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Careful. He has the GRIDS

YouTube Favicon.png Ickeriss69, aka Michael Patrick Lotz (b. January 21, 1990), is a glorified /b/tardas well as a former YouTube troll who enjoys a little borgfaggin' now and then. Ironically, he began his "trolling" (the term is used loosely) around late '07 He started off not by trolling, but by publicly being trolled by some other random retards. Later, he spent most of his time pursuing Gaydiamond (albeit never making it to the level some others did).

The real attention whoring started with his subsequent facefagging, when he jumped on the Chris Chan bandwagon, gaining notoriety by convincing Chris to send him one of his Sonichu medallions when his friends posed as Blanca Weiss talking to the retard via telephone.

Lesser known, however, is that in the past Icky has left an even bigger trail of faggotry for himself, much of it equal to the butthurt whines of any aspies he claims to troll so hard. Basically, if you're a 20 y/o goth nerd still living with your grandparents in some backwoods suburb in the south, a lot of trite meme-speak and self-aggrandization can work wonders.

My start on the internet was humble. I worked my way up like many people did.


—Ickeriss69, working his way up the internet

Humble Beginnings

In 2005 Ickeriss joined the website Haunting Echoes, and quickly began "working his way up the internet". With gay post after epic gay post, he not only worked his way up the internet, but up the admin's asses as well. So much so, that in 2007 Michael won the esteemed Haunting Echoes Drama-Llama Award for epic faggotry. What this meant was that on a website populated with angsty emo goth cutters, Ickeriss made them all feel much better about themselves by just being himself. After all, whenever they were feeling insecure about themselves, they could always fall back on pointing and laughing at him.

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Quotes From Icky's Haunting Echoes Profile
Likes: Blood, Vampires, my friends, girls, some guys, blades, woods, animals, my kitty, Wolves, Reading, Writing poems and short storys.



I also Jew.



I love listening to music and being in relationships.



I love hugging and kissing. I'm Wiccan.



Jew. I hate it with so much power I'm sure I could burn the world with that hate.



I hate the place I live in now almost as much as I hate some other things.



Ickeriss wants my pen0r.jpg

If you notice in the "Likes" section of his Haunting Echoes profile, you'll see that Icky says he likes "some guys". A closer inspection of the forum revealed just what kind of guys he likes. Like this post from the thread "Your celeberty Crush". Michael reveals that he would very much like to suck the dick of Joel McHale, the host of Talk Soup.

Ickeriss loves Joel McHale lol.JPG

And read some role-play while you're at it.

ITT: Poems of pain, love, or sorrow...

Oh lawdy....
The truth hurts.

In addition to his posts crying about people picking on him, professing his gay love for the Talk Soup guy, and whining about his puppy biting him, Michael has also authored some excellent self-insert werewolf fanfics.

The half nude man merely smiled slowly at the man. He was perhaps 5"11" or 6 foot the officer noted since the mans long, powerful looking legs, were hanging off the end of the couch. One arm dangled down to the ground while the other was hanging around on the top of the couch down to the other side. His long plack hair wild and hanging down to his shoulders. His face and body was strong if not feral and mangy looking.


He's either a werewolf or a vampire, depending on the time of day. Here's another tl;dr vampire story.

Ickeriss' wet dream, Joel McHale as a werewolf.

Like most emos, Michael also writes awesome poems about how the world has wronged him. His lulzy prose is still viewable here.

...You loathe me

I love you
Why so much pain
You cause so much pain
I did as I swore
I love you still
You broke your promise
You broke your swear
You swore to me
Now my mind falters
All alone
Lost to the shadow...



