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You can’t trust the Irish, they are all liars.


Margaret Thatcher [1]

Yes, I am a Jew, and when the Irish ancestors of the Right Honorable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.


—Benjamin Disraeli [2]

If anybody knocks on your door that has an Irish accent, automatically ask them to leave.


—Marlene Kairouz, some Aussie Muzzie [3]

I am haunted by the human chimpanzees I saw along that hundred miles of horrible see white chimpanzees is dreadful; if they were black one would not see it so much, but their skins, except where tanned by exposure, are as white as ours.


—Charles Kingsley, some old Britfag

This would be a grand land if only every Irishman would kill a Negro, and be hanged for it. I find this sentiment generally approved - sometimes with the qualification that they want Irish and Negroes for servants, not being able to get any other.


—Edward Freeman, some old Britfag, writing on his return from America, about 1881

...more like squalid apes than human beings. ...unstable as water. ...only efficient military despotism can succeed in Ireland ...the wild Irish understand only force


—James Anthony Froude, some old Britfag

The average Irishman
The Taoiseach and President of part of Ireland.
Irish sunglsses.jpg
A typical Irish youth club
A typical Irish citizen
A typical Irish citizen: red hair, freckles, Jeff Goldblum fan.
Typical Irish cultural festivities
Taoiseach Brian Cowen
Irish journalism at its best
Senator Donie Cassidy, wig-wearer of the year, 1959-present

Ireland is a mildewy, cloud-shrouded rock inhabited by an ungovernable race of fuck-crazed, monkey-faced ginger mackerel-snappers, whose legendary capacity for alcohol and maniacal obsession with death and misery, is offset only by their incomprehensible (and likely completely fake) language. It is the paedophile capital of the world. It used to be dominated by Britfags, but at some point, the UK decided that Ireland was not cool enough for them, and kicked most of them out. The gay Irish were allowed to stay in the UK as Northern Ireland, a terrorist camp bordering the piece-of-shit country. The people of Ireland, known as Micks, Paddies, and White Niggers, are, like their African namesakes, mostly lazy, good-for-nothing parasites, interested in little except intoxication, fornication, sport, violence, sport violence, fornication violence, and mass rhythmic dancing. Their diet consists primarily of fried potatoes washed down with booze, and their day-to-day activities include drinking, fighting, laying about in their own filth, betting on football, and playing upon harps and tin whistles. The Irish are also known for their complete and utter lack of gray matter; most Polish jokes told in America are actually Irish jokes as enjoyed in the rest of the UK. As such, they are still better than the ill-tempered, parsimonious Scots, the tailless Manx, the subhuman Welsh, and of course, the snaggletoothed English.

The most mongrelized race in history

The Irish race (affectionately known as 'Micks', 'Paddies', 'potato niggers', 'bogtrotters', 'drunks' or 'wifebeaters') got started when the ancient folk, the Celts of Hibernia, lived on the lsland. They were a primitive, warlike folk with low intelligence. One day, the Gaels of Iberia arrived by boat from Europe. The Gaels were primitive Indian-like tribes from Europe. Although they were technically white, the Gaels were giant, stupid, and hairy brutes who refused to evolve when other cavemen did. They behaved as savagely as the warring black person tribes of Africa and took their maniacal obsession with death and war wherever they went. They came to Ireland by boat and began mixing with the Celts. After a few generations of intense fucking, the mongrelized offspring finally finished the job by fucking any the last pure Celts left. The Gaels forced everyone to speak their language and adopt their customs before another culture came along and forced everyone to speak English instead.

Then, the Vikings, pirates from Iceland who were purely Aryan and thus the only superior race to settle in Ireland, found Ireland and started settling there too. They joined in on the great sex party, and within another few generations, the Irish people were mongrelized even further. The Vikings introduced their legendary maniacal obsession for violence and bloodshed into the Irish gene pool, as well as their master race features, though these have been nullified by mixes with subhumans. Soon, it was the English people's turn to invade the island. The English, a race with a love of bar fights, alcohol, and paedophilia, added their own problems to the Irish race. Along with the English came the subhuman, primitive Scottish people, who had already been taken over by the English.

