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Irish282 artist rendition.
Claude went to school before color photography was invented.
"The hate situation is out of control, and approaching chaos."
And many moar other bad things
Netcop Claude Clark, working undercover as a total faggot.

Irish282 (A.K.A. Claude Clark of San Jose, CA) is a fearless defender of YouTube from the godless raiders of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Our days are numbered, the Internet police will be breaking down our doors at any moment! Oddly, his obsession with defending children from the horrors of ED has led some to question his motives (link is now dead, user was suspended). Very little is known about Claude, except that, similar to shamed politician Mark Foley, he claims to work for the FBI; in doing so, he seems to have a lot of underage friends, and makes a considerable amount of accusations that everyone else is a child molester.

Some argue that Claude may be heavily medicated, slightly retarded, or a combination of the two. This is due mainly to the "doom and gloom" nature of his comments, his poor taste in music, and his belief that the FBI is pursuing an active campaign of "cleaning up YouTube".


It's okay, I'm with the Internet Police
This is the reason to keep kids off the Internets, Irish282.
I'm just here to help
Do you prefer 14mm or 1/2" holes in your skateboard?

Dang...forgot to charge my drill. Maybe tomorrow.


—Irish282, on drilling Charles

By the way, being an engineer, I can help you (or anyone else) if you are stuck with a math problem.

I've had my nose in a book since I was 3 years old, I was potty-trained very early, and I like to think I know everything. I'm a real "Smarty Pants!"


—Irish282, on how he would like to help Charles with his homework

Dr. Kings birthday is this month. How about a "mighty mouth" collection of one-sentence Dr. King quotes? That has potential for a featured video! You would need to make a short video so people get the idea. You could do this for every Holiday.


—Irish282, on how the kids should make a video filming only their mouths

Whoops! BruceAlmighty13 told me she is a girl! I just assumed she was a boy. That makes her the only young female in the YTV!

Charles subscribed to her. You guys should too. She is around your age.


—Irish282, on mistakenly recruiting a girl

I finally got to MSN with Wasaksfriend last night. You are the only one in the UK I have not. Well, I'll keep trying!


—Irish282, on IMing with young boys

You are a hero, Logan. I wish I could tell people why, but I have to protect you.


—Irish282, on Logan Sperman

Is it OK to be a member of NAMBLA if someone does nothing wrong?


—Irish282, admitting his NAMBLA membership

I know what boys like

I know what guys want
I know what boys like
Boys like, boys like me




The "Vigilante" Farce

As a "YouTube Vigilantes" group member, and the supposed "defender of the down-trodden children" on the Internets, Claude has failed miserably. Here is just a small sample of the pedophilia that is rampant on YouTube. Somehow Claude has time to make fruity videos with dramatic music bragging about his vigilantism, but the pedophiles that are right under his nose go unnoticed.

Irish282 The Fresh Pedo of YouTube

Policing the world, Claude Clark, Interpol Agent

Now this is a story all about how,
Irish282's got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how he became famous as a pedo on YouTube.

In with an abusive family born and raised,
On the internet is where he spent most of his days
Chillin' out, talkin to children' acting all cool,
And he was shooting his semen to kids outside a school
When a couple of police they were up to no good
Started makin' trouble in his neighborhood
He got in one little fight and his mom got scared
And said, "Why did you rape your daughter?"

He whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
If anything he could say that this cab was a bore
But he thought, "Nah, forget it. I'll rape children more!"

He pulled up to YouTube about 7 or 8
And he yelled to the ISP, I'm going straight on Child Porn.
Looked at his kingdom he was finally there
To sit on his throne as a pedo of YouTube.

Original song by EFG.

Unwarranted Self Importance

Possible Night-Stalker suspect?
  • Claude seems to think he wields immense power on the Internets. Shortly after uploading his lulzy video "Lies Exposed!", he posted the following comments to it. Nobody seems to know wtf he's talking about.
    Irish282 claims victory
  • Claude is very passive-aggressive, like that Hindu guy 50 years before him. Claude must be liked by all kids at all times, damn it! If he's not, then he'll threaten you until you do like him.
Irish282 bullies a minor - way to go on protecting the youngins, Irish.
  • If that doesn't work, he'll post some half-assed phony apology bulletin like this one. Notice how he *says* he's apologizing, and then throws in the "I'm sorry to see this happen to you" guilt-trip.
Nice work Dr. Phil

Fun With Sockpuppets

PROTIP: When you're posing as one of the "bad guys," make sure to not censor your own cuss words; it's a dead giveaway

Claude has stated several times that, "To impersonate someone and then insult others is slander." Despite this, he's taken VioletKitty411's advice to "fight fire with fire." Claude now has a new sockpuppet named "yourafatchlck", meant to emulate a user who goes by "yourafatchick". Claude's new sockpuppet says the same things that Irish282 says, except now he tries to sound like he's from Encyclopedia Dramatica. His sidekick, CircaRigel, knows about the whole thing, and is gladly aiding and abetting Claude's efforts.