Cold and alone

forced to the shadows
Unloved, Unwanted
All I really am
Hated by so many
Never to understand why
The lonely shadows
All I really have
Emotions gone numb
Hearts gone cold
The very lonely shadows
My last true home



A corrupt mind

Peers from behind innocent eyes
Looking for open arms
To find many shunning souls
Tearfully Azure eyes
Years of loving hate
Years of hating love
The tears are painful now
They fall from souless eyes
Fearing love yet drawn to it
Locked forever
In ever darker battles
Of azure eyes
And dark minds



Narcissistic shadows

Always hungry
Always wanting
Am I the shadow
Hungry for all
But never full
Corrupt from the core
Hateful and wrathful
Is this what I am
Confusion absorbs me
Life and mind are spinning
Am I the narcissistic shadows
Hungry for all
Never to be filled
The shadows are feared
But I don’t fear them
I may be them
Am I the narcissistic shadows



Innocent light

Always kind
Always loving
Am I the light
Bringing love to those around me
Showing kindness and pity to those the deserve it
But the lights job is never done
Beautiful from skin to soul
Loving, Kind, and Beautiful
Is this what I am
Confusion absorbs me
Life and mind are spinning
Am I the Innocent light
Kind to all that deserve it
Job of the light is never done
The light is warm, loved yet feared and respected
I do not fear it
I may be it
Am I the Innocent light



Our mask is broken now

Snapped in two
We're seen for what we are
An innocent angel of light
A corrupt demon of the dark
That false smile is dead now
The maddness of mind seen
Hatred sings
The pain stings
So confused
That mask is gone
So tell us please
What the fuck do you see?!



I smiled at my lover

With my very last sad smile
Today is the end of us
Together we shall die beautifully
Ages it seems
That I've waited for this day
The beautiful reckoning
Today is the end
Only a single tear
Dots my azure eye
She wipes it dry
And gives me that same sad smile
We embrace for the last time
Like parting lovers
To meet again on the other side
We ready ourselves slowly
As if thinking something will stop us
The hour strikes right
And our heart beats stop
Our end is now
And we end with sad smiles



How Do I Summoned Dead?

In addition to being a "psychic vampire" and a werewolf, Ickeriss is apparently a "necromancer" as well. He can be seen on the ghostvillage.com forums asking for advice on how to "wake up spirits". On closer inspection of the thread, you can see that even on a forum full of batshit ghostchasers, Michael was still considered to be a bit off.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

How do i summoned the dead.jpg
hay guize...

His Defense

When confronted with having his hand in the faggotry jar, Michael came up with an epic defense that even rivaled OJ's "if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit". He said, in all seriousness, the following:

Have you taken into consideration this is may be a rather large, elaborate, and complex troll.



That's right. When Michael was 15 years old he knew that 4 years later he would be in this exact place, and in this exact situation. It was a ruse. He set the whole thing up. Using his real pics, birthdate, locations, the crying about his family and ex's, the werewolf fanfic, wanting to suck Joel McHale's dick, all of it. It was one big troll. It still remains to be seen what he actually stood to gain from said ruse, aside from looking like he's completely full of shit, but yeah, he totally set this all up.

YouTube Shenanigans

Ickeriss tries out for the FCTC

So basically this was Ickeriss' "application" to join a (now defunct) collective of poser "trolls" on YouTube. And yes, he was serious. If you've ever had one of those moments where you actually felt embarrassed for someone else, this is essentially that, and probably something even Icky himself regrets doing, seeing as it was essentially the equivalent of trying out for the Special Olympics.

Ickeriss' 15 Minutes

HAHA! GET IT?! Because of that guy, and he said the thing... and now he's saying it ironically?! EPIN TROLL!"

Icky finds himself in one of the Fox News follow-ups (the one with smugfag crying about "cyber bullies"), blink and you'll miss it. Appropos, they slid him in right before another butthurt aspie.

(1:15 marker)

This Gets Worse, Too

At some point in the latter half of 2008, Ickeriss got the brilliant to don a V-mask and begin an epic campaign of trolling against targets such as furries, emos, attention whores, and the like. Otherwise known as the groups 13-year-olds have had covered since the beginning of the internet. To begin a career under the new identity "NatureofHumanity", he released the following video:

In the video, our hero uses a voice changer to conceal his identity. Fortunately for us, Ickeriss is as dumb as a sack of potatoes and doesn't realize how easy it is to unmask a voice. Now you're asking yourself "how could this get any worse?". The man who has already brought you werewolf erotica, vampire roleplay, and delicious Joel McHale presents this gem for your consideration:

An experiment shall we? Lets see how long it'll take for some one to read this and realize I'm a Female Anon.



