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This page is about an attempted an hero.
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Beware of their tumblrisms and constant hate of Cisgendered people.
Given Name(s) Possibly Marina Joyce?
Nationality Merrycunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born December 25th, 1998?
Residence Uncertain; possibly living in Syria?
deviantART Deviantart-favicon.png Imma-The-Deer (BAWWWLETED!)
JewTube YouTube Favicon.png  Imma The Yandere Neko (BAWWWLETED!)

DeviantArt is a kind of autism simulator which one should enter with utmost precaution. If you do enter, you're probably gonna die in there and become autistic yourself. One can encounter lulz-spewing individuals from Snapesnogger to Nikkineko333. Trying to escape the drama over there is like being an azn baby in a sewer - it just ain't happening. Unless, of course, you're one of said chinks who became an "artist" who barely gets on dA and much less watch anyone on there. However, a lot of this drama just ain't lulzy enough for the greatest of keks. Somewhere within the cesspool of recolors, traced artwork, and terrible fanart lies the true drama. Whether it be users harassing one another, trolls fucking with people, or even just dumb shit, it's everywhere. One of the trends that seems to be plaguing the shithole that is deviantART is that which is followed by bastard children who wish but simultaneously don't wish to commit suicide in the edgiest way possible, with precisely 99.281% of these journals being bullshit unless otherwise proved to be true. This has hindered half of the population of Tartlet's views on journals like these, and with good reason.

Now, Imma-The-Deer / Imma-The-Neko or Ilaine is an 18-year-old gendercuck male to faux-male (MtF) who did the equivalent of showing his botched tits by making one of the biggest Marina Joyce-esque stories that took the art site by storm by simply posting about his suicide and updates about it under the guise of his non-existent girlfriend "Sarah". Within the span of two weeks, Imma went from a mere, small following of 200 watchers to 1,800+ asskissers that all drew his shit and supported him just because he was a speshal Trans. Of course, few things last forever. He was soon called out by a fellow deviant and EDiot, which sparked the week-long World War III.

The Beginning

That deer though. So edgy.

Imma was feeling very lonely and ignored one day (probably due to parental failures), so he decided to fabricate the biggest heart-string puller known to man: a suicide note. Imma had tried this previously before, but it didn’t garter the attention he desired. So, Imma being Imma, decided to rewrite his suicide note to include that he was a transsexual, and from there he garnered the world’s attention. HaiHaiKittyPPG, an archnemesis of Imma and a TOTAL FUCKING HOMOPHOBIC SHITLORD, saw the note and drew a picture in response of Imma having a gay old time and hanging himself while HaiHai watched with a smile on her face - the sort that came from your mother last night. This, in turn, caused HaiHai to receive large amounts of backlash, and made her make an apology, which turned out to be some fabricated story about her life that totally wasn't copied from a video game.

The "Updates"

After Imma posted his suicide note and started the first triad of his little plan, he decided to put on a guise of some ex-galpal he had to make "updates" to his account. It seemed believable to the nearest gullible retard when they first looked at it, no?

The next section debunks these and highlighted the events which started what became deviantART's biggest World War III (and yes, we'll overuse that phrase until you get orgasms from it).

World War III: DeviantArt Drama Edition

On August 22nd, after hearing about it for a week and doing her own investigations, Tartlet Deviantart-favicon.png MY0TISM0N posted a journal that showed what little evidence she had from digging around. At the time, the journal wasn't too well received, but as time passed and more questionable things popped up, so did people's suspicions. It wasn't until a little while later that a medical professional posted this on the journal, shedding some light on the situation and bringing new questions to the table:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

Right, but this is a "medical-induced coma", which means that basically a doctor is putting them under heavy sedation, while on a ventilator, so their body can recover. It's mostly done because being mechanically ventilated is very upsetting while conscious if you don't have a tracheotomy and if people are confused and agitated.

Now, I'm really old here (28) and work in the medical field. I've also been on the internet since 1995 and can tell you first up that this whole thing is a super, super common lie that's been told by angsty teenagers since the dawn of BBSes. It doesn't seem add up in a billion different ways that most people are ignoring for some reason (mostly because everybody are teenagers and younger and their world view is kinda small most likely).

