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edgelord Ian, MGTOW Ian, "everyone is a rapist" Ian and "I forgot I used to be one of the people I am now accusing of being rapists" Ian all work together to creat the worst tweet ever
Ian Miles Cheong16.jpg

Ian Miles Cheong Wen Xian (aka "Little Hitler") was born in Malaysia, and being that Malaysians are the niggers of Asia, he soon became a self-hating jew Asian white supremacist. Today he is a nazi turned SJW (or "Turbo Feminist" as he used to call himself) turned anti SJW edgelord and video game "journalist" who still makes racist posts on twitter despite claiming he is no longer into that, and who, considering his yellow skin and the fact he is gaining weight as rapidly as he is losing hair, every day looks more and more like a deformed, real-life version of Homer Simpson.

Adolf Cheong is known for selling his influence on reddit to the highest bidder Oops! He got banned for that. Now he is only known for accusing various people of rape on a daily basis because no woman has ever touched him and he doesn't believe there is any other way for a man to get sex anymore.

Gameranx and Ian as a "Journalist"

Ethics in game journalism? It's fucking game journalism. Who gives a flying fuck? Holy shit.


—Ian Miles Cheong, Editor-in-chief of "Gameranx", a game journalism website.

Ian took interest in video games and decided to become a gaming journalist at the now debunked hellmode.com (what else is there to do with a face like that?). He quickly gained a reputation as a tireless suckup who would firmly clamp his lips around the cock of anyone in the games industry unimportant enough to care about Ian. But not only was he a kissass, he was also a backstabber who didn't think twice about throwing his friends under a bus for his own benefit or accepting bribes from people, and after enjoying them, writing smear articles about the people who gave him the bribes, accusing them of bribing him.

Later Ian would create "Gameranx", one of the worst, least respected gaming news sites online. Known for its inaccurate reporting, false accusations and attempts to convince people not to give money to charity. The site is also known for being Ian's friend's personal PR department, like Zoe Quinn and her "boyfriend" (he's not really her boyfriend, she's sleeping with him for his influence and his daddy's money) Alex Lifschitz, The former of which listed him as a contributor to her game which his site helped promote with six fucking articles, and the latter of which has him write for his convention about how journalism needs to be more corrupt (this is literally what Lifschitz says in his speeches).

But it doesn't end there...

Holly Green and the "Destructoid" Affair

Ian's worst nightmare

I direct your attention to Holly Green. Holly went batshit on twitter at the start of GamerGate but no one paid her much attention and her rant was soon forgotten after she mysteriously deleted it. This was until a website exposed that "Destructoid" had fired one of it's writers for exposing the scam charity of Chloe Sagal that begged for money for a "life saving operation" but was really for a sex change. The editor of Destructoid first let him run the story, but then retracted it after the tranny in question threatened to kill herself and her feminazi friends pressured the site into taking the piece down.

The writer was fired as a result, after his editor colluded with various other games journalist (including Jim Sterling from The Escapist) on the GameJournosPro mailing list to have him blacklisted in clear violation of state law. He was also refused a recommendation letter and threatened that if he complains all his work will be deleted from the site and all his future employers will be sent a recommendation letter containing only "WORST EMPLOYEE EVER!!!".

Now, how does Holly, Gameranx and Ian fit into this? It turns out Holly used to write for Destructoid as well and, according to her cryptic tweets, she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment and was threatened to be blacklisted and have all her work deleted as well. And what does Cheong have to do with this? Well, guess who Holly works for now. Yep, it's Gameranx. And Ian is vary anti GamerGate. In other words, Ian Miles Cheong, the "Turbo Feminist", probably pressured his female employee into removing tweets and hiding the fact she was sexually assaulted and subsequently fired for complaining about it, because he didn't want it to hurt his anti-gamergate narrative.

Confused? Here's a handy infographic to help you out:


Ian's Response to Our Allegation
Ian denies.png

We reached out to Ian for comment a long time after this article was made and he denied all allegations... However, he also denies that he's going bald so you can't really trust anything he says.

Selling His Modship on Reddit

IMC TurboFem.png

Accepting bribes is nothing out of the ordinary for IMC and, while he was running his game site, Ian was also a mod on reddit under the alias "SolInvictus" and possibly "slaterhearst". While being in-charge of some of the biggest subreddits on the site, Ian was known for constantly spamming and for his shameless self promotion with regard to his site. But other than plugging his own site, he constantly (and suspiciously) posted links to a site called "GlobalPost" and "Uproxx".

Eventually both accounts were banned when it was realized that Ian was plugging these sites for money. A representative of GlobalPost was contacted and said that they had hired him as a "Social Media Consultant". In other words: gave him money and a fake title because he was the mod of these subreddits and promised to spam the site with links to their articles. Source: [1]

This is the man currently fighting to prove there is no problem with ethics in gaming journalism.

Ian The Literal Nazi

Tweet about Ian Banana Nazi Cheong.png

His comments on GamerGate prompted an internet investigation that discovered that he is literally a fucking nazi.

