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Basic use
Perfect "inb4" timing for optimal humiliation.
Another example of perfect timing. Note the post date.
Screencapped too early.

In before X, always spelled "in b4" or "inb4," is a corruption of the Occupatio technique which presumably originated on 4chan too long ago for anyone to remember (at least 100 years ago), but has since spread like wildfire over the Internets. It is used as a first reply to meme-baiting posts in order to thoroughly rape the noob who started the thread as well as ruin the fun of all future posters to that thread. Unfortunately, faggots generally carry on regardless.


In before X (sometimes "inb4 X") is most often used as the first reply to a thread or comment, and only if that thread or comment is bait: that is, there is at least a 100% chance that someone else will reply to the OP using a particular meme, flame, or solution. Saying "in before X", where X is not the anticipated response in question, is doing it wrong.

The intent of the OP is irrelevant. Even if he's completely ignorant of whatever he's baiting, he is STILL baiting it.

In before X is a troll's way of bragging that he got to a thread before the anticipated reply could be posted, thus mocking all future posters to that thread for their slowness.

If you didn't understand that: The poster after the OP is basically saying "I posted before someone posted X so nyah nyah." See the examples.

Sometimes, the OP tries to inb4 in his own post, because he wrote some bullshit. In that case, he is a faggot.

The most common usage you'll see of this on 4chan is on a CP thread where you'll see a storm of people saying "in before 404" and using tons of image macros to express that this thread has not yet been closed by an Administrator and is still viewable.

It is also best to note that saying "inb4 I love you more" in context with talking to your girlfriend is complete fucking fail and makes you a huge faggot.


OP: "Anonymous got my phone number and address! What should I do?"
Reply: "In before buy a dog."
In this example, OP's post is clearly bait for the "buy a dog" meme. However, any post that ends in "What should I do?" on /b/ is also bait for "a barrel roll" and "become an hero," since these are both training-wheel memes that most newfags pick up on right away and parrot incessantly. Because of this, most advice-seeking posts are ended with "in b4 an hero barrel roll etc." to try and combat this faggotry.
In b4 fail...shit.
OP: "halp plz sum1 stole my ipod."
Reply: "In before an hero."
OP: "LOL is a corruption of Lulz."
Reply: "In before doing it wrong."
OP: "You are just as bad as the Holocaust deniers!"
Reply: "In before Fifty Hitler Post."
Note: it is still appropriate to perform a Fifty Hitler Post even if someone calls an in-before. It is always appropriate to perform a Fifty Hitler Post.
OP: "I am depressed, /b/. What should I do?"
Reply: "In before become an hero"
Note: it is still appropriate to perform an hero even if someone calls an in-before.
OP: [posts CP]
Reply: "In before 404", "In before Pedobear" or "In before Chris Hansen"


A rare case of "In before" as protection.

If "In before" has been properly invoked, then any future poster who wishes to bring up X in the thread runs the risk of looking like a total idiot, and having all other posters mock him/her for being as much. A common n00b mistake is to bring up X after "In before" has already been called, resulting in the n00b being laughed out of the thread, too humiliated to show his IP there again.

In b4 furfaggotry.

There are however few cases when it's ok to bring up X after an "In before." If the poster is trying to protect themselves from backlash, for example someone admits they are a furry but says "in before 'yiff in hell furfag.'" In this case it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged mandatory to let the furfag have it anyway.

Related phrases

The obvious corollary to "In before" is "In after." This is used most often when someone has mentioned X after an "In before" was called on it. Less common is "In during." For example, "In during shitstorm" or "In during newfags getting trolled." "In during" is used to separate yourself from the rest of the posters in a thread, because like, you totally knew the OP was trolling, and that wasn't you that posted a minute ago flipping your shit because he asked for Rule 34 on "404 girl."

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