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We've been through this before...

Saphira Gore (aka Heather, 18, of Houston TX) is an internet disease ridden camwhore and yet another self-proclaimed spokesidiot/defender for emo, goth, and cutfag subcultures on les tubes. Reminiscent of other scenester camwhores such as XxPrincessPunkxx (only twice as homely), she has drawn some recent attention as a result of her incessant attention whoring and droning on about ineffectual tripe. She claims to "make thousands of dollars modeling in Europe" being under an international modeling contract. Due to diligent investigation, it was uncovered that she lived in a fucking podunk trailer park near an old movie theater in the Houston ghetto (completely debasing her claims of "ZOMGS RICH MODEL LOLS!" - oh the irony) and that she was contracted by the Ford Modeling Agency who, more than likely, compensates their models in bulk automotive parts such as limited-slip differentials and crank cases. Heather has honest dreams about hitting it big as an IRL model internet model, but unfortunately hasn't had any luck thus far.

Heather meets Anon

Saphira came.jpg

On the evening of August 31st, some femanon began raging on ebaums about a video she had viewed on JewTube, where some foul-mouthed, pirate hooker kept flapping her suck-hole about the plight of poor scenesters and how she was exercising her rights to free speech. The gears began slowly turning as viewers, panged with curiosity, were irresistibly drawn to her vid like the rubber necking gawkers at some highway rush-hour accident. Heather begs people to get their mom, their dad, their brother, sister, and dog to sit down and watch her video because she just decoded the "Da Vinci shit" (ZOMG!). Basically, she just complains about somebody who said that the scene is dead, and that everybody who was different should die, and that said person would kill them. She took them seriously and by marker 7m16s she's completely worn out the word fuck.

She then went super-saiyan when she became aware that other people seemed to like exercising their right of free speech as well...all over her comments page and videos - she went R.I.D. and locked her channel down immediately.

Why do you keep touching your face like some kind of Aspie?

Anonymous did not respond well to this nonsensical, dissociative rambling and at this point, dox were already being requested. A response video was posted by the deliciously punk xSinderEllex basically calling Saphira a retarded cunt, asking her "Who the fuck are you to defend people like me?". With her RAAAGE and cute little cum-onnable face, the video was terribly well received by anon, as it was somewhat lulzy and semi fap-able, and it served to work an already raging anonymous up into a foaming, rabid vehicle of hate ready to unleash the focking fury.

XsinderellieX didn't stop here, and did 3 more later mentioned videos about our scene-slut Saphira, degrading Saphira's very lifestyle.

Her Second / Third Video

This second video was discovered by anonymous shortly after the first video had already received significant anal raping. Saphira, apparently still unaware of the shit-storm a brewin, just rambles on about some pseudo-intellectual "I got's me some ideurs and fillosofies" crap that if you decide to skip over, is of absolutely no consequence.

Normal, apparently, is a government conspiracy, so that politicians don't feel like rejects losers, and can keep the man down.

That other video is a fucking bawww fest for her dead no, dying dog (it's not even dead? WTF?) that I couldn't in good conscience invite any of you to watch.

Heather declares war

Her reaction.

Anonymous decided that the best attack would be a Shock and Awe approach, so during the morning of September 1st, they donned their combat loads (loads lol) and began spam-trolling every comment field they could find, including her myspace, YouTube, and stickam accounts. Spammed comments of "Jews did WTC", "j00j00j00j00j00" and "die in a fire" were employed in full force, and though lacking in any form of creativity whatsofuckingever, they were nonetheless effective. Hundreds upon hundreds of messages/comments/PMs were deployed, resulting in *gasp* the posting of another Saphira Gore response vid!

At this point, other allied forces (including xSinderElliex) began aligning against this mongrel, self-righteous mouthpiece and mounted their own attacks, independent of anonymous' influence altogether.

Makes my penis sad =(
"Modeling" photos. This greasy slut will never be a model.

Simple enough, I suppose.

Oh here we go with those fucking masks...

Saphira A MONTH LATER replied to sinderellie, then deleted the video.

The Escalation of Force/War of Attrition

Beginning on Sept. 2nd, Anon turned up the heat on Saphira Gore, invading her Stickam broadcast and threatening her with rape and violence. Her broadcast descended into an almost nervous breakdown of frustrated shaking, screaming, and confusion. She considered buying a dog *WOOF* and warned Anon that she had contacted the partyvan express and Social Services which clearly meant that she was planning to have, um...Anon's children taken away?

She then continued to rant and rave about all the anonymous "H4X0rZ" and went on to say that she knows a "few anonymous hackers too".

A preliminary ceasefire is rumored to be signed soon. In Anonspeak 'signed' roughly translates to:

  1. meh
  2. old meme is old
  3. tits or gtfo
  4. or the less common 'shit i think the cops are onto us'

Current Theaters of Battle

As it would appear, she admits that "dah haXXor team" have made threats saying that they will hack her YouTube, Myspace, ect. Upon hearing this, she invites them to do so, saying that they wont stop her from making videos and such. You know what to do.

  1. Go to her house, pose as movers/computer repair guy, steal computer.
  2. Dig up dead dog, nail it to door
  3. Send noods to principal (accessible from her deviantART account, listed below)
  4. Act as anonymous student fearing she will bring a gun to school (Already being done by one Anon who posted proof pics)

Raid (Battle Honors)


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