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Iceberg image analysis videos are the next evolution of top ten videos on youtube. You take the concept of a top ten video, then add at least 100 other entries to it and spend five minutes on each entry. This is so jewtubers can milk as much ad revenue as physically possible, while also wasting an hour of your precious time. These analysis videos usually revolve around something horror related or alternatively and more popularly as some mundane media topic and add in conspiracy theories and other "AHHH SPOOKY THING IN MY CHILDREN'S CARTOON HELP ME". This trend of overanalyzing these videos was kick-started by the Mario 64 Iceberg image, that we all have seen or heard about by now from spergs on twitter and youtube.

The Image


What the typical iceberg video contains

  • The iceberg image being divided into at least four or five "layers". Bonus points if they have different background music for each layer.
  • Spend at least two to three minutes explaining what each point means and the history behind it.
  • The video is split into multiple parts usually two to four in number.
  • The whole video is around thirty minutes or more and if the video is split into multiple parts expect the total video runtime to be over three hours.

Why these videos exist

As with most memes these days they are spawned from video games. The key difference in this instance however was that this image format is actually older than it would seem at first glance. It was used to mainly refer to conspiracy theories and stuff you'd normally see discussed on x/, like cryptids and aliens. Then speedrunning autism infected this once simple infograph and turned it into "Spooky wall textures? in MY video game?" Now it takes the form we are all now familiar with today.

How to make your own iceberg image

  • Step 1- Find some topic to make it about; this step can be the hardest to complete depending on how deep you want to go. Remember if there is no video or image about the topic, the better off you'll be.
  • Step 2- Begin research, this step will most likely be what you spend the most time on.
  • Step 4- If you're a lazy fuck you can just give up and post the image on reddit and let someone else make the video and you get some pity points for being the creator of the image when someone eventually makes a video on it.
  • Step 5 (Optional)- Turn your image into a feature-length film, if you're video is not at least an hour-long you fail. Be sure to refer to the early section of this page for tips on what to do in this step.
  • Step 7- Enjoy your newfound youtube jew golds and e-fame.

Video Examples


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