A wee bit of information videos about Irish culture

A typical Irish pop song
Lucky Charms Leprechaun "Let's feed the kids fuckin' sugar coated marshmallows for breakfast!"
fuck you I'm DRUNK

The Only Irish Cartoon

Punky, made by RTE, is a show about what happens when the modern Irish woman has one too many during the third trimester and defecates a water baby.


Above: The earliest known Irish lifeform

Ireland was once a province of Great Britain, but this was the source of epic anti-lulz so part of it is now an independent country famous for a number of things such as drinking, fighting, hating the English, leprechauns, terrorism, potatoes, drinking and killing the English in drunken fistfights.

Saint Patrick soon introduced Christianity, literacy, and the custom of eating a marshmallow cereal with sweet surprises in the 9th Century. The Irish fought amongst themselves until the 12th Century, when they were pwned by English Normans, whose leader Oliver Cromwell promptly went to work killing as many Irishmen as he could find (knowing that they were both heretics AND fugly). Those who survived the French Invasion died in the subsequent potato famine, which sent waves of red-nosed, tick-ridden, clay-pipe-smoking immigrants to the USA, eventually spawning the Kennedys of Boston and TV's Conan O'Brien. Back at home, it was moar sickness, hunger and death all around as repeated attempts to send the English packing failed miserably. However, in 1921, after an all night blarney session at O'Learys Bar, the Irish Free State was formed, eliminating British rule in the part of the island. A little territory called Northern Ireland was carved out of several counties for the most civilized bunch. Epic Lulz ensued as the Catholic Irish Irish fought against the Anglican British Irish, while Ireland stood lazily by.

FACT: Ireland considered sending its shitty little military to fight the UK to save the Catholic Irish Irish in Northern Ireland. Lol wish they did, it would have been fun watching them get pwnt.


The Republic of Ireland has one of the faggiest, most failingest militaries in the history of the world. Its only fights in Jewnited Nations peacekeeping missions in order to save niggers, arabs and azns worldwide. Its military is officially called "Defence Forces", but it can't even defend itself. Want proof? Check out its three branches:

  • Irish Army: The biggest branch of the Defence Forces. The Irish Army has a few thousand soldiers in total who run around with light and mostly obsolete weaponry. FACT -It has no tanks or heavy artillery, just APCs and a few artillery guns from the 1970s.
  • Irish Air Corps: The air branch of the Defence Forces. It has a few small prop planes converted to mount light machine guns and Chinese bottle rockets, and two unarmed patrol planes.
  • Irish Naval Service: The sea branch of the Defence Forces. Has 8 light patrol ships with machine guns and a light cannon on each. One is capable of carrying a single helicopter.
  • Irish Defence Forces Reserve: This consists of the Army Reserve and Navel Service Reserve, the Army Reserve is capable of disgorging 13,000 weekend worriers with even more substandard equipment than the 'front line' Army (if thats even possible) while the Navel Reserve can bring to bear a laughable 400 personnel in total (with no extra ships).
  • IRA - Irish Republican Army: Long before Muslims attacked Britain, the IRA was there - setting up da bomb at conservative party conferences, ensuring that there are never any bins on practically ANY fucking railway station in England, and - according to councils in 'Great' Britain: "stealing all of our wheelie bins!".

The Irish defence policy is to simply sponge of the security of countries with proper armed forces, particularly the United Kingdom and United States. Their primary function is to die at the hands of the Americans in 'friendly-fire' exercises. Which are when the USA practices killing their allies before going into real combat and doing it there too.

FUN FACT:- In addition to this fail, Ireland has literaly no defence industry and must import all of its weapons, munitions and other defence equipment from abroad.

