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So, you've made it big on the Internets. You've pulled together your MS Paint work and racked your brains for an intellectual and subtly stimulating plot. But why stop there? Soon the sequels roll in, and you're ready to host your series on Poogrounds or YouTube, the height of Interweb coolness. But what's left to do? Why, release a DVD of course!

They sure got the Overkill part right.
Happy Tree Friends releases another DVD. Oh, wait.
If we're lucky, he'll get sued for all the stolen video game footage.
If we're lucky, he'll get sued for all the stolen AVGN material, and in turn also sued for all the video game footage.
Wallace and Gromit must have been pissed when a sixteen year old art student made a movie in five years less time than them.

What is an Internet DVD?

An Internet DVD is just like an ordinary DVD, except the content is based on an Internet series created by fat, filthy virgins who got kicked out of their parents basement for fucking the dog. However, unlike a normal DVD, they can only be bought via the web, thus resulting in massive shipping fees and endless lulz for those watching. (Although the fact that people would buy such shit is funny alone.)

Types of DVD

There are a few different types of Internet DVDs, but they all have the same thing in common; they are all a huge fucking waste of money, time and space.

  • Type One

This is the kind of Internet DVD in which one hundred percent of the content is available on the web, even the special features. Basically, the only difference between this DVD and the Internet is that you can watch it on your portable video player so your mom won't be able to hear them say "FUCKING SHIT LOL SEX AND WILLIES" every eight seconds.

  • Type Two

This type of DVD is slightly better, as it features episodes of the series which can't be found on the web, except in the likely event that they are stolen by Jews and put there. This forces the fans to purchase the DVD for fifty bucks so they can see the one extra exclusive show.

Happy Tree Friends mastered the art of this after they released three DVDs with all the episodes split between them. Fans happily spend twenty dollars on each one, at which point the producers released a new DVD which contained every single thing on the previous three plus extra, for a lot less money. Sometime later, they released all the exclusive DVD episodes onto the Internet anyway. Levels of teen suicide exploded.

  • Type Three

Amazingly, this DVD features new episodes and special features. It doesn't swindle the fans by releasing everything they spent money on into the main site. However, it is inevitably wasted on something like the Angry Video Game Nerd and the special features are nothing more than the number of times he says fuck in each episode.

  • Type Four

That's right. Entirely new content. This type of Internet DVD is rare, and comes in the form of full lengh movies about tiny gay men having orgies on tables. Don't let the special features and original content fool you, it's still retarded.

Sellouts who have Released DVD's so far...

Why are Internet DVDs so Awesome?

Because the Irate Gamer even says so on Amazon, when the stupid bastard reviews his own DVD, but is too retarded to create a sock puppet account to do so:

This is a Phenomenal show! Can't wait for Volume 2.

In Conclusion

You chose to spend your money on this, when you could have bought whores, drugs and/or happiness, then you seal your own fate.

Internet DVD
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