That's right. Epic oldfag /b/tard king Ickeriss wants to be the little girl.


To round off his YouTube trolling career, he ends with this sad piece of drivel. Putting the last nail in the coffin of his side project, "The Kings Of The Streets".


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: FCTC.

Ickeriss' crowning achievement, the day he came into possession of Chris-chan's Sonichu medallions.

Icky is Leejun!

Less-known, however, is the background on how Icky pulled off this epic ween, and just how much credit FCTC actually took from him. Circa September 2008, originally orchestrated by FCTC member RickyRicardo123, Icky was recruited to text-chat the manchild into demented cybersex to gain his trust. Icky did this about 3 times before getting bored and running off to write some more of his poetry, leaving NurseIckychan to phone chat with Chris long enough to convince him to mail off the treasured toys and hand out pictures of his dick. Icky decided to be the mighty troll to receive the awe-inspiring relics, and did what any ween troll would do; gave the address of a friend, convinced the friend to hand the pack over, and then went to YouTube to break the medallions on camera in an act of epic, brilliant, and unparalleled trolling.

However, right about this time, Icky, Ricky and the good nurse decided that, even though they had unreasonable control of FCTC in the first place and shared the pictures and information with the rest of FCTC every step along the way, they weren't quite happy that they wouldn't get complete credit and would instead have to share e-fame with their group, and so intended to form a new, even better troll troupe alongside what would become the PVCC CWC troll crew, where they would control hordes of newfags as undisputed Kings of Trolling.

Unfortunately, FCTC had already dropped the pictures and claimed communal victory, unaware of the trio's plans for secession. Rage was had, crews were disbanded, and Ickeriss jumped ship to ride the popularity of what would become the only thing resembling an accomplishment he would ever get (despite barely having anything to do with himself); tricking a retard into mailing him toys and breaking them on YouTube.

An epic troll had been born.

Icky's appeal to Girlvinyl

It can be assumed that Michael probably knew he'd be getting an ED page soon, so in November 2009 he decided to suck up to Girlvinyl by offering to give her one of Chris-chan's medallions.

ja, medallions are more or less up for grabs (besides black one, mine) but first I wanted to offer Girlvinyl any of the medallions (again, besides blacky) due to 5 years of ED coming up. I figured, 5 years of lulz is worth one evil artifact of the nets.

Some how I can see it being taken as an insult (how would you react to a random fucking douche bag offering you a 27 year old retards hand crafted medallion for running a fucking wiki for 5 years?)


—Icky doing it wrong

Girlvinyl ended up getting the 'decoy' medallion that Chris-chan made. Once Mike's ED page went online, however, he began openly stating that ED is cancer.

Icky's Unfortunate Incident

Ickeriss has the best idea ever.
An idea he's had several times before, apparently...

Sometime in the midst of all his epic weeeeeeen! internet trolling, Ickeriss managed to wrangle an internet girlfriend he met via trolling. By "met", he (along with some other faggots) was recruited by her off of Vampirefreaks.com for a troll group on a similar site, Dark Starlings. Suffice it to say, other members of said troll group (as well as the creator/admin of Dark Starlings) did not like the idea of having Icky in their group due to his being a whiny, unfunny faggot.

Astonishingly, the relationship went awry. This can be attributed to the fact that Icky

  • constantly begged for phone sex;
  • showed off his collection of blogs about wanting to cut himself and/or become an hero;
  • talked about wanting to marry this girl and get her pregnant (even though he hadn't even known her that long);
  • cried a lot;
  • talked about how he imagined a T-Rex would have sex;
  • was just generally creepy/weird.

Thus, Icky was dumped on Christmas eve (but not before he sent the girl's son a "Baby Cthulhu" toy as a Christmas present). Down, but not out, he sulked back to the internet to mend his broken soul. Until Brittany Holechko (seriously, that Brittany Holechko) managed to contact said ex and obtain this series of hilarious and telling voicemails, along with an impressive dossier of pictures of his pale bare ass that he, as an epic troll, thought would be a sweet idea to send to a woman over the internet. A woman that he met through trolling. And was then amazed when she handed over this embarrassing information, despite the fact that she dropped his shit in retaliation to his wanting to get her son taken away because he was butthurt over being dumped. A stunning lapse in judgment for what had been an amazing career.

