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The work-in-progress

Itachikunlover is 16-year-old weeb who spends most of her time with her fat ass boyfriend HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, THEY BROKE UP or on Quizilla complaining about her family and things she hates about people. Oh, and occasionally, she'll write some awesome fanfiction, too. But, just like any anime fan, these are normally poorly written and consist of her character angsting and fucking "Master Itachi".

She says that her name really is Cherish and claims to be extremely intelligent. She also thinks that she's one of the best writers to ever use the internet. Cherish rejects any label other than Gothic and most likely worships Tara Gilesbie and sorawisdomhott.

It's also been known that she is racist and especially hates people named Latishafika. Mostly because she's had bad experiences with her in the past. For some reason, she has a tendency to pretend that she has friends/fans that love her work.

SHE LYEK TTLY LUVS ITAHCHY! She wants to be just like him, 'cause she wants to kill her whole family. TOO BAD HE WAS TOLD TO, JACKASS. OH, AND THEY SRSLY HAVE LIKE EVERYTHANG IN COMMON. OGMOGMGOGMOGM. She even named her dog Itachi.

Animes that Itachikunlover has ruined

  • Naruto- There should be no surprise here. Every single character wants to fuck her.
  • Death Note- This one can be considered the least harmed out of the bunch. No actual story was ever published, but it is suspected that she fucked it up with an RP
  • Pokemon- She tries to hide her lack of creativity by changing her characters name to Hikari and giving her black hair, but this one is no different from the others. Everyone wants to tap that, even the pokemon.
  • Bleach- Yet again, no actual story was published, but there's supporting evidence that story was started. In this classic piece of faggotry, Hikari is trapped within the body of a Raichu as punishment for failing so hard. Oh, and some other stuff happens, too.

She has also ruined quite a few games, with Kingdom Hearts being her main offense. For a KH role play, Cherish used the name 'Hikari', again. Dressing in the normal goth attire, Hikari is now housing a wolf demon inside of her body. And just when you thought she couldn't be more of a Mary-sue, she suddenly becomes a former member of Organization XIII and aquires the ability to sing people to sleep and speak Over 9000 languages.

People Cherish has slept with raped

The idiot in action

Itachikunlover sees herself as quite the animal rights activist. She's a vegetarian, and even jumped in front of a car to save a cat. Too bad it didn't run her over. She hates secretly eats KFC while nobody's looking and bitches at anyone who tries to bring attention to that fact. For shits and giggles, one can simply insert a few spaces into her OL name to generate "It a chickun lover" to generate additional lulz

While she claims to be able to bitch out anyone and successfully kick their asses afterwards, it is obvious that this statement is a lie and inevitably results in her getting pwned by her own stupidity. Cherish is only five feet tall and says that she weighs less than 100 pounds. Anyone could pwn her ass, and that's a fact.

When she's not complaining or fucking anything that moves, Cherish wastes her life making shitty layouts that consist of coding that rapes the whole goddamn page. She claims that 'she makes them that way 'cause it's hers and she likes it that way', when in reality the truth is: She just can't do any goddamn better. @(&*%()# Her friends get her shitty layouts, too. They like them a lot because they're emo, and looking at her layouts is equivalent to cutting.

Quizilla pwns her ass

Hi, I'm ItachiKunLover, and, if you haven't noticed, I hate the new Quizilla!. I'm not close-minded, this is just way more complicated and now I can't make quiz layouts. It sucks. I'll probably be leaving after a month if they don't change anything to make it better.



Even before Quizilla changed layouts, it was filling her life with butthurt by ridding the earth of her God awful fanfictions. Reading her lemons was the equivalent of skinning yourself and then swimming through a pool of bleach. Painful. When she's asked about such a thing, she says that she's the one who took her stories down, due to unavoidable fail.

Itachikunlovers Gallery of Fail

May 24, 2008

Last Thursday, many lulz were had as Cherish was made aware of our wonderful page. She was shocked to see that someone loves her enough to put so much time into something like this. In an attempt to hide the everlasting truth, she tried to delete fucking everything. Yet again, she was outsmarted by the internets. We've been doing this long enough to know to save this shit on our computers. Unfortunately for her, that pile of dog shit that she calls a brain, couldn't understand that.

Itachikunlover on AFF

Cherish has recently been found on Adult Fanfiction, killing it with her so called 'story'. She goes by the name 'Hikari Uchiha' or just plain old 'Hikari'. While there hasn't been much activity, we can guess that there will be some soon. A sue never stays dead for long. And it seems that she added a new name to the list. Amazing.

The names I'll be using for my fanfiction are there three names: Migoto, Hikari, and Cherish

Likes: Yaoi, Anime, Yuri, Writing, Music, Drawing, and Animals

Dislikes: Meat, Family, Naggers Niggers, Sexists, Monkeys, and Homophobes

Okay, now you're ticking me off. Lay off, would ya? If you don't like whatever bullshit is out in the world, then don't talk about it and for God's fucking sake, don't comment on it. You fuckers have no sense of intelligence, and if you do then I might as well be struck dead, because no person with intelligence would personally go out and flame something/ someone they disliked you damn son-of-a-bitch. Leave it alone and go cut yourself or be a whore, but leave us 'Japanophiles' alone, you fucktards. Yeah, we may be insane, but we like this stuff like a fat kids loves his damn heart-stopping cake, okay? Don't like, don't talk, don't post, you sluts. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Itachikunlover Updates

"So, Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on me. XDD I, personally, find it funny how everyone can REALLY buy into me like this!

That story I made, whatever it was called, had to be the most intentionally unsuccessful story I ever made! XD

Also, in the article, they apparently thought that I was the one who messed up their profile on me. =O No wai! Seriously, guys, I didn't. You made a good effort on that article, I'd never want to ruin it! (I wonder how long it will take you to realize this.)

The only thing I ever took seriously was the layouts I used to make on Quizilla!, which still majorly sucks as much as it did when I found it. Those dogs, wrong names. My ex, wrong name. Me? Wrong. Name.

I was so happy to find that article so I could laugh my ass off! It was as I wanted, fame on the 'net. Oh, if I have updates for you, ED, I'll let you know. =] Good luck on future articles!"

Apparently, Itachikunlover claimis to be AWWRIGHT with the situation. This is good because we're in it for the same reason she is! It's all for the lulz, baby. Thanks anyway for your support!

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