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The BAWWWWW bunny
Proof that furries are unoriginal as always. Egbert, Issue #07 (1947)
Some perspective. Back when you could get away with starting any thread on 4chan with "FAAAAAAAGGGS"

Incontinent Student Bodies is a comic of inhuman power often used by furfags as an attempt to turn unsuspecting /b/tards into babyfurs. With a story that H.P. Lovecraft wouldn't describe, a moral that makes Stephen King puke, imagery that Dante would detest, and enough reader alienation to make David Lynch curl up into a fetal position and BAWWWWW, its appearance either drives away sickened Anons or corrupts them utterly, bringing them into the fold of the furfags. The author of the comic claims it was made for the lulz, but the existence of four full issues, its publication by known babyfurs, and the author's other furry and diaper-fetish comics say otherwise. Its power is such that it has caused "BAWWWWW" to completely supplant "Waaaambulance" in internet slang.


Aaron, a bed-wetting furfag, arrives at college to find himself in a dorm full of perfectly ordinary furries who just happen to enjoy shitting their pants. After he wrestles with his identity, he comes out of the water closet and becomes a proud diaper-wetter just like his friends. Issue three details their fursecution (/r/ some pics of that, need moar fursecution(See Discussion Page)) at the hands of other students, who for some weird reason don't like being around people who've always got a load in their diapers.


Aaron: Main character, finds himself in a dorm full of... oh, come on, you just read this!

Josh: His parents gave him butthurt after finding out that he had an innocent little fetish. Ever wrestling with his true identity, he is put on strict bathroom duty to empty his bowels every hour on the hour. After holding off the "inevitable", he decides to piss and shit his pants at school while everyone watches. Oh, the Drama! He finally cracks open the shell of prejudice to be himself at last! His parents, being totally sane and sensible, decide to cancel Josh's regular therapy appointments and, instead, put him back into his shitty diapers.

Jonathan: Hard Gay's fursona. Met Josh at a 'party' the Gay & Lesbian students were having. Just before getting blown by Josh, he shows his new furfag friend just how much he loves giving golden showers. Josh happily obliges.

Jesus (Hay-Z-oos): Some Mexican or some shit, he's a hard working mule. This Spanglish-speaking furfag from El Mexico turns out to be totally gay for his little bunny friend back home, who also enjoys shitting himself. The last image Jesus can remember of said faggot is of them in bed.

Cheese-Cube: A mouse who keeps receiving "gifts" in his school locker left behind by a stalker or some shit. One day, they meet up, and his stalker turns out to be a cat (so kawaii ^_^!), which leads to them watching gay porn and having some crazy sex on the living room couch while their parents are away.

Kiwi: Fruit bat (apparently). A D&D nerd who utilises the power of black magic to turn his friends into diaperfurs.

Dirk: A beautiful unicorn who is tended to by his loving sister, Daphne. He should be noted on his HUGE horse cock. He was pretty faggy in the first issues, but becomes even more so in the latter ones and now sports a retarded emo-fringe. As a unicorn, he is always looking fabulous in his kilt.

Daphne: Dirk's sister. She is inspired to become a nurse because she loves changing her brothers shit, piss, and cum filled diapers. Turns out Daphne is a closet diaperfur all along and is the first diaper shitting girl in the entire series! Fortunately for the future generations, she cannot have children, explaining her creepy attachment to her brother.

Mike: Just your average, everyday diapered furfag who enjoys pissing his footed sleepers at night. See: Mary Sue

Andrew "Orca": An orca, same diaper shit as the others, yada-yada. But what really defines this character is that he is the only one with a girlfriend. It's not yet explained why he decided to turn his back on men and teh cock in general, but this makes him the most likely to pass on his dysfunctional genes.

Geovani: Jock who has a bitter rivalry with Silas. Turns out he has a nerve condition and converts Silas into a pants pissing, diaper shitting furfag like himself. They go gay for each other in the end.

Silas: Also a jock in a bitter rivalry with Geovani. Converts to being a diaperfur after seeing his lover masturbating in a bathroom stall because he doesn't want him to "feel bad". His pastime includes fucking Geovani because he's a dragon half-dragon, since apparently he's a human-dragon hybrid.

4chan vs Incontinent Student Bodies

The first ISB image was uploaded on 7/28/06, and scored a direct hit, being one of the few things ever to set back the collective powers of /b/. The artist herself eventually revealed herself as an "Anon", lending furfags ammo in their war to use to try and convert /b/tards to their sick cause. Luckily, in a last-ditch effort, an image flood in the sticky was orchestrated until the image limit was filled, rendering it useless for future faggotry to take place in.

Gallery of Horror (Do you dare?)

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