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Although Anonymous are called hackers on steroids and vilified by the US media, in Canadia they see things moar clearly. The Internet Hate Machine, is a force for good and were dubbed an invaluable Internet Vigilante Group by the Toronto Police Department after they were alerted to a child molester in their midst by this 1337 Cyber Posse, tireless Internets crusaders who doesn't afraid of anything; not even curtains nor dogs.

After exposing Chris Forcand and his brb, church shenanigans to the public at large and the old media, Anonymous was awarded the Canadian Medal of Freedom (which comes in bags) after their 1337 sleuthing led Canadian Mounties to arrest Forcand last Wednesday.

Like McGruff The Crime Dog, these fearless crime stoppers will stop at nothing to expose all the hypocrisy and faggotry that has ræped and muddied our pure as driven snow Internets.

Often misunderstood as domestic terrorists and cyber 'bullies' these young crime stoppers are finally being rewarded for their tireless work toward a safer, carefree Snugglenet hugbox for the kids.

The Sting

A Google search of Forcand's name or his address shows online chats a web poster had with what he believed to be girls as young as 13.

The sexually explicit conversations were then forwarded to Forcand's church and a blog he wrote at and his name, address and phone number were posted online by ED, the paper of record for Anonymous and all things Internets.

Forcand's days were numbered but after a Cyber Posse from Anon's Internet Vigilante Group showed Canadian authorities a severed foot from a cleverly lain bear trap that had been baited with delicious loli, the jig was up. DNA tests on the foot matched that of Forcand and, with that, it was to be brb, jail instead of brb, church for the devout Christian predatory pederast.

For main article, see Chris Forcand

Expert's Opinions

Before Forcand was on the police radar, those e-mail addresses had attracted the interest of cyber-vigilantes who seek to out anyone who presents with a sexual interest in children.


—The Toronto Sun[1]

In general, although intentions can be the best, they're not police officers, they're not trained in online luring and online child exploitation investigations. They shouldn't be conducting them.


—Toronto Det.-Const. Janelle Blackaddar

(It should be noted that Detective Constable Blackaddar is a wimmins and is not allowed on the Internets so she doesn't know what she's squawking about. Thus she should STFU and gb2/kitchen/). Further, the notion that Anonymous is not the leading, and undisputed expert, in online luring is ripe with lulz.

Full 'Amber' Interview

Full interview with Gus Kim

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