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"Intelligence" can make you do stupid things like delete fucking everything.

IQ chart
The size of the penis is closely related to the human intelligence

Intelligence is an IRL power/strength or whatever you MMORPGfags refer to it as like good looks, rich parents, artistic talents, manipulation skills, physical stamina, and willingness to be a doormat. It classifies people into their place in society; nerds, scientists, academics, and Basement-dwellers. Whereas the others' main ability is to squeeze out babies, the intelligent should feel blessed: they get to do ALL of the work and let the dumbshit human race take credit for all of their advancements.

The concept of intelligence relies on being able to feel superior to the person next to you by knowing more than they do. Usually it's because your rich parents could afford to send you to a school that teaches Latin & Classical Studies and then haul you off to some Ivy college full of fellow Jews. Other times it's from being able to hack and program like a pro but only after spending hours in your bedroom crying because the mean jocks beat you up and you're willing to wait 15 years just to fuck their hot girlfriend. Other times it's because one suffers from white guilt and somehow gets a superiority complex by dissing America and wanting to be European or Canadian.

Some people think you can get really intelligent simply by rolling three sixes with a set of three six sided dice. However, contrary to popular opinion that this can be repeated for evar, as soon as you get any intelligence at all you realise how fucking stupid that idea was. You then go back to your starting point of Completely Fucktarded and create a MySpace.

How to find intelligence

For those seriously searching for intelligence in the universe, follow this simple plan:

  • Stop looking in America. Just don't bother, it's been searched for Over 9000 times.
  • Code a LJ Intelligence Scanning Bot. Once you have found your intelligent victim, go and eat their brain. This will give you all their intelligence, but you will also shit bricks.
  • It is super sekrit knowledge that there are large deposits of intelligence ore underneath Atlantis.
  • If all else fails, lower your standards of intelligence. If it's just "reaction to stimulus" or something simple like that, a tadpole is pretty smart.

If all else fails, visit Facepunch studios and make everything you type grammatically correct. They believe that this is the sole indicator of intelligence.

Human Intelligence

So far, humans seem to be the only animals smart enough to build something as complex as a computer, and stupid enough to waste it on shit like this. The top tier of humanity consists of scientists and academics who develop the world's technology in hope that one day the Human race evolves into supreme beings only speculated of in sci-fi who have gained knowledge to solve the meaning and mystery of the universe. Instead, these poor permavirgins will be stripped of their life's work so people like Steve Jobs can exploit and market their inventions to the consumer market, thus advancing their status on the human tier of superiority while the nerds die alone playing WOW. Computers which were envisioned to connect the world, share information, and do our work for us instead are used by 16 year old girls to attention whore and dumb fucks who think their computers are STILL not big enough and their iPhones STILL NOT BIG ENOUGH.

Taking a stroll around the internet, will display the tragedy that is "human intelligence". The most widely visited sites are for girls willingly posing like sex dolls in hopes of finding a boyfriend to gold dig off of, search engines so we don't have to go to the library, and a video site we use to watch cats farting instead of old classical movies that express the depth of emotions and beauty. People post on forums to gain status they can't earn IRL and leech advice because they're too lazy to Google that shit. The most googled questions are about getting laid and buying weed.

Before you shoot yourself and become an hero upon realization of the existential despair and depression that forms from looking upon the cesspool of filth, remind yourself the true satisfying meaning of life: for the lulz

Nietzsche tells us to enjoy the passions and find our superman within. So therefore one should eat to live, rise above the standards and become one's ideal, precede the bang the shit out of your boss's wife, then buy over 9000 jailbait, have a orgy, steal money from everyone, live to tell the story, and then write a novel about it similar to Marquis de Sade.

"Multiple Intelligence" Bullshit

"Multiple intelligence" is a concept coined by politically correct naive concerned adults (the same ones who buy into the new age and liberal bullcrap) to excuse why some people are idiots. If someone scored a 90 on a IQ test, they aren't dumb (yes, they are) they just have a different type of intelligence than the stereotypical image.

It was originally conceived to help the system sort out what place everyone will be for the rest of their lives, but instead is used by politically correct upper middle class yuppies to masturbate about how liberated and intelligent they are for knowing so much about what their child likes to do in their free time.

Proper Usage:

Bob scored high on logical/mathematical intelligence and low on interpersonal. We recommend he become a engineer or basement dweller


—Proper Usage

Improper Usage:

How dare you insult my decision to go art school and call me an idiot! I just have a high spatial intelligence, so excuse me for being irregular from your ignorant views!


—Improper Usage

Dumbass Usage:

tyrone aint no idiot he just got da highest on da kinetic intelligense wich mean he still smart but it dont matter i suppose


—Dumbass Usage

The Intelligences:

How 2 b smartz

  1. Unwarranted Self Importance
  2. Fake confidence and claim to hate the unintelligent persons of the human race
  3. Unwarranted Self Importance
  4. Claim your favorite films are some old sci-fi shit
  5. Unwarranted Self Importance
  6. Be a rebel and claim school is for conformists while choosing to go to college just so you can finally meet fellow nerds like yourself

A Simple chart of Human Intelligence

IQ Over 9000:


IQ Average 50%:

IQ Bottom 25%:

Websites by "Intellect"

Excuses for science/maths majors to jack off their e-penis in their free time

Basement dwellers who take internet discussion too seriously

Hipsters & artfags who take pretentiousness to a whole new level

The Average person has an account on each of these websites

Cancer of the Internet

Fallacies of the Intelligent

People who are intelligent have a tendency to over-analyze things, meaning that they look for hidden meaning in things that are shallow, obvious, and incredibly stupid, when in reality there is none. The following are some examples taken from YouTube...

this film is at its heart an exploration of both personal and cultural themes, exposing our exploitative relationship with our environment on a personal level and, by extension, as a society or species. The poo in this sense is a symbol of the by-products of our capitalist consumerism, with alan titchmarsh reflecting the role of the media; alerting us, ridiculing us, perhaps even judging us - the media becomes a collective conscience that binds us to our own environmental mortality. The refrain of titchmarsh is answered by our inability as a global society to take a truly global responsibilty; as we continue to poo at paul's we are nevertheless reminded that the poo is in fact very much situated in our own pants.


—Cyriak, though to be fair, he probably wrote the description as a joke on people finding hidden connotations in bullshit

Yoshi is WalrusGuy, symbolizing his death.

We're all Link, causing his death. Luigi is all our sadness at whoever closed his account. The king is his account. Gannon is the person who closed it. Zelda is his YTP's. Gwonam is when we found out about the closure. The end scene with Zelda's grave is what Youtube will be like without WalrusGuy. It sure will be boring without WalrusGuy... And the Dr. rabbit scene is basically saying 'Get over it, smile and it will be better...



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