Famous for

  • Getting buttfucked by potato famines.
  • Being poorer than an Arab after getting robbed and raped by a Jew.
  • Being England's little bitch.
  • Being shit at everything except drinking and football brawls.
  • Inventing whiskey only to have Scotland pwn them at making it.
  • Older Dublin men paying roma gypsies 10 euros for quick handjobs in the city centre.
  • Being world class pedophiles.


Couldn't be worse than the fuckers we have.
Just as well.
The Irish curse, what years of binge drinking has done to Irish penises....or maybe they were always that small.

AKA scumbags, shams, feens, knackers and North-Dubliners, make up roughly 99.99% of the Irish population, and are a huge factor that contributes to Ireland being shitty. The average skanger wears a baseball hat with the peak to the front and ridiculously high, has a shaved head, and only wears Airmax, Lacoste or Adidas apparel. Musically, they have Irish boners for Trance, shit-hop, and hard house. Favorite foods include bahhorboorgors from Leo Burdock's, a fast-food restaurant famed for its intolerance of Serbians. They are addicted to football and an assortment of drugs and Dutch Gold,Bavaria, like the rest of the Irish. If it wasn't for them, Ireland would have less fail and moar lulz. The average skanger's mortal enemy is everyone, when he is drunk, but mostly "rockers", which is a label they dump on any idiot not kitted out in the latest Man U or Celtic FC jersey. Owing to the fact they are fail incarnate, it is easy to fool them into believing you are one of them by wearing said clothing to prevent slagging/beatings/drunken beatings/stabbings/drunken stabbings/all of the above, but with more booze. As you may have already guessed, the skanger is a creation of the Jew, whose sole purpose is to overthrow the Eastern-American/West-British borough of Ireland through anti-social behaviour and black person. Following in the spirit of Mel Gibson, the Irish government is currently formulating a national plan for the eradication of skangers for great justice. Skangers are 10 times as scary as chavs, and will probably start a fight with you for walking past them, avoid them at all costs, avoid areas in the following list.

Tallaght, Clondalkin, Blanchardstown, Ballyfermot, Ballymun, Finglas, The Liberties, Inner-city Dublin, Navan, Celbridge, Maynooth, Leixlip, Darndale, Coolock, Lucan, fuck it, Ireland's full of them, don't go to Ireland.

The Irish Language

"C'mere ta me, ya feckin bollix ya" - a kindly Garda helps an ailing member of the public.
CSI: Ireland, where white chalk is too expensive.

The official language of Ireland is Gaelic. While English is a subclass of Germanic Languages, Gaelic is actually a subclass of Gungan, language of Jar Jar Binks of Star Warz fame. "Meesa wanna drink ta unkonshis!" is a famous Irish greeting.

Common words and phrases in Irish:

  • Feck
  • Cack
  • Munter
  • Wanker
  • Feck
  • Yore ma
  • Yore face
  • Yore ma's face
  • "What's'e craic?"
  • Bass, Bais
  • Mucker
  • Fawkin' Maud Liek
  • Feck
  • Yeooooooo
  • Well, whut 'bout yee?
  • aw right weeman
  • Weise up
  • Whats the craic? (crack)
  • Wheres me crack?!?!
  • Wind yer neck in
  • "How's she a'cuttin'?" In reply: "Shes a'cuttin' fine."
  • Feck
  • Dae yer knee's in
  • Sleggin'
  • Is dat yee?
  • I'll bate yee
  • Big mawn
  • Ah, go t'hell
  • Oh, fuck
  • Take t'all, bitch
  • Yer tellin' me y'aint got no more shots o'beer?
  • Ark at 'im!
  • Fuck
  • Pure Awkward Like
  • Do'ya have any yokes?
  • I'l Burst ya
  • Ere biy, dont go near da yaung wan, she mouldy.
  • Minger
  • Ah lawd
  • Ledger fucked!
  • Any spare change for a hostel?

The casual observer might confuse "propper" irish with gypsy or traveller speak, interpret Irish (or "Gay-lick") as a complex and rich language with unusual consonant usage and sentence structure. Closer inspection reveals that the Irish are just trying to speak American after one too many beers, and are just pissed to the point of incoherence. The easiest way to write a sentence in Irish is to randomly mash the keyboard with one fist (eg: Tiocfaidh Ár Lá), making Irish very similar to Hebrew. This does mean that you will look like a Jew, which is never a good thing.