Surprisngly, this managed to kill the credibility of his career as an epic expert of Anon (as much expertise that comes with making a YouTube video "trolling" /b/'s flavor of the week, at least), thus began the mass blocking and calling everyone else butthurt over the event.

Really, I'm almost 19 years old...I've lived a pretty fucked up life..


—It's a hard knock life


All 300 of our children who will be Spartans, and dress like the Master Cheif


—king of sweet talk


I really really hope you were planning to do this from the start, because it would make it a lot better for me.


— I hope you fucking send this clip out to everybody, it'll be fucking hilarious


She deserved everything, she deserves worse. And so do I, and I fucking admit that and I accept that.


—Ickeriss in a fleeting moment of clarity


Just tell me to fucking kill myself! Just fucking do it! Take my fucking iPod I don't care!


—Like the true troll he is, Icky works internet memes into what is supposed to be a heartfelt and meaningful conversation

Upon Further Inspection

Fap Video

Among the things that Ickeriss's ex-e-girlfriend gave IHM was a 30 second video of Icky stroking his meat while namedropping said ex in orgasm. Of course, her dropping all of Michael's personal media to his alleged kidnapper wasn't entirely unwarranted. If your ex-lover was threatening to have your kid taken away from you because you dumped them, you'd probably do the same.


Recently, emails (now missing) between Ickeriss and one of his exes were released. Rather than help Michael's case though, they just give more insight into the workings of his fucked up mind.


In May 2008, he was involved in an e-relationship with Brittany Holechko (only for trolling though!). At some point during this relationship, a sex-starved Ickeriss decided he was willing to let the whale meet him IRL for some quality time. Later, probably realizing how horribly he had fucked up, Icky developed an ingenious story about how Brittany kidnapped and forced herself upon him.

It walked in. It had pulled the curtain away. I looked up. It was naked and bloated. Whole strips of the legs, unshaven. Pimples and blemished skin everywhere. In an instant, a Captain Morgan pose was formed, a tampon was pulled from between the legs, blood splatting out as if a knife was pulled from a wound.

I knew what the dead lights were all about. The moment of absolute horror striking ones soul.

Baby, I want you.


—Michael Lotz, master storyteller (full text of the story here)

This totally believable story would probably hold up if not for these telling emails he exchanged with Brittany.

When Icky found out about these embarrassing emails that he had previously insisted were a bluff on Brittany's part (and that he had only talked to her on MSN), he went on to claim that the emails were faked because "the dates were wrong" and that he "didn't have internet at the time". Despite this claim, the dates on the emails match up with the dates mentioned in Icky's tl;dr kidnapping story. Of course, this was all part of an elaborate and complex troll that you are just too lame to understand.

Voicemail-gate 2: Electric Boogaloo

Not long after his downfall at Legi0n, Ickeriss once again suffered from relationship problems. Apparently, during his tenure at legi0n he leaked sensitive information on a girlfriend of his to a group of trolls including Cyanterrorist. Like all of Icky's complex and elaborate plans, this worked out perfectly. Fucking perfectly, I tell ya.Continuing the embarrassing chain started in the previous set of voicemails, Icky decided it would be an excellent idea to call the same girl in the middle of the night to inform him of his plans to dox Cyanterrorist and another troll (The video has gone missing)

Icky Threatens Dox

Continuing the embarrassing chain started in the previous set of voicemails, Icky decided it would be an excellent idea to call the same girl in the middle of the night to inform him of his plans to dox Cyanterrorist and another troll (3:03 in the video).

Activity with Legi0n

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Legi0n.

Ickeriss is a great moderator and only uses his privileges to keep the board fair and orderly and does not ever sticky LiveJournal-esque crying about whatever is making him butthurt at the time. That the thread is also locked is mere coincidence.

