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You're not a true Zim fan until you've spent at least $1250 on merchandise.

Invader Zim (aka That show with GIR) is a show about an alien trying to take over the world and the constant attempts by his aspie emo fuck-buddy from Earth to stop him. Jhonen Vasquez saw the show's exploitability in the pre-teen faggot market, thus promptly arrived to sellout the character GIR with quotes not even from the show. Hot Topic has beaten this trend to death and still continues to beat its rotting corpse. If you should ever encounter anyone over the age of 20 wearing an Invader Zim T-shirt in public, you are legally allowed to beat the shit out of them.


The cast consists of a bunch of spastic idiots shouting at each other non-stop. This would be funny if something funny were happening, shouting by itself is not funny.

Zim: The main character. A midget alien who wants to take over earth but sucks so much at it that he ends up saving it most of the time.

GIR: The miracle of the show. Zim's retarded robot sidekick. This character's merchandise is the sole reason why Vasquez can afford a house and healthcare.

Dib: Zim's rival. He's the character that most of the series' fans relate to since even his own family hates him for being a paranoid cuck.

Gaz: Dib's sister. Despite being a total bitch, she's notably the only one who realizes that Zim couldn't conquer his own dick, that is if Irkens even have them.

Professor Membrane: Dib and Gaz's dad creator. Apparently, he's a fucking genius that's supposed to save the world, yet he can't recognize an alien trying to conquer it is living in the same town as him.

The Almighty Tallest: The two alien rulers that sent Zim on a suicide-mission in space in the first episode to finally get rid of him. Unfortunately for them, it turns out there was actually a planet named Earth where they sent him to, and now these two are stuck with an arrogant dumbass popping up on their monitor every few times a month.

Ms. Bitters: Zim and Dib's vampire Skool teacher. She really hates kids, life, and existence in general; so she teachers her victims students that in a nutshell.

Tak: A female Irken that every Invader Zim fan on deviantART believes was part of the main cast when she only appeared in one fucking episode.


The show sets around an alien named Zim, an alien from the planet Irk, which rules a mighty empire that invades other planets for no reason, kills and enslaves the native inhabitants, and then turns the planet into something half-useful. Zim, who was banished after he fucked up the previous galactic conquest effort, hears about a new series of conquests, so he quits his banishment and begs his leaders, The Almighty Tallest, to give him another chance. The Tallest pretend to care and send him on a mission to his death with a retarded robot named GIR. Despite six months of extreme annoyance by his fucking childish robot, Zim manages to not die and find Earth. He contacts the Almighty Tallest and the two gay lovers are completely surprised to find he is actually alive.

Meanwhile, a spastic goth named Dib hears the broadcast from Zim's planet and promptly freaks the fuck out. Then Zim arrives in a giant spaceship and uses his alien technology to make a house grow out of the ground and even extend its tentacles into other houses, and chooses very poor and practically useless disguises for GIR and himself, all while waking up the neighborhood. Dib instantly recognizes Zim as an alien, but nobody believes him, and they all make fun of him instead (rightfully so since he is a paranoid retard).

The following episodes are pretty much a scenario in which the hero and the villain are too incompetent to thwart each other in saving/taking over the world, constantly canceling each other out with their retarded antics causing nothing productive to ever happen.


Invader Zim Fan-Addicts Are Easily Trolled

Zimfags worldwide swarm Hot Topics like dicks to Paris Hilton over the show's plastic crap. These eyeliner-addicted retards also create THE WORST Rule 34 and fanfictions in existence, combining xenophilia, homosexuality, and pedophilia into one fabulous nightmare that would fit in quite nicely on the Pain Series. Most OCs are sues. The best way is to attack the creator directly. They are easy to kill due to their low self-esteem.

This hilariously spastic TV show, cancelled well before its time, has inspired in my mind both an epic multi-fanfic-spanning storyline and a freakish little nightmare. The latter is available for your perusal here.


—-Shay Caron of Forrester Labs proclaiming his/her source of divine inspiration

Fan fictions

Swing 21 is responsible for this fanfic. A little preview of what horrors await you:

‘All this pain and suffering makes Zim horny,’ answered the Invader with a smirk.

‘But we just…’

A painful twitch of his nipple transformed anything he had to say in a needy whimper. Soon, Zim was kissing him hungrily, claws roaming under his shirt. Dib’s hands traveled down, past the red sleeveless shirt, playing with the button of the black pants. He fumbled a bit with it, grumbling against Zim’s lips, eager to get their clothing –once again– out of the way.

Here is an entire community on dedicated to ZADR fics.


Zimfags worldwide blew their brains out when the show got canceled. Butthurt was had, petitions were signed, forums were created, websites were formed, and nothing other than a lot of irritating bullshit came of it.


Your other shows pale in comparison to the humour of Zim. Bring it back or I know some individuals who will band together and riot.


Foolish ideat NICK humans! I will descover why you are doing this! You suck, you know that? I'm serious, really.. You suck, really, you do... Give us back GIR AND PIG... and every body else, too...! Or we, THE IVADER ZIM FANS, will destory you! We will, really, yeah.


My Sir named kir is going crazy gir was his best friend and if you dont bring gir back he will eat your biggie head jus like the squirll ate dibs head......BEWARE OF THE SQUIRLLS




IF U DONT' BRING ZIM AND GIR BACK THEY WILL COME TO OUR EARTH (not the odd insane earth he's at now) AND TAKE OVER ALL STATIONS AND AIR ZIM 24/7!!! this is just a warning


we neeeed Invader Zim - My life needs the pig!! Without this show life is dull!!!!!!


INVADER ZIM IS IN MY FAVORITE THREE SHOWS AND IT'S PRBABLY NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MUST SAVE INVADER ZIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER SINCE YOU CANCELED INVADER ZIM, THE WORLD WHEN WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WORLD WILL ONLY MAKE SENSE WHEN INADER ZIM IS BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST SAVE INVADER ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INVADER ZIM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INVADER ZIM IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PUT INVADER ZIM BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN I CAN BE HAPPY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT UNTIL THEN, I WILL BE SAD AND WILL NEVER SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE INVADER ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since any idiot with a computer can use Petition Online, there was a petition made to try and bring Zim back on the air. Nickelodeon laughed and ignored the retards, and they were left staring at the idiotic comments left by petition signers, ranting and raving about how it was the best show ever to hit Nick.

Operation Head Pigeons: A group of Zimfags took a blog entry written by Jhonen saying that he'd like to work on Invader Zim again but Nickelodeon refused to let him back. Thus over 9,000 Zimfags decided to spam the fuck out of Nickelodeon through deviantART and Facebook to bring back the show. Yeah, because Nickelodeon will surely bring back a show, which has been dead for 12 FUCKING YEARS, because a bunch of retards are spamming on the internet. DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS Invader Zim has been pulled from the garbage it died in so Jhonen can milk the long-dead cow of any milk it had left. On the bright side, we won't have to look at cringe Zim art or fan fictions anymore.

Trolling Potential

Zimfags are so easily riled up, it's a crime against humanity not to fuck with them. DeviantART is riddled with Zim fan-clubs. Take your pick and post the lulz.


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