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In a typical open sores manner Irssi completely lacks the evil auto-rejoin feature that all the script kiddies love.

Fast, modular, Perl-scriptable, and low memory imprint IRC client. The official client of Buttes, Bantown, and Insub.

To scroll in irssi, simply hit escape, then p to go up or n to go down. Remember to hit escape for each window move. It couldn't possibly be easier! As an alternative, if you happen to live in the current era, you can just use the "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys, though irssi loses half of its fun if you do that, and of course that only works if you're actually using a terminal, and not a VT100 compliant xterm, in which case you're just scrolling your xterm.

As a drama-generating technique

EPIC and BitchX fanatics are known to get penis-rash when confronted with the facts of irssi's excellent UI and superior scriptability. It is suggested that you join #epic and #bitchx and scroll "irssi 4 lyf" in rainbow figlet.

Alternatively, irssi users can be butthurt should you suggest they use an IRC client that lets you use the magical technological advance known as a "Graphic Interface" instead of using a 30-year-old Command line.

IRC: Serious business

As the irssi faq notifies us:

  • Q: How do I autorejoin channels after being kicked?
    • A: That's evil and you shouldn't do it... If you're joined to channels who kick people for fun, try changing channels or something.

In this way, the creators of irssi remind us that the internets truly is serious fucking business!

Of course, in a completely contradictory manner, you can find the autorejoin script at Thankfully you have to configure it make it that much harder.

Awesome Features (That irssi doesn't have)

  • Easy user setup
  • Understandable interface
  • Efficiency
  • Not depending on fucking GLib

Flooding with irssi

Make the following settings:

/set cmd_queue_speed 10msec
/set cmds_max_at_once 500
/set flood_max_msgs 0
/set flood_timecheck 0

Afterwards, you must /quit or /disconnect and connect again (/reconnect alone won't work, weird bug). Feel free to go crazy afterwards.

Use a bash script to connect

Face it, you'll be too fucking high to remember how to connect to IRC using IRSSI, fortunately, this bash script will make using IRSSI nearly effortless.

# File: (though renaming it "irc" is better.)
# Usage: ~/irc NETWORK
# Info: Launch irssi with ease
# TODO: Host name changes (use something other than your isp)
if [ -z $1 ]; then
elif [ -n $1 ]; then
# open one of these networks
#  $irc[0]=SERVER
#  $irc[1]=NICK
#  $irc[2]=PASSWORD
#  irc=( zero one two ... )
case $network in
  # Encyclopedia Dramatica
  "ed") irc=( YourNick1 YourPassword1 ) ;;
  # Freenode
  "fn"|"freenode") irc=( YourNick2 YourPassword2 ) ;;
  # Add more networks here
  # Everything else
  *) echo "ERROR! Invalid network." >&2; exit 1 ;;
irssi -c ${irc[0]} -n ${irc[1]} -w ${irc[2]}

When you are done writing it, chmod u+x ~/irc to make it executable.

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