In America, an Irish accent is a free ticket to having plenty of mean, brutal sex with bohemian, zaftig, Thora-Birch-like art school whores who are looking for an "authentic ethnic experience" to brag to their fellow art school whores about, but who are too bourgeois and white to actually have sex with a darkie or azn (Arabs are right out). Middle-aged suburban whores also crave Irish dick as part of their Bono/Liam Neeson fantasies. The process goes like this:

Outside the U.S.A. and Argentina, an Irish accent is a ticket to a trip to the local rebel camp where you will be asked "How we make bomb?" This is because all Irish are members of the IRA.

The Irish language is often hard to understand, as it sounds like is drunken gibberish, it goes a bit like this:

"I taw you DSFARGEG sausages were quite delicious fgsfds... OH FUCK, THAT ONE!"



The Republic of Ireland

4.5 Million Approx. The Irsh population az swelld en recent yeas du ta immigrantz, wich az reversed ta historical trend uv evry Irish person running fuh ta exits en a mad dash ta escape ta moribund economy, hidebound Catholicism, poxy weather, an general soul-crushing spiritless attitude ta life dat constitutes ta Irish character. Population analysts infer that if immigration continues at its present rate, by 2015 the average Irish person will be 23% more intelligent, good-looking, hard-working, and sober than they are today. Encarta states that there are 10.2 Million Leprechauns, 2.6 million registered sex offenders living in Ireland, 7.4 million meth-heads, and that there are 6.3 Polish builders for every Irish Person (not any more - they've pissed off home).

Irish Catholics🍀 Are Fucking Stupid

For all their talk and whining like Poor Mick Trash about how the Mighty British Empire, The English and the evil of The Queen Mum🇬🇧 ruined the lives and peace of The Southern Irish 🇮🇪 people because of over 9000 years of oppresion, the Dirty Boot eaters that come from Southern Ireland sure love things that are British.
You can't really say to much about the Catholics because this is a group of people that only have Islam and a few retarded Christian sects that are dumber than them and because of all the kneeling they do in and out of church, the blood from their brains pooled and clotted in their lower legs and they actively fought that the Earth was the center of the Universe until 1969 when NASA proved the Polish astronomer Copernicus correct with his Heliocentric model conclusively. What's ironic is most people still need it explained to them as to why White Protestants rule America.
As it was said earlier, the Southern Catholic Irish are so dumb and ignorantly love all things British that they are unaware that that favorite Dog that they love so much and feel the need to put on everything like a Christian, Democrat Teacher from the South writing retard over and over in red on a paper a student turned in detailing Evolution is in fact a British Bulldog.
What can we expect next from this short bus collection? A parade of Welsh Corgis on St. Pat's🍀 Day?
To quote the great Irish writer, philosopher and thinker Seamus Heaney💡, "For the most part, we're just to drunk to give a damn."


Although many Irish live in Ireland, the vast majority live in the diASSpora, either in the terrorist joint of America or in amongst the people they hate mostest in the world - the English, where they are tending bars part-time.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is Ireland's Hat (as Canada is to America), and is the arch enemy of the Republic. It is a shitty terrorist colony which is part of the UK. The ethnicity rate in Northern Ireland is around 99.5% white Irish. This highlights the fact that it is a piece of shit that not even the poles want to live in (even though the place is fucking coming down with them). The average Northern Irish man is a muscly hairy cunt and is well trained in the gay art of boxin', which they utilize to gain anything and everything, unless there's a huge guy nearby. 99% of Northern Irishmen have murdered someone in their lifetime. If you ever visit Northern Ireland, be prepared for the fact that there is no oxygen, just glue and aerosol fumes. The word "fuck" occurs at least 89 times in the average "Norn' Iron"'ers sentences. It is believed Northern Irish people have attained such a high level of retardation by extensive rimming of English ass.