1) Her girlfriend types in exactly the same style and tone as her. An effort was not made.

2) Why would her girlfriend have access to her DA account? The password might be cookied on Imma's computer, but I doubt some random teenager has access to that while a person's child is in the hospital. I guess she might have given it to her, but why? It's dumb.

3) Injury/medical stuff doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Okay so she was found down with a head injury, bruising, and a "twisted ankle". Unlike the movies, being unconscious doesn't last for hours, days, etc. It usually lasts seconds to a few minutes at most. If it's that long, you're probably looking at some sort of brain injury. Either that or they were unconscious from a drug OD and that's also really serious. When you OD on drugs and pass out, what happens is the drugs suppress your body's natural ability to regulate your breathing. You go from breathing an average of 18 breaths a minute down to less than 10. This severely lowers the oxygen levels in your blood and leads to pulmonary acidosis and anoxic brain injuries (look it up kids).

So according to the posts from the girlfriend, she was placed in a medical induced coma. This would make sense for a brain injury, to a point. But let's run through the possible scenarios here. If she was come upon down, EMTs or other rescue workers would administer Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of many drug overdoses (heroin, pain killers, etc.). If that did work, and her mentation returned, they would not be placed in a coma because they didn't do enough damage to their brain to warrant it. If it didn't work, and she's still obtunded, that's bad and points to damage. So she'd be ventilated and sedated to keep her comfortable.

The problem here comes the fact that she was removed from said vent over two weeks later (going by the dates of the journal posts) and "sobbed" afterwards.

If you are coming off a vent after two weeks, you aren't going to be sobbing anywhere. You are doing to be drugged out of your mind on meds, unable to tell where the heck you are. Also, after the first handful of days, doctors will know what's up with your brain injury. Is it anoxic, a bleed, high ICP? Did they need a craniotomy to relieve pressure? Did a bleed need to be evacuated? Something. And along with this, you'll be put on what's called a 'sedation holiday' to check your mental function and your ability to follow commands. The ability to squeeze a hand or nod is a good sign. They also tend to not want to heavily sedate brain patients to see if their mental faculties deteriorate over time. I'm not even going into the tube feedings, possible trach placement, etc. She mentions possible surgery to fix her ankle, but not all the procedures she would need to stay alive? It's not like we throw them in a coma and let them chill for a while.

Also the whole thing about being possibly still suicidal and needing a therapist afterwards - the second this girl came in as a suicide attempt, social services, psychiatric, etc, would all be immediately on her case. She'd most likely have a 1/1 sitter in her room at all times. She'd probably have a placement in in-patient psych after she recovered enough. They'd start her on new meds before she even left the ICU. In addition to that, I dunno what distressed Mom would let their kid's gf in to see them in the hospital if they were that bad off. It really isn't a place for kids and a lot of time we ask for family members only in touchy situations like that.

About the "It's not in the news?! But these people were???!". Okay, how that works: The cops, etc. just don't magically report this stuff to the media and go "Oh hey, a trans teen tried to kill herself because of internet and stuff.". You'd need an outside source to bring it to the media's attention, like a parent or family members. Plenty of people don't want that sort of attention brought onto their family.

Please, don't say that 'a suicidal person would never do this'. Don't you think that's kind of a gross generalization of all people with suicidal thoughts? All people have different ways of expressing their emotions and intentions. Just because you wont, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't or couldn't.

Lastly, while there is a ton of stuff pointing this to being completely false, always remember that it could possibly be. Like, maybe her girlfriend, who doesn't understand medical stuff because she's 16, is providing the best info she can. Maybe that's all that has been told to her. Maybe she's getting this all second hand from their mom or another family member. Who knows. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Tartlets got 500% smarter on that day - and they still got Fs at school.

From here, people got smart and started to question things. Soon, another journal (BAWWLEETED, Here's an archive of it instead) was made to offer a more in-depth perspective of the situation.

