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With Spics,
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Crusty Cunt up close and personal
Isabella Loretta Janke
Other Names 10thanonymous, Careless-Metal-423, Kelly Osborn, ILJ, Psycho Tits, Crusty Cunt, Smella Stanke, Psycho Chantits, Portabella Ranke
Born August 18, 2001
Nationality Mex-Americunt MiniflagMexico.jpgMiniflagUSA.png
Ethnicity Fungus creature
Occupation College dropout, basement dweller
Classification IDK. Maybe a smelly ass?
An Hero? Not yet...
Kiwi Farms Thread Kiwi Farms Favicon.png 98702

Isabella Loretta Janke (also well known as "Bella", "Bella Janke" and "Kelly Osborn") is a degenerate Mexican butterface /b/tard who enjoys harassing lolcows when she's not busy scratching her nasty flaps... while being a lolcow of epic proportions herself. Being a self-proclaimed genius L33T h4x0r, Isabella named her trollsona "Bella" and managed to get herself doxxed almost immediately by basement-dwellers from Kiwi Farms. Sweet, crusty Isabella has achieved her goal of becoming internet-famous not by becoming THE GREATEST TROLL OF ALL TIME but as a disgusting, repulsive bitch who receives and deserves nothing but absolute scorn and ridicule from everyone.

Crusty Cunt here was born to a former Navy SEAL named Mike Janke who owns a tech company but somehow failed to teach his retard daughter OPSEC. Meanwhile, her step-mother Mary Beth is a psychologist who twiddles her thumbs while an autistic psychopath runs around her college campus bringing embarrassment to everyone to associates with her. ILJ once was a member of the Sneed house on campus at Texas Tech University but was too cringe for incel Super Smash Brothers fanboys

She also is a /pol/tard, which is ironic, because she's half spic herself through her mother, and her best friend simp Louis Herz is a shore nigger. Another member of the "chess club" discord is also a literal nigra (shiiiiiiet). The new faces of white supremacy everyone.

DOX: Isabella Loretta Janke 2408 MAC DAVIS LN, Lubbock, TX, 79401 (610)-329-6477

People are claiming this address is outdated but that has not been proven. Janke is desperately using alts and sock puppets to manipulate the narrative and hide her dox info from being discovered. She is most likely to be fucking with this article too.

Also if you are a brain-dead dumbass and want to defend her just because SHE HAS BOOBA!!!, let us save you the trouble by telling you that she uses push-up bras as confirmed by her Amazon account.

World's greatest troll's toe fungus

Sex perversion and pedophilia

Admitting to it herself

Isabella has called herself a lolicon online multiple times, her former reddit account was even banned for it. She also can't get hard unless she thinks about men stroking cats.

she wants men to stroke cats

Her complete list of degeneracies run very deep, she also has an animal fart fetish, shit fetish, guro and gore fetish, loves fluffy abuse, and comments creepily on pictures of children in swimsuits, and god knows what else that hasn't been uncovered. More proof that Bella Janke needs to be put down for the better good of everyone. Being a pedophile and absolute retard, Janke allegedly compiled a list of links to CP on Google Docs with plans to sell it. Basically, showing Big Brother personally how much of a menace to society she is. This rumor is unverified but knowing she has the IQ of a doormouse, would anyone really be surprised? If the feds didn't care about her they do now. The CP links are literally on her imgur nigga, 100% proven, not "alleged"

Asking for child porn on reddit
She is into guro and gore as well

Animal abuse

Bella adopted a Cat just to torture it and force it to drink toilet water. She also overfed him so she could post the pictures on r/chonkers, and fed him foods that made the cat fart a lot because she had a fart fetish. According to the Discord server leaks, she has killed eight hamsters. At least one has been proven to be boiled alive. Redditors, everyone.