Ashamed and down on his luck, Ickeriss has taken a permavacation from YouTube due to being butthurt over his fellow trolls. Recently Ickeriss has been getting on Helldive (anus eal's network), crying about how he is going to get revenge on subseven for stealing his gf and lying about what really happened with Brittany Holechko. Feeling pity, some faggot named KrappleGuy immediately thought he could put Mike's time-tested skills of blocking people and deleting comments he didn't like to work, and gave Ickeriss Admins privileges on his imageboard, Legi0n. Legi0n is where Michael spends most of his days now, since as he has complete control of said board, he can hide from his shameful actions and groom a horde of mouth-breathing Chris-chan enthusiasts who will worship him as a medallion-destroying God among men under the alias Medic. Coincidentally, "Ickeriss' happens to be completely wordfiltered off the boards and most criticism of him is met with an instant permaban. Not because he's butthurt about anything though. It's simple clean up, you see. When one's immersed in the delicate and subtle art of managing a board about fat autists, one must cover the details.

Despite being such an epic troll well worth his accolades and position of power, Ickeriss just can't seem to handle the pressure of running a medium-sized chan, and has several times recruited for subordinates. The very careful selection of who gets to be a mod on Leejun follows a very simple pattern. A "regular" poster on the board catches Ickeriss's eye, said poster is invited to the irc channel by Icky, who then asks the poster if they use skype. The poster is then invited to a skype conference with Ickeriss and his circlejerking friends. Then Ickeriss, in his infinite knowledge, deems the individual to be a pretty cool guy and asks the person if they want mod power on Leejun.

Mike has his hands full on /cwc/, so don't go doing anything rude like posting pictures of his dick and his tearful voicemails to his ex to ruin the faggot little cult of personality he's obtained or anything like that, or he'll just have to break out his troll skillz and call u mad.

Epin moderation in action:

How Does I Ate Steak?

At January 15, 2010, Ickeriss launched a one-man campaign (with some assistance from his fellow morons at Legi0n) to troll Onision and his fanbase of tree-hugging vegans. This doesn't seem like a difficult task, but when Ickeriss and Legi0n are thrown into the mix it inevitably devolves to the Special Olympics. His master plan: record himself eating a steak. On the original upload, all of two butthurt fans commented. Fucking epic.

Computer mouse plz

At one point, Ickypoo was brought into a skype call with an attention-whoring, fellow otherkin known as Deviantart-favicon.png Shadow Phantom. In this skype call, Ickeriss took it upon himself to put his expert womanizing skills to the test and told Shadow Phantom that he would pay her if she read off her erotic fanfictions. The last straw was when Icky had another epic idea and told his fellow lulzcow to stick a computer mouse up her ass. Ickeriss's antics of course did not go unnoticed as Shadow Phantom ragequit skype and proceeded to bawww on a Sonic the Hedgehog forum.

I'm totally willing to fill that christ-hole with my troll gelly


—Ickeriss trying to be suave

Ickeriss of course decided to keep pursuing Shadow Phantom and followed her onto the forum.

DDoS Drama

Ickeriss's cocky attitude had gotten Leejun DDoS'd on numerous occasions, but the most notable was when his faggotry came to the attention of EZBake. Basically, Icky's then-e-girlfriend had become good friends with an EZBake skiddie known as garrett. This of course infuriated the beautiful archfiend, as he apparently does not want whatever woman he is with to have any male friends. So Icky decided to run his big mouth at garrett in a fit of jealousy. Garrett responded to this childish behavior by not only DDoSing Leejun, but packeting Icky and knocking him offline.

<garrett> This kid is a douchebag.
<garrett> On the real.



