Tell him that his chinchillas will die.
  • Flag all his videos & channels (lolz)

Contact (VD)

Here's how to contact Jdubs so you can incessantly rape his face:
TEL-(718) 568-9092
Q&A Email / [email protected]
E-mail - [email protected] or [email protected]

P.S.: LordJDubs (Product of Incest) is a fan of Gorilla199, so he's not only a douchebag, but a credulous conspiracy-addled nooblet. To this day Jdubs promotes the aforementioned conspiracy nutter regardless of again being called a retard by the very person he idolizes.


What self respecting troll could resist the call to seek out the shining prize known as "The Dox"? None right? Upon the discovery of the JDerps page someone felt it was missing something. Something very important. That's right the shining prize, the gold standard, the must have of any collection, his dox.

It took many hours of watching video after painful video. Many lost their minds from the stupid shit coming out of his mouth. Many tears were shed from laughing so hard, resulting in visits to the ER due to lack of oxygen and split sides. But in the end Anonymous delivered.

What was Jderps downfall you might ask? How did he make it so painfully obvious where he lived? Well lets start with his constant posting of his Amazon wishlist that reveals he is in Roslyn Heights, New York.

JDerps shattered dreams

But the fun didn't really begin till a video was found of him standing outside where he lived talking to the camera trying to be a internet tough guy. No we are not kidding you he took his camera outside, set it up, and actually films the street in front of his house where one can see a street sign and obvious markers to pin down his location. And the crowning moment? He steps into frame attempting to look cool but just makes he want to run to the bathroom and wash your eyes out with bleach. Don't believe me? Pics or it didn't happen. Well far be it from us to not indulge your curiosity. Here is screenshot to prove it.


At the end of the day the prize was found. The shining doxs are here for all to enjoy. Be sure to call in some pizza's for him. Or if your feeling generous, a box of dicks to celebrate his coming out party.

201 Rosyln Rd,
Apartment 2a,
Roslyn Heights,
New York,

See Also

External Links

  • YouTube Favicon.png TorahFriendsPodcast Celebrating his jew shit. Whether he's trying hard to trying or too less. Much as he hasn't acted Brett_Keane's scamp for awhile. He still did 9/11 alongside his master.
  • YouTube Favicon.png John Gischala On his new level of looking like a jew & faggot. Still wagging his tail for his Dark Lord and Master Brett_Keane.
  • YouTube Favicon.png His current channel Only gained 19 subs meaning he gained one subscriber for every 17th video he made.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Jdub's currently active YouTube channel It'll probably be closed within a couple of days, with another one to take its place. Get used to this trend. pwnt
  • YouTube Favicon.png RevJdubs316 Another one he's trying to make this an youtube partnership and following Brett_Keane around like a lost puppy. Closed
  • Twitter-favicon.png RevJdubs316 His twitter, lately he's feeling down about brett keane again. Or pawning people to feel sorry for the sad sack he is. Closed, what a surprise.
  • YouTube Favicon.png SaintJdubs — Another YouTube account that he uses from time to time.
  • Twitter-favicon.png DestroyerJdubs This is his current twitter account that he uses to talk to himself.
  • YouTube Favicon.png ProphetElijahJdubz Inactive account that's not even worth mentioning. Dead.
  • YouTube Favicon.png iHazChinchillas One where he cares about his best friend JohnPaulPrime which he baw'ed with when he cried like a bitch. Dead.
  • Fb-favicon.png JohnWayJr His fagbook hoping he can once create drama with his troll buddy and gay, Brett. Dead.
  • Twitter-favicon.png SchmidtGaming Trying to hide away from anyone in twitter playing games, though he's a absolute faggot hoping to help false flag everyone with his master when Brett feels

bored of his life Dead.

'What Kinda Peckertrack would Abuse the DMCA!?'
BEHOLD! the Dark Stain of DMCA Abusing Dograpists!
Brett Keane...Inmendham...MPAA...RIAA...VenomFangX

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