Claude has a number of other sockpuppets on YouTube that he uses to give the impression that his vigilante group has more adult members than it actually does. These accounts appear to be shared with willing dupe and chief apologist, CircaRigel.

Many kids were called "sh*t"! Quick, call teh FBI!

Crash Course in Irish282 Netiquette

Typical Claude NO U defense.

When confronted with his lies, any of his lies, Claude likes to use the NO U technique. He will always say the Yahweh clan did it.


  • Harassing kids, Irish282 reply: No u!
  • Molesting kids, Irish282 reply: No u!
  • Making sexual comments to kids, Irish282 reply: No u!
  • Being a pederast, Irish282 reply: No the Yahweh Clan!!
  • Posing as a cop, Irish282 reply: No u!
  • Etc. Fill in the blanks.

Deleted Video

WARNING: These lulz can only be observed by subjecting the viewer to an agonizing level of faggotry; watch the video at your own discretion.

This shocking video was on Irish282's page before he deleted his YouTube videos. A selfless public servant has mirrored it. Nothing removes all doubt about Claude quite like this video does. This middle-aged man is a predator. The video was made up from parts of videos made by young boys and posted on YouTube after Irish282 befriended the boys.

Claude posting dead Jews in a video aimed at kids

Irish282's Deleted Video "Removed due to copyright violation!!1!1" presumably on Irish282's behalf.

Irish282 Apologizes to YouTube and to Encyclopedia Dramatica for Lying

His sudden change of heart mysteriously coincided with the disclosure of Irish282's personal information by his Faux-ally VioletKitty411.

YouTube Favicon.png Me, the YTV, and my Responses- Now private
YouTube Favicon.png Me, the YTV, and my Responses - By Irish282 - mirror - Removed
Me, the YTV, and my Responses - By Irish282 - Mirror - Again, deleted for "copyright violation"

Despite this apology, Claude went straight back to his old tricks of telling young boys on YouTube that he was in touch with the FBI, and YouTube staff members, and that he would "protect" them from the "haters" if they handed over their MSN contact details.

The YouTube DMCA Firestorm

Looks like the Irish Ninja might be going to Club Fed for a bit.
The article Claude didn't want you to see.

The furor against Claude had now reached epic proportions. This is was but a sample of the attacks on Claude in the early stages. It was during this furor that Claude first learned to abuse the DMCA. Claude and CircaRigel had sent so many whiny butthurt emails to YouTube, that they were now on a permanent "ignore" status in the YT Security Department. It was at this time that Claude found his favorite loophole. He discovered that he could get his critics silenced at will by sending out false DMCAs, since YouTube acts on all DMCAs sent in, regardless of validity. As you can see, the DMCA proved fatal.

Further Controversy

Claude has been confronted a number of times about his strange attraction to young boys. Time and time again, one of his biggest apologists has been Logan Sperman. Logan always seems to be waiting in the wings with a new excuse for Claude's latest debauchery. Many have speculated about why this is, but now the real truth can finally be told. This video "Removed due to copyright violation" explains it all.

I mean my MAN friend, hes hot and steamy and I am just a supple boy I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND cuz Im just that sexy!


Logan Sperman, on his man-friend Irish282

Second, he wasn't a "security guard", he was Police, and special forces, FBI trained, NCIS trained, etc. POLICE is a bit different from a security guard. And Police at the level Irish was at, COMBAT training, is much more than your average civillian street cop.

As far as that training RJ, you out out of your mind, as usual. it was COMBAT and ANTI-TERRORISM oriented training with heavy artillary, full body armor, dangerous criminal aprehension under fire.. thats no "security guard", or even civilian cop. Do you know what Emergency Service Teams and Tactical Neutralization Teams are, even? It doesn tget much more intense, only Navy SEAL.


LoganSperman2, on Irish282 special navy steven seagal hardcore training.

Guilty in the Court of LOL


Sorry Claude, Even an Average Retard Knows the Truth.

Oh Sh*tballz!

