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The inflation fetish, in all of its vulgarity.
Eating mushrooms will make your belly more bigger.
An example of Deviantart-favicon.png Criticalvolume's work.

Inflation "Art" is a form of "artwork" invented by the best and brightest of DeviantART. This work generally consists of filling things with other things. The bigger it gets, the better! Typically drawn by sexually-repressed faggots who suck at drawing anything except for animu faces, so they make the rest of the body as simple as fucking possible. These artists can be identified by the use of pumps or copious amounts of cakes or pies, and the use of original characters and breasts. Inflation art is a true and beautiful art form and any artist witnessed practicing it should be praised for making things that are truly beautiful. Inflation artists also whine whenever people confuse their art with fat art, even though they're pretty much the same fucking gross thing. The only difference is what the flesh balloon is filled with, really. Rest assured, however, inflation artists are all normal people.

Human Inflation

How can you fap like this?

This is what makes up a great deal of all inflation art. Most of it involves females as the subject, with breast inflation being the most common way to inflate a girl. All men into human inflation are at least pedo for Violet Beauregard, who is most well known for bloating into a giant blueberry, thus inventing human inflation as we know it today. It's a safe bet that most inflation artists masturbate to Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory all the while claiming that they aren't pedophiles despite their many files of inflated under-age anime girls may say otherwise.

It is a known fact that a large majority of human inflation artists are immature, basement dwelling homophobic males that cry at the very sight of a male character being the subject of inflation instead of their usual treat of a badly drawn cat girl with giant tits.

Many of them staunchly deny that inflation is a sexual fetish, It's a well known fact that most of these "inflation artists" will shit their pants if they see anything with a penis, mostly because they are afraid that gay men may try to 'steal' their precious art, if you call a photomanipulation of your completely, 100% original character getting inflated "art".

They also become enraged whenever their fetish is questioned, criticized or when any normal rational person states that it's weird and will be sure to swarm in droves to any art that makes fun of them and flame the hell out of it until everyone gets bored and goes back to drawing more pictures of breasts the size of houses. Internets lulzologists believe this behavior can be attributed to the deep shame felt by inflation artists because they sit in their parents' basement all day fapping to their own wanksketches.

Furry Inflation

Like most fetishes, furries have their own take on this. However, instead of badly drawn females being the main subject, furries like to draw badly drawn male wolves instead, because most furfags claim to be gay due to the fact no woman will touch them. Most furry inflation pics tend to have a homosexual vibe to them, most depict at least two male furs usually with one inflating the other and then, depending on how much the artist enjoys "yiffing", will either cuddle the inflated furry or will start yiffing him with or without inflating themselves first.

The rare exceptions that prefer females will usually at least claim to be bisexual, and won't mind seeing Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog being inflated. The rarest group, that likes both furry and human inflation, will more than likely bitch about how human inflation lacks drawings of males.

Unlike those into human inflation, furries tend to just ignore female furry inflation, though they'll still scream and whine whenever asked to draw females, since graduating beyond drawing moobs is too much work and they wouldn't be able to get off on it. Even if the subject is gender ambiguous, they'll tend to initially assume it's a male, which tends to be the case seeing as 99% of their subjects have moobs big enough to be mistaken for boobs.

Their favorite subjects tend to be Pokemon, Digimon, and various reptiles, especially dragons. Naturally, they'll recoil from any of these that are at least 75% human. For lulz, ask one of them to draw something that is either too human for them to stomach or is impossible for them to inflate. But be rather ambiguous about what you want on the off chance they'll actually do it and simply make whatever you asked for into a furry version of it.

They do it to furries, too.

Inflation Writing

Primarily existing on in the form of countless interactives that usually have no more than 6 chapters, inflation writing is mostly produced by those who have a realistic enough assessment of themselves to realize that they cannot draw worth shit, though there are a few exceptions where someone will both draw and write about inflation. Usually god awful, writing about inflation tends to take the usual subject matter and quite literally bloat it a few thousand times bigger, since it's much easier to write about something being over 9,000 feet/miles/astronomical units/light years wide than drawing the same thing equally as large.

90% of the interactives involving this usually limit you to whatever the hell was turning on the author when creating the interactive. Interactive are preferred since for some retarded reason they lack size restrictions and allow authors to get around the number of items limit by making an interactive that shoehorns the author's favorite subject matter into it. Stories of this nature will either lack depth and will force you to go though at least 100 chapters just to get to any particular series or will lack breadth and only have up to five girls/furries/whatevers that the author was jacking off to at the time.

Whatever isn't on will end up being on DeviantART, and the same that generally applies to will also apply to DA, though tends to be lulzier since they allow you to write about pretty much whatever the hell anyone wants as long as they give their interactive the right rating.

Types of Inflation Art

Weight gain in all its anthropomorphic glory.

There are numerous types, all of varying levels of disturbing. Regardless of which, they really need to stop posting such abominations. They're scaring the children (away).

  • Breast inflation: If one must decide which type of inflation art is the least fucked up, some argue that this one is it, being that it's also the most popular. The tamer depictions of this might even be worth fapping to by people who are not sick fucks. It is a known fact that fans of this type have never touched or seen a REAL pair of breast in their lives and with the path they're heading down, they never will.
  • Blueberry/Blimp/Etc. inflation: The subject gets so fat with juice/air/helium/shit that they essentially become a giant inflated person, with only hands, head and feet sticking out. Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the tale that Violet Beauregarde is in, brought this abomination into the world. If he wasn't already dead, he should be hunted down and pwned in the ass for such faggotry. The movies of that book have been deemed the "Movies that christened a thousand dicks", seriously, that's a low estimate for how many fans of this shit exists...
  • Butt inflation: Like the breast sort, but with the ass. Unfortunately, tits generally trump ass in the eyes of the righteous, so this fails moar.
  • Hourglass: Breast and butt inflation at the same time, leaving the waist at its normal size. Once again, less extreme depictions may actually be okay to fap to, but the innocent should shield their eyes from more extreme depictions. Unfortunately, extreme is what all inflation artists (and their fantards) get hard to.
  • Weight Gain: Gaining weight in a more realistic fashion. See FA for more details on this sort of faggotry.
  • Popping: The most disturbing incarnation of inflation art, and is usually a subtype. Basically, the individual getting inflated finally explodes. Some artists simply have their victims pop like balloons, while others take their art into the realm of guro. This form is so eye-raping that even other inflation artists will shit bricks when they see it.

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