—garrett telling it like it is

¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:05 PM <garrett> Yo
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:13 PM <AlecVanKrause> sup brah
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:18 PM <garrett> nm
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:22 PM <garrett> We need to talk
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:25 PM <AlecVanKrause> a'ight
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:28 PM <AlecVanKrause> whats up?
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:33 PM <garrett> What is the deal with Armitage
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:41 PM <AlecVanKrause> what do ya mean?
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:57 PM <garrett> You know what I mean man, there is a lot of shit being talked.
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:35:57 PM <garrett> :(
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:36:10 PM <AlecVanKrause> there is? :(
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:36:27 PM <garrett> Quite a bit.
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:36:32 PM <AlecVanKrause> whats happening with arm though?
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:37:56 PM <garrett> Well, Arm isnt able to connect to the internet very well right now.
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:38:06 PM <garrett> He needs to stop harassing a certain girl.
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:38:18 PM <garrett> Until that stops, his internet will stop.
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:38:23 PM <garrett> I like you guys a lot
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:38:27 PM <garrett> Its just him i have an issue with
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:38:32 PM <garrett> Sorry about the netsplit.
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:39:30 PM <AlecVanKrause> like what do ya mean harassing though?
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:40:04 PM <garrett> Constant bothering, he is raged that his one way crush isnt going in his favor
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:40:08 PM <garrett> so hes being aggressive
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:40:11 PM <garrett> and scaring her
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:40:17 PM <garrett> I didnt want to take drastic measures
¶garrett:4/18/2010 11:40:23 PM <garrett> But I had to.
Icky is clingy to the point where it could be considered harassment.

While the preceding irc chat was going on, an internet-less Ickeriss called Krapple on the phone, and in a fit of spastic nerd rage, began bawwing about getting packeted and how he wanted to get garrett v&. Once the drama died down, Ickeriss offered (YES, OFFERED) to pay for the DDOS damages from the previous night. When all was said and done, Icky had earned himself a seemingly permanent admin position on the boards due to his generous monetary contribution for a DDoS attack that was his fault in the first place.


Legi0n onto Icky's shit.

In Mid August 2010, Ickeriss's faggotry on Leejun had reached it's boiling point. The last straw was when Mike decided it would be great to personal army the site by posting nudes of his ex and pictures of her child on Leejun's "lolcows" board. When said images were removed, Icky decided to colorfully respond to this lulzkilling.

stop deleting shit I do you fucking faggot


—Icky handling things like a true professional

Icky then proceeded to repost his personal army/butthurt thread, only to have it deleted again. On August 13, 2010, Ickeriss said that he would start paying for the site, effectively making him the owner (he also told SeanieB and some others about how he wanted to remove Krapple and take over the site). However, Krapple finally had enough of Icky's faggotry and removed his admin powers on Legi0n.

After Exile

After ruining Legi0n and having what was left of his support group more than ready to want him gone, Ickeriss did the smart thing and proceed to gather even more attention to himself. To prove them wrong, of course.

"I hope you get AIDS in your dick"

Not content with merely one display of emotional indignation, Ickeriss again displayed his voicemail proficiency and left his former Legi0n cohorts a seething message, letting them know outright that they were newfags (in his /b/ mask)and homosexuals (while masturbating to The Soup reruns). The video is missing.

Ickeriss apparently did not appreciate his voicemail rantings being posted on Youtube so he did the only logical thing he could do and had the video taken down. Unfortunately, Icky doesn't know that the internet doesn't forget.

"Hey Guys I Intentionally Christian Weston Chandler"

He totally did. Killed it dead.

After his controversial, yet simultaneously uneventful stint as Fuhrer and Greatest Liability of Legi0n, Ickeriss decided to lead an insurrection against his former cohorts. Not unlike Satan and his rebellion against God, the Beautiful Archfiend had attempted to gather his minions from /cwc/ and destroy Legi0n from the inside. Too bad for Icky, his boys in Legi0n weren't entirely appreciative of how his douchebaggery led them straight to the attention of Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Michael was forced to avenge his second fall from grace alone. Infuriated and desperate, Ickeriss decided he had only one option left; if he couldn't rule over the CWCfags, he would destroy Chris-chan trolling completely.

Blaming his humiliation on those with considerable sway in the world of autistic stalking, Icky made it clear that during his tenure with Legi0n and involvement with said 'tard baiting that he knew dark and terrifying secrets that, if exposed to those closest to Mr. Chandler (specifically his church counselor), would tear the world of Chris-chan enthusiasts apart irreparably, and made a list of demands in order to keep the terrible secret under wraps; most of which included removing all unflattering videos of him from YouTube and returning the respect he gained from moderating hanging around on /cwc/. Ickeriss had it all planned out. Knowing trolls couldn't possibly bear the loss of a lulz icon, they would have to give into his demands, or else lose the greatest source of comedy gold ever!

