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An Internet Military is a group of, well, awesome fuckers. They are pathetic, and are the internet equivalent of the Israeli army, because they ruinate without the aid of mass numbers. The sheer awesomeness packed into this small group makes them as effective as /b/ in sheer intimidation (regardless of how unknown they are to everyone but themselves).


The long training process involved.
Usually retired detectives, the scouting division of the Internet military will visit the target journal or site for reconnaissance.
The Internet infantry move in usually after an hour or so of scouting. Internet infantry act in an infant-like manner (see Infantilism), and usually attempt to annoy the hell out of either the site creator, posters, or visitors.
Transport Division
The transport division appear after a day of infantry movements, if the mission is still going (if not, they may show up anyways). The main goal of the transport division is to flood the page/forums with members, sometimes continuing the work of the Infantry, thereby continuing to bug the shit out of everyone and possibly crash the page.
A step up from the Transport Division, the Flamers now get individual notoriety by flaming the users of the page in either outdated, retarded, or unfunny flame wars. Lulz ensues.
The Commander of an Internet Military is the one who orders the original attack, has the power to call it off, and is the only one authorized to "nuke" the site.
These people are authorized by the Commander to "nuke" the site. Plain and simple, they either obliterate the servers or IP Bomb the creator/visitors. Loads of lulz ensue.
Miners lurk during the actual attack, but sow seeds to ensure future lulz.

The Internet Military headquarters are located at a secret site dedicated to music, in a secret section you can only get to by knowing the url, or googling it.

Internet Military Wars

Internet Military has invaded and destroyed several sites, all of them totally gay. It is involved with the training of habbo-fags into purebred /b/tards, without compromise through their site, [1] (Dead), and [2]. Go sign up thar. phailure...


As of November 28,2007 the Internet Military is *un*offically dead. Fear not basement dwellers, as efforts to ressurect this elite force are currently in the works. You can help by signing up at the nearest recruitment center.

The Internet Military of the Fourth Reich

The successor to the internet military, this team of unskilled neo-nazis utilize basic troll tactics in an effort to produce lulz for the white man.

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