As the articles show, prior to his social justice warrior phase, Ian was a self-hating jew chink who often posted about how he hates jews, niggers, being asian, and how he wishes he was white. He even said that Hitler is his personal hero and that he considered himself a "Banana", yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Combine all that with the fact he is from Malaysia and that he obviously can't get laid and there is really little left to tell him apart from Elliot Rodger other than Elliot actually being at least half white.

This is pretty funny considering that for years he was a social justice warrior who white knighted bitches online (none of whom would ever sleep with him regardless) and said he was against racism... Or is he? Despite he attempt to delete fucking everything during this period he missed some posts like this one:

Ian Miles Cheong11.jpg

Or any of these ones:

Ian Miles Cheong9.png

Eventually he came out with a statement about his past where, in what has to be the most hilariously pathetic attempt to shift blame, he said that the reason he is was a nazi is because of the "toxic gamer community" he was a part of and that GamerGate is somehow retroactively responsible for his past actions and not him and his own free will. Which perfectly explains why he completely changed his views later on and went back to being a right wing fucktard.

Ian Miles Cheong8.jpg

Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png
Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png
Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png
Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png
Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png Ian Miles Cheong2.png

Pictures Of Miles

another one of his old pictures he likes to use

Another thing him and Elliot have in common is their love of selfies. However, while Rodger looked at least, kinda, somewhat human, the same can't be said for the short, rapidly aging, rapidly balding and even more rapidly inflating Cheong. His bad teeth, white hairs, rat mustache, second chin, third chin and short stature add nothing to his charm. This is exactly why he uses old pictures of himself when he was merely ugly (instead of fat, old and ugly) whenever he can.

Another thing he often does to his pictures is make them darker, or make them black and white. That way he looks less like the Charlie that he is and more like the white ubermensch he wishes he was... It also makes his bad skin less noticeable.

Fat and Balding About missing Pics
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Accusing People of Rape

One thing that Ian really loves to do is call people rapists, Which is funny because he never called out Zoe Quinn when she was accused of sexual assault or when she admitted to rape. This is all probably because he is extremely jealous of any man who, unlike him, can actually get laid.

Here is a list of people he tried to call rapists so far:

Calling KSIOlajidebt a Rapist

Girl in the video telling him he needs to get laid

His first known false accusation of rape was of youtuber "KSIOlajidebt" or "KSI" for short.

KSI went to the Eurogame convention, and as a prank, awkwardly asked girls in cosplay if he can hit on them. He then proceeded to make sexual comments at them or, in one case, motorboat them. Everyone enjoyed the video. Everyone, that is, but Ian Miles Cheong, who quickly wrote an article about how KSI had sexually assaulted those women to get him banned from the convention. He later changed the article's title to point out that KSI had verbally assaulted them (but not before clickbaiting people into thinking he literally raped some girls on the convention floor first) and then went on to say on twitter that he would like to run KSI over with his car.

Why does Ian feel so strongly about this? Because KSI is black.
As evidence has shown, Ian is a sworn nigger-hater, which is why he was so mad when he saw KSI's black face in a white woman's tits, as his face will never come close to any tits of any color. That is also why, when a similar prank was posted at roughly the same time by a white guy, everyone at Gameranx thought it was "Hilarious".

But you know who didn't think those women were sexually harassed? The women themselves! The chicks in the video promptly contacted Ian on twitter to explain to him that they gave their consent, which is obvious to anyone watching the video who isn't retarded, and proceeded to tell him to fuck off and that he needs to get laid.

Calling All of Reddit Rapists (With Pedophile Bonus!)

Still butthurt about being banned from reddit, Ian made this attached video (now privated after seeing this article) where he discusses how he takes issue with the fact reddit banned all Gawker Media links after they doxed Violentacrez but didn't ban anyone when reddit was trying to help find information to lead to the arrest of the Boston marathon bomber.

He alleged that, because they want to help stop terrorists but don't want their users doxed by second-rate tabloids, Reddit is a site for pedophiles (which explains what he was doing there in the first place).

Calling the Moderator of r/KotakuInAction a Rapist

Ian defends himself (poorly), immediately acts like a hypocrite

Having been thoroughly humiliated, Ian decided his best course of action would be to randomly accuse someone of rape. Unhappy with what they have been saying about him lately, he picked the moderator in-charge of the "Kotaku in Action" subreddit.

He claimed to have found undeniable proof that this man is a rapist because he linked him to an alt account of a person who offhandedly defended an alleged rapist and that the two are clearly one and the same.

Ian, however, is as bad at researching people's dox as he is at researching his articles and it quickly turned out he was wrong. Instead of deleting that tweet or posting a retraction Miles posted another few tweets where he says that, although he has been proven wrong, we can't know that the KiA admin isn't a rapist. Which leads us to the next section of this article:

Ian Miles Cheong3.png

Ian Miles Cheong is a pedophile and a rapist

Can you prove this isn't a real picture of Ian Miles Cheong raping a girl in a nazi uniform?

Clearly, as can been seen from all the evidence in this article, Ian Miles Cheong is probably a pedophile and a rapist, driven to sexual assault by his inability to get anyone to have sex with him due to his hideous face.

There is no way to prove for a fact that Ian Miles Cheong sexually assaults women and looks at child porn because, as he said in his own accusations of the KiA moderator, only a person with access to Ian's computer can conclusively know that. Lacking solid proