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All right. Sooo... you just dropped the fat $15 lab fee at your high school so that you could get your fine arts credit requirement in "Commercial Art." Wheeew ... you sure did work hard learning how to use the Clone Tool, Color Ranges, and Glowing Edges. Man, you worked your fucking ass off and you didn't even have to stand up once and give a book report! Congratufuckinglations! You Win! Instead of once again working your ass off to find an actual job working for an ad agency or a newspaper, you sit on your ass and make frivolous icons for whatever fandom crap you're into. What a waste of time. Since you're a total attention whore and drama queen you've decided to post the icons you've made in one of the indefinitely many icon communities on livejournal. You post them in a public space, making the request that, YOU MUST CREDIT MY USER NAME IN THE KEYWORDS! Total and complete fucktards think that this is a perfectly fine e-copyright.

Soon half of el jay users are using your icon in one of the 79374937492347927349724 zillion Harry Potter slash communities. Boy, don't you feel stupid that everyone on earth ganked the shit out of an icon that took you half an hour to animate in Image Ready. Oooo it's sooo sparkly. This makes you so enraged that you convince the LJ Abuse team that people are stalking you and stealing copyrighted works. Since the LJ Abuse team smokes a lot of marijuana and still code in DOS, they don’t know shit all about shit.

Icon Theft is also a great way to start a lot of drama with 16-year-old girls.


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