Isn't Dallas in California?

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Faces of Dallas.

Isn't Dallas in California? was a meme started by gaiafags on October 29 2007 as a subsequent response to the removal and disabling of #fortune. It is considered the worst meme of all time and evidence for the cancer that is killing /b/.


Jim Rodgers, the suspected mastermind behind EFG and 7 Proxies, is also believed to have posted several threads concerning the fire in California, breaking Moot's newly introduced flood controls in the process. It is this that has led many newfags to believe that Jim Rodgers is, in fact, not human, and has originated from somewhere in outer space.

Upon replying to one of the topics, it is thought that someone posted 'Isn't Dallas in California?', prompting several hundred newfags to repeat this statement in a frenzy of faggotry. Due however to /b/'s infestation of newfags, it is now accepted that the only way a new meme can be created is if newfags regard it as 'funny'.

Although this view is loathed by many of the older generation, it is also written in the scriptures among longcat and tacgnol that this is the future (along with racketeering, wire fraud, male fraud, female fraud, transgendered fraud, extortion etc.) of /b/


The meme is most probably used by /b/tards to respond a really fucking obvious post made by a jewfag. But nobody knows, primarily because some cunt newfag made it up.

The oddity of this meme is that the opening credits for Dallas actually showed Los Angeles, CA passing as Dallas, TX.


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