Around August of 2007, Claude was feeling the heat from all the rumors of pedophilia swirling about him. In a CYA move, he deleted the YouTube Vigilantes group, along with all the child-stalking evidence contained in it. Left now with the conundrum of having no way to get to the little boys, Claude had to come up with a new solution, and fast. As fate would have it, the Young Tubers United fiasco unfolded. Claude immediately converted his channel into a "Save Jesari" shrine, along with his HelpTruth channel, as well. His plan was to use the HelpTruth channel as his main "help the kids" account, since there not as many pedophilia accusations connected directly to it. Irish/HelpTruth can frequently be found logging into his account regularly around 3-4am PST to "help the kids". With the help of his boy toy, Logan Sperman, Claude commissioned the site, where he gathers the geographical locations and email addresses of the kiddies. There's even a chat room where the Claudester can "help the kids with their math homework." Surprise, surprise.

As it turns out, there are even more sinister machinations afoot. Claude has contracted Charles Dagley to build an entire video site where Charles and himself will protect the kids; unfettered by the hordes of Encyclopedia Dramatica. They decided to go with the "Video Invisionaries" name because "Ytask 2.0" had too much stigma attached to it.

Cover Blown!!! Call Langley, TX For Back-up!!!111

Hooray for Young Tubers United! Moar 12-year-old boys, plz!!!

In the midst of Claude's "Save Jesari" campaign, it came to light that one TobiranHorde, AKA Nico, was very interested in supporting Jesari. It turns out that Nico just happened to also be a regular at several boy lover websites. In fact, Nico loves boys so much that he even has a shirt with the boy lover symbol right on the front. He has made several videos proudly sporting that very same shirt.

When Claude was made aware that one of his supporters had blown his cover, he went into swift damage-control mode. He deleted TobiranHorde from his subscribers, and erased the message that Nico left on the Snapvine profile.

Claude has been in propaganda overdrive ever since. He's since removed his Irish282 channel of all YTU/Jesari images, and left several comments around YouTube stating that TobiranHorde is in fact a phony account set up by the Yahweh Clan. He has yet to explain how Nico's well-documented life has been fabricated.

Just when Claude thought he had quieted the shitstorm that Nico brought with him, it was found out that yet another high profile pedophile was a HelpTruth/Young Tubers United fan: draconis121. Draconis121 is a "devoted boy-love activist," or so his MySpace reads. Like Nico, he has also pledged the utmost encouragement to Claude's campaign to let 12-year-old boys have accounts on YouTube. Claude has yet to pull some propaganda spin out of his ass to cover up this one. On his MySpace page, Draconis has a video titled that shows two young shotas in tighty whiteys. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS, baleeted

Irish282 Lerns 2 Internet

Irish282's new BFF, registered sex offender "Zman6919"
Zman's got Irish's back

More recently, Claude has also garnered the valuable support of registered sex offender Michael James Gregg, AKA Zman6919, AKA SexOffenderIssues. In addition to achieving himself a lengthy page on Evil-Unveiled, Michael is also an accomplished blogger. Some argue that it was Zman who got Irish282 to start blogging himself in an effort distract the public from his kid-fiddling. Pedos helping pedos, how special.

Icing on the Cake

Irish282 claims to be working with Perverted Justice.
Oh yeah, Claude, you're "working with" PJ alright. lol.

In the past, Irish282 has claimed to be a former policeman, FBI agent, military specialist, pirate, ninja, and engineer. Now, in addition to his many other other lofty claims, Irish282 now says he is working with Perverted Justice. Yes, Claude, if "working with" means "being investigated by", then yes, you're working with them.


Special Update

Claude has recently been spotted prowling the streets of San Jose.

!Irish 282's New aim!

irish2b2 (last time i checked he still uses that one)

Special Special Update

Sometime last Thursday Irish282's licence to YouTube was once again rescinded. It is thought by some that Irish282 and LoganSperman2 entered into a murder/suicide pact.

Goodnight Sweet dirty Prince pedo

Claiming "Victory" over ED

This video was posted April 12, shortly after the old ED got destroyed. In the comments he boldly states, "Don't bother posting messages with links to the wannabe ED sites...they won't be posted, and the sites that are reposting illegal garbage do not have the same legal loopholes as ED exploited."

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    • YouTube Favicon.png Irish282Help - Recently made account, July 6th 2010, because Irish282 is dead or in jail?
  • YouTube Favicon.png HelpTruth is Claude's newest Boy love channel on YouTube}}
  • MY.gif Irish282 on MySpace
  • YouTube Favicon.png NinjaOnDuty is Claude's favorite sock on YouTube
  • YouTube Favicon.png Blargy1 400 subscriptions to little boys OMFG - "This account is suspended."
  • YouTube Favicon.png Apology notice - "This video has been removed by the user."
  • Irish attacks a teenager. "This item has been removed due to a copyright violation!"

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