Imma's Head Injury, Ankle Injury, and "Coma"

The first thing that was pointed out about Imma's bullshit was his supposed "coma" and head trauma, which somehow made him less retarded. According to the "Update II" journal entry, he was found "a few miles away from his house, covered in bruises and his head cut open". Many retards of all calibers argued about it after the above deviant posted that TL;DR informational comment above about it. Even when Imma, under the guise of his non-existent scissorbuddy, said that he couldn't show proof for "privacy" reasons, users quickly called him out, saying that he could easily get a copy of an X-ray for 25 cents. Of course, Imma (or "Sarah") had no response for these, or any other question for that manner. Arguments include but not limited to: asking for it, tripping over things, and wandering aimlessly among other theories.

During this time, Imma had deactivated his "HaiHaiKittyPPG" sock account (don't worry faggot, this is explained below).

"Sarah" favorites deviations while Imma is in the hospital

Just an example of Imma favoriting things when he was supposed to be in the hospital. Whoops!

Some whore by the name of Lakitu-Cloud-9 did some research on her own, based on Imma's favorites. She noticed that both deviations about Imma AND not about Imma were getting favorited. Just in case you can't be inclined to click the link (because you're a pussy), here's a quick summary:

Links of Imma's recent favorites between these dates:

  • (submitted on August 2)
  • (submitted on August 2)
  • (submitted on August 2; but wait, here's something that I do not comprehend; WHY would a CUSTOM SALE journal entry be added to the favorites?)
  • (submitted on August 20)

Let's see, on July 24, the "girlfriend" put herself in charge of this account and even put down how she was sorry for faving artwork involving Imma. On August 2, the "girlfriend" posted a journal entry explaining about how Imma had been found out cold and was then currently at the hospital in a medically induced coma. On August 20, Imma had already been awoken given that she was woken up on August 19, to which the "girlfriend" had posted that second update journal entry, which was posted on August 19.

This is Lakitu's theory, mind you.

It sounds fishy at this point, right? Well, all the skeptics dismissed this as some silly little detail and were like "lol, but what if girlfriend just got out of hand with fave?".


Found on his dA ID...

...must any more be said?

Imma's "Selfie"

Was Imma’s supposed selfie, but turns out he stole it from some other tranny cuck whom nobody cares about. Sauce

However, the evidence that really blew this out of the water and finally got most of the retards to see was the proof that the above picture was not Imma's retarded, enlarged ass. Some clever deviant just flipped the picture properly and got this, which had an Instagram address to it. It linked to another one and huzzah! The real poster was found and notified immediately.

He was super chill about it, really.

Imma was being rather unoriginal and became autistic enough to snatch a picture of an Inferior-to-Male (FtM) and claim that it was him, a Male-to-Inferior. Shame that Imma actually doesn't have any juicy tits, though.

Imma admitting that he also has a case of GOTIS. Nice to see this furry cunt being two-faced.

HaiHaiKittyPPG and Imma-The-Deer

The one mystery that was finally solved when Imma admitted to being a fucking attention-whore was the question of him being "HaiHaiKittyPPG". Yes, he was. Below is a gallery of the evidence found that Imma was indeed the working mind of HaiHai.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The dumbass blue deer finally admits that he was HaiHai, causing more of a piss-storm among his supporters and "haters".

Meanwhile on Tumblr: "BEEEEHHHH I WANNA KMS"

If you thought Imma was was finally dead and gone, you'd be wrong. He's still alive and well on tumblr, and pulling the same suicide card like he did on dA, and now asking people to take down his ED page because he's so sad and doesn't want anyone to know the shit he pulled. :(((( Poor baby.

As one can see, his blog went from being all happy to downright depressing, as he wants people to take him seriously now. Of course, here at ED, we all know it's a big folly and he just wants people to suck his dick again like they did before he got exposed.


Nothing much besides typically edgy furfag art with shit shading, fuckin' huge ass titties, and a boring style. Move along.


Imma supporters in a nutshell.

It's natural for any mass following to have a few cucks in amongst the rest. In Imma's case, there was bound to be users who would defend their goddess aimlessly from the MEEN FUKIN CYBERBULLIES!111!!!! We could list every whiteknight for you who don't lurk - but honestly, there's no point to list retards unless sweet lulz can be extracted from 'em.

Roadkill Deer Gets Ranted On

Rant #1
Rant #2
Rant #3
A rant made on his alt at the time when nobody knew shit.
Totally hilarious video made for his alt HaiHai.

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