Don't let the fake Khazar milkers distract you, Bella once "rescued" a dog named Max only to give him pneumonia, paw infections, and "more than eight diseases" from her filthier than 14BC apartment. Max was the dog that helped us track this bitch and the rest of her animal abuser crew. Rest in power good boy


The "chess club" discord server

Members of the chess club. White supremacists without even one white person

There has been two confirmed chess-club discord servers, however, these discord channels have nothing to do with the actual chess club of Texas Tech University, but rather a cult-like hellhole of animal torture, blackmail, and manipulation by Bella and her simps. The Dylan Klebold to her Eric Harris, Louis worships every idea and crumb of shit to leave her body. He continues white knighting her, further demonstrating how much of a simp he is. Discord conversations between Crusty and another chess club member reveal they have been drugging designated simp Louis, who DOES NOT MUCH CARE FOR Trannies, with estrogen pills. Now partially a tranny himself, He is not only the laughingstock of his own social group, but the internet as well. Louis also partakes in the chess club's shared hobby of degenerate fap material. The incel shemale particularly enjoys piss and furshit (much to no one's surprise). Were he to ever return to conservative muslim nation Indonesia, one could only hope for him to immediately be stoned for being a tranny and most likely a compulsive masturbator, both VERY haram.

Two other notable members include Allen Owobu, a self-hating nigra, and Jasmine who is ok with lolicons fetishizing her little sister for some reason.

The first chess club was banned after they spammed gore inside it and self-reported it. In the second chess club discord server, they have engaged in:

  • recording others without their permission as blackmail
  • driving a FTM student to suicide
  • animal torture
  • posting gore of non-white people

You can read the leaked archives of the chess club discord server here

The second one actually drew the attention of the on-campus police, however, our Indonesian simp Louis took all of the blame for her booger-in-vagina queen and got expelled. Bella has not received any repercussion for her actions yet. Finally, after months and months of inaction, TTU decided that Mike's glowmoney isn't worth the bad rep and suspended Portabella for two years.

Bella's ex confirms her suspension

Contact with Chris Chan

She stole money from Chris
Chris talks about talking to bella

Back in 2020, Bella made contact with Preator and Chris Chan. She has admitted to stealing money from Chris on her discord. Her strategy was to manipulate another autist named Fiona, who was unironically interested in becoming the boyfriend-free girl for Chris Chan. She wanted her and Chris to go to Pony-Con together and have sex so she could later blackmail them.

Her final goal was to get Chris to kill himself so that she can earn the title of "GREATEST TROLL OF ALL TIME!" Also, she allegedly was the one who told Chris to fuck his mom, making the already autistic fucktard even more damning retarded and niggery.

This is extremely ironic, as she is even worse than Chris Chan. She also suffers from DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS, can't stop sharing embarrassing info about herself online and lives in a filth worse than the 14BC hoard (For what we know, Chandler dogs didn't die due to paw infection and 9 concurrent diseases). At least Chris doesn't boil hamsters alive for fun or conspire to make others kill themselves, which makes Chris saner and better than booger-in-cunt Bella, which doesn't really help as Chris did fuck his own dementia-fucked and ugly old hag which he calls his mother, therefore not really saner.

Online attention whoring

Naturally being a girl on the internet and also having some sort of Cluster B personality disorder and zero internet literacy, she couldn't help herself but attention-whore using her herpes-riddled face online.

Reddit Cringe

Reddit Roastme

Other reddit shenanigans


Pathological lying

Sure it did Isabelle, just randomly recorded parts that you like
Oh the irony

Isabella, due to BPD or sociopathy, or because of being an attention whore, can't stop lying from her filthy herpes riddled mouth. This makes relying on the things she says very hard.

Sister getting kicked out for a cat sob story

She has claimed that her sister was kicked out due to a cat, however, the details between the Reddit posts don't match. Plus, her grandfather's obituary and her entitled narcissistic personality point to her being an only child.

