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Immy's fursona. How much you wanna bet he's a fat asshole IRL?

Immelmann is a 28-year-old professional furfag, artist, musician and writer of such utter masterpieces such as Concession, Ballerina Mafia and The Order of the Black Dog. Only such quality work could have been made by a master genius, for sure? By the way, Concession actually won an award for best anthropomorphic graphic story in 2009. For those not in the know, Concession is a comic full of little else than furry porn, rape, horrible jokes (if you can even call tying someone to a chair and making them watch the DEE DEE DEE clip on loop a fucking joke), rape, pedophilia, pedophilic rape, torture porn, Dominic Deegan references, a demonic wolf fucking a lizard, brain cancer subplots, bad gay jokes, and oh, that's right. RAPE!!! that's it. It went on for two years and won an award in the furry community. How does that even happen?! Oh right. Because the furries are fecking dickheads. I'm sorry, I forgot for a moment that there was no such thing as a sane furry. Side note: somehow, this asshole happens to have an IRL girlfriend. I'm not kidding.


Started as a movie theather comic, then turned into furry drama half porn and ended up into a fucked up storyline. Immelmann himself said that he made so many changes to the plot that he fucked it up entirely so he gave up on it completely.

The cast of Concession

  • Joel - Some emo wolf with unexplained magic powers that got raped by his psychotic brother as a pup and tries to make a group of nobodies working at a movie theater his personal army of...whatever.
  • Rick - A greasy, fat, lazy ring-tailed lemur. Had a boo-hoo childhood and went into drug use.
  • Kelly - A lesbian zebra who was rightfully kicked out of her mother's house and went to live with her funny uncle. She likes to dabble in the stock market, since her shitty theater job doesn't pay much.
  • Thonnen - An artsy dinosaur who likes to fuck the pangolin character. Not much else.
  • Valae - Yet ANOTHER dinosaur character, one who is forced to rape his cousin, Thonnen.
  • Chelsie - The trannie cheep that gets raped by the mouse.
  • Tim - A random raccoon character who is a priest for the "Church of the Shepherd."
  • Franz - Yet another tranny character, this time a bilby. Are we seeing a trend here? Was almost named after Hitler by its parents. Became a tranny because of a dare that ended up with it getting raped. Is part of a punk rock band.
  • Cecil - A gay cheetah (geez, another gay character? why are there so many of them in this comic?) who is bestest friends with Aaron (already for got who that was, seriously) and also a nudist. Likes vidyas and cars.
  • Clive - A deranged MPD okapi (what the fuck is that?) whose other personality is gay (ugh. yet another gay we can add to the list of infinite amount of characters in this shitheap). A pretty boring character.
  • Claire - A hamster with a shaving fetish. I'm not kidding. Fortunately there is nothing else important about this character.
  • Tom - Finally, the last character. This one happens to be a skink who comes from a jewish family! Great. Also is submissive to his wife, as he changed his last name to hers, instead of vice-versa. Used to be a super-villain.

Concession's "story"

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No, do it yourself furnigger.

Ballerina Mafia

As funny as it gets

Ballerina Mafia is Immelmann's second attempt at a web comic. Seeing that the first one sucked, and the plot was so messed up and needlessly complicated that even Immelmann himself forgot what he wanted to do with it, his next series does not have a plot at all, and follows the life of random characters.

Eventually the series evolved in a comic about Immelmann's personal life, with scenes taking place in indoor spaces or in video games.

Order of the Black Wolf

A sci-fi/lovecraftian comic. The Order of the Black Dog is basically Immelmann's excuse to draw tentacle/furry porn.


In 2009, Ursa Major Award awarded Immelmann the Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story Award. Keep in mind that Ursa Major Award is a Hipster Furry's Award Site and, being hipster and all, Ursa Major Awards only gives awards to bullshit art nobody has heard/cares about. Even so, Immelmann waves this 'award' around like it's a badge of honor.

No other awards have been given to this faggot (take a hint, asshole), even though he has been making art for a living ever since.


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