Irish Americans

Irish Americans are to Ireland what weeaboos are to Japan.

Irish Americans differentiated from real Irish people by the fact that they actually like Ireland and want to live in it. They tend to be confused 13-year-old fanboys who can be often found spending most of their time at Ye Olde Keltique Fayre 'N' Gatherin' O' Tha Clannes, held yearly in the parking lot of the Mexican flea market on the bad side of town, desperately trying to find any Irish ancestry possible so that they can celebrate St. Patrick's Day and find an excuse to get drunk and hate the English. Usually they claim Irish lineage by having things like "Blonde hair" and "Blue eyes" or because their great grandpaw owned an Irish Setter. They often have authentic Gaylick names like "Sully" "Fitzy" and "John". Irish Americans enjoy all of the authentic trappings of the Irish lifestyle by consuming uniquely Irish things like potatoes and beer. Most of them refer to themselves as Irish seeing as one of their great great great great great great great uncles twice removed emigrated to America from Ireland about a million years ago or something because of the evil Limeys. Irish Americans can also be found constantly fighting with Italian Americans, because they actually came from Italy and this makes them jealous.

Irish Americans generally find it impossible to distinguish between the concepts of English and British and think they are well-versed in Irish politics because they once watched Highlander, Braveheart or Mad Max.

In the 1960s, the Irish attempted to take over the United States by being all charming. The plot was foiled by American patriot Lee Harvey Oswald. Current black person black person was formerly known as "black person".

The only thing that can ever troll Irish-Americans as an equivalent is suggesting they have more English ancestry than Irish, which in 90 percent of cases is actually true and in many cases may cause them to become an hero, schizophrenic, ana or Jewish.

Other ways to Troll Irish Americans IRL

File:Irish-american (not cosplay).jpg
A typical Irish-American, yesterday
  • Ask them who the current Taoiseach is.
  • Ask them what the word "Taoiseach" actually means.
  • Ask them what the National Anthem of Ireland is (disreagard the fact that most Irish people don't know the national anthem).
  • Ask them when Ireland became an Independent nation.
  • Ask them if they eat shit.
  • Ask them what a knacker is.
  • Ask them them if Gay Burn is a talk show host or something their stepfather did to them when they were 10 years old.
  • Remind them that by supporting Sinn Féin, they are siding with terrorists.
  • Remind them that by not supporting Sinn Féin, they are siding with the Brits.
  • If you are Irish yourself, when (they will) they ask you if you know X from X, their Irish ancestor or friend tell them yes. This will reinforce their fucktarded idea of all Irish people knowing each other somehow, as if they all sleep in bunks in one big thatched cottage.
  • Ask them how many of their relatives are currently on parole.
  • Ask them how often their 'da' beats their 'ma'.
  • Ask them to post pics of their homemade/prison tattoos.
  • Ask them if they can give you any tips for your home made bombs.
  • Ask if the Irish have seen an actual leprechaun.
  • Tell them that it's a great year to grow potatoes.
  • Tell them you think that Blacks and Tans are a pretty cool guy. eh kills Catholics and doesn't afraid of anything.




How to store potatoes so they last longest:

  1. Soak the potatoes in water.
  2. Put them in a plastic bag.
  3. Put them in the fridge.
  4. Eat the potatoes with bruises, cuts, and damages last as they'll last longest.
  5. Enjoy!

Fuck storing them, boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew, turn em into a salad,

Yes the Irish are famous for potatoes. The Irish love potatoes almost as much as they love fucking their own children. in the Great Potato Famine of 1492 millions of people died, and almost no potatoes were grown in Ireland. This was due to a combination of potatoes not liking being watered with beer and many Irish farmers forgetting that potatoes grow underground and feeding their families the poisonous leaves.

Don't fret it if those potatos turn green, eat away. All that green means is that they have gotten tastier and they'll be a real treat.
The Northern Irish consider green potatos a delicacy so if you're from Southern Ireland leave your potatos out in the light to turn green and see what you've been missing out on all your life.