Does she have a sister? Also "cleaning" after her with the state of her own apartment? Nope, I don't believe it chief

Constant lying and manipulating on Kiwifarms

After she got doxxed on Kiwifarms, she couldn't help herself but post "bait" posts and pathetically try to move the goalposts and try to make numbers and numbers of sock accounts (at least 4 until now). le epic troll, I must say. "Bella", the world's greatest hacker attempted to place the blame on a certain autist multiple times. Isabella wanted to scissor this autist "F"; who in turn wanted to get dicked down by the legendary Christine Weston Chandler. If you didn't think Jenkem's life was pathetic before, imagine getting cucked by someone who unironically wants to fuck Chris-chan.

The Epic Reddit Post

Everybody knows that the best thing to do when you're accused of something is to deny absolutely everything and deflect the blame on to everyone else but yourself. Bella, the genius that she is, attempted to do this with a google doc[2] she posted on Reddit.[3]

The Document in Full About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

To the surprise of absolutely fucking nobody, no one believed a word out of the bitch's mouth. Many laughs were had at Bella's attempts at controlling the narrative.

Damage control on 4chan

After her Reddit failure, to prove that she has learned nothing, she created a thread on /b/ to prove that she is just an innocent girl, and gave us one of the funniest lolcow tard rages for a while [4]

4Chan /b/ damage control About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

and with that, a copypasta is born:



Glowie parents

Her father worked for the Navy Seals but unfortunately forgot to use some of his gorilla warfare toughness on his brat of a daughter. He owns his own cybersecurity company and is a board member of several others. Mike Janke is also the author of a book called Take Control: Master the Art of Self-Discipline and Change Your Life Forever. Unbeknownst to him, Michael was suffering from success. He neglected to raise his daughter to be a productive member of society. Not only this, he also did not teach her common sense to not get herself doxxed let alone being able to refrain from partaking in CP.

Her mother is also a former secret service worker and psychologist for violence and criminals. Oh, the irony. This is how not to raise kids.

Her parents' house is valued at 1.76 million $, which means that Bella is a ~speshul gurl~ and sheltered rich kid with powerful parents who thought she could do anything and face no repercussions, until karma came biting her in her leaky shit-smeared ass. Even after her suspension from TTU, she is still trying to browse ween discord servers and most likely plan new gayops online. Proof that she never learns like the lolcow she is, and that her parents don't know how to tell their retard daughter to stop embarrassing herself online.

The wretched whore gets doxxed

Isabella Loretta Janke

Despite having a "security and encryption" expertise on her CV, she failed to practice cybersecurity 101 and a lot of lulzy horrifying info was found on her by Kiwi Farms in no time.

Why so hurt Bella? Didn't you want to be internet famous and have your name alongside epic trolls of Christory? Here you have it.


Despite everyone agreeing that ILJ is a wretched bitch, people like Ethan Ralph and Dick Masterson are still willing to defend this demon, even going as far to say that the evidence is false.

Another honorable mention goes out to CWC "historian" GiBi who sperged out on Kiwi Farms at the genesis of the motherfucker saga. The autist believed Isabella's lies for some reason and made a video out of it.. ignoring all contrary evidence for a morsel of poon tang.

Dick Masterson proceeds to say that we're all just mad that Isabel "took our adorable little retard away", and that's why we are going after her so much. While partially true, we are a simple people who like to watch and laugh at people being absolute spastics on the internet.

After he got so much flack for this, Dick decided that he would (in fact) double down on his position, saying that the evidence against isabella is fake, and even said that he offered Isabella 1000 bucks to come on his show (and this is the guy who constantly rails against Maddox for being a cuck).


Honest Content About missing Pics
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Miscellaneous About missing Pics
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Fanart and Memes About missing Pics
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In video format

Uploader frames it from the white supremacist/transphobic angle to pander to YouTube and prevent removal of the video, but it's a good summary regardless.

“I don’t know what’s up with this girl” even the preacher can sense the degeneracy radiating from Portabella

Social Media

External Links

Her father


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