Except that he wasn't even entirely sure that it was Legi0n and other assorted CWCfags leaking the embarrassing details in the first place. And that everyone and their dead grandmother has already attempted everything and anything to troll the Chandlers, and that anyone approaching them with "damning information" would be ignored without a second thought. And that, on the off chance they did listen to him, he would then have to explain why there was video of himself online gleefully destroying Christian's stolen property on YouTube. And that historically people that have tried to counter-raid imageboards out of butthurt indignation end up buried by said boards. In addition to his long, long track record of basically just fucking up ever single thing he's ever attempted to pull off fucking ever. Ever.

But yeah, if you're pissed off wondering why there's never anything new going on with Chris-chan lately, Ickeriss wants you to know he was totally responsible for that. Feel free to show your appreciation.

A Desperate, Angry Boy Runs Out of Ideas

In a bizarre episode, Ickeriss recently stooped to contacting former Legi0n cohorts and assaulting their voicemail with songs by My Chemical Romance and Insane Clown Posse, clearly under the impression that this was the most logical way to count the assertion he was a meme spouting crybaby loser. The video is missing.

Icky's Unfortunate Incident (part II)

Sometime in October 2010, Ickeriss' ex (who dumped him on Christmas eve 2008 and dropped his shit to IHM) approached him. She proclaimed that despite being married to Subseven, she still had feelings for Icky. Of course Michael, being the clingy, gullible imbecile that he is, bought into the lie. Well, part of him did. The other part wanted to get revenge and thus decided that he would play along and then tell Subseven that he was being cheated on. Icky however, was unaware that Subseven (as well as a few of Icky's ex-leejun buddies and a more recent ex of his) were in on this trolling scheme. Notably, Icky's more recent ex sent Icky's /b/ mask to his previous ex. It has been alleged that the mask has a rancid stench to it when worn.

A Michael Lotz Christmas

The initial trolling by Icky's ex ended in November 2010 when Icky got fed up with being cockteased. Then on Christmas eve 2010, all that had been gathered on Icky was dropped. Among the things dropped was a large number of pictures ranging from text messages to more n00dz. The faggot who promised to post the nudes was MIA.


Once again, Icky proved that he just can't keep his pale-as-fuck phallus in his trousers and fapped on cam for his ex. What Ickeriss didn't know was that his fap session was being recorded. So in short, Ickeriss was tricked into fapping on cam, only to have a video of it dropped on the 2 year aniversery of his internet girlfriend dumping him. The video is missing.

"Hey Guys I Intentionally Christian Weston Chandler" (part II)

Not content with all the negative attention he'd already received and butthurt about his famous, epic Sonichu medallion videos getting removed from his Youtube channel, Ickeriss decided to once again make the Chris-chan trolling community the target of his crybaby tantrums. This time around, Icky felt it necessary to threaten a YouTube Favicon.png Youtube channel that mirrors Chris-chan's videos with the possibility of DMCA takedowns. Why would an epic troll like Ickeriss do this you might ask? Well, because this Youtube channel dared mirror his precious medallion videos.

The person you spoke to about allowing you to upload my video's and I had an arrangement concerning you being allowed to keep that video up. That arrangement is pretty void. So I would appreciate it as opposed to having to file the DMCA's.

Not trying to be a dick, or anything.


—Ickeriss being an internet tough guy

Ickeriss's medallion videos however, can still be viewed YouTube Favicon.png here. Catch them now before Ickeriss DMCA's them away.

Theme Song

I wanna be
The very best
Like no troll ever was
To amass a personal army is my quest
To sell them bullshit is my cause
I will travel across the Tubes
Searching far and wide
Each chanfag nerd to not understand
That my accomplishments are lies

It's you and me
Grew up with Dei in Germany
Oh I have no friends
From the truth I must defend
What I told legi0n wasn't true
But my shit, they did not see through
You'll dump me and I'll cry to you
Gotta troll 'em all!

Every challenge along the way
With a /b/ mask on my face
I will battle every day
To claim my rightful place
Kidnap me, the time is right
There's no better team
On my own chan I lost the fight

On your voicemail I will scream

Gallery of Icky

Gabrial the Beautiful Archfiend About missing Pics
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