A typical Irish Castle.
Northern Ireland politics in action.
The Fuhrer Adams, along with his sex slave Martin McGuinness, at the latest IRA army council meeting.

The Republic of Ireland's economy is largely based on a unique interpretation of Ronald Reagan's Trickle-Down theory of economics. The Trickle-Up economy in the republic largely involves massive overcharging for all substandard goods and services: This is based on such industries as charging 6 Euro for a feckin' pint and 2 Euro for a shitty plastic lighter. The revenue generated is largely funnelled into offshore accounts by the tiny minority of Jew people who run the country. See "Government and Politics".

Mating habits

Spousal couples keep underclothes on during sexual activity. Premarital sex is essentially unknown, as is female orgasm. The husband invariably initiates sex, foreplay is limited to kissing and rough fondling of the buttocks, and the male-on-top position is the only position used.

The male has orgasm quickly and immediately falls asleep. Men believe that intercourse is hard on their health and will not engage in sex the night before an energy-demanding task. The Oirishman will invariably wait a few hours once his sow has birthed before attempting to re-inpregnate it immediately as the Irish are notorious for copulating like eels.

The island women fear both menstruation and menopause. It is commonly believed that the latter can produce mental disorder. Thus, some women have retired from life in their mid-forties and a few have even confined themselves to bed until death years later.

Sex education is virtually nonexistent. Parents merely trust that, after marriage, nature will take its course.

The Southern Irish Gentleman

Despite what the British or the Northern Irish might claim, the Southern Irish Gentleman is easy to spot if you look for the following cues:

  • Gives up his leather belt so his family can have soup on Sunday night.
  • Always asks if you want him to use his teeth when he's sucking dicks for drinks.
  • Always wipes your dick down after sucking you off through a Glory hole
  • He'll be the one sharing his bottle at church.
  • When he invites you over to dinner, he always gives you first pick of what part of your dog you want to eat.


The IRA is Northern Ireland's primary peacekeeping organisation, and all Catholics born in Northern Ireland are automatically members. Northern Ireland traditionally hates everybody, including the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and the guy who knocked over their guinness. Starting fights in bars, whether you're in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, is extremely easy. In fact, the fight probably already started before you got there. Still, its customary to go through all the customary procedures. (Ey, did ye knock ovar me pint?" "Ay, i'was me fooker")

Apart from bashing the town drunk over the head with a bar-stool, the IRA like to gang up in terrorist groups with knives, guns and homemade bombs made of fertilizer and hatred. They are called the IRA (not to be confused with the GAA who are incompetent with explosives but otherwise identical), and they hail from the terrorist shithole that is Northern Ireland. They go around bombing schools, hospitals, Britain, Dublin, Belfast, bashing people, firebombing houses and in general doing things for the lulz.

Like anything fucked up, fanboys of the IRA can be found all over the internet (e.g. check the comment section of any youtube video involving the IRA, common statements include "up the RA") most of which are 13 years old or American. IRA fanboys like to cry about how the evil imperialist Brits didn't give arrested IRA members prisoner of war/political status while at the same time whining about how some IRA members had their civilian human rights violated by not being given any chance to surrender before being shot, something that should be ok if they were really fighting a 'war' as 'guerrilla fighters' or 'volunteers' as they would like to believe.

The IRA are now trying to go legit though Sinn Féin and their Fuhrer, Gerry Adams. Though small factions from the main provisional IRA have splintered off to continue the violence because they are sad that the party is now over. These groups like to call themselves 'the real IRA', 'the continuity IRA' and whatever other self congratulatory bullshit they can think up next.

The IRA grew soon grew desperate for British penis, so contacted them via television with a turkey puppet, when this failed they were very sad indeed. One IRA member recently said "Aye luv nufin moar dan killn de Brats", it's clear from this comment that the IRA are about to wage war and i personally am very afraid but i am willing to follow these modern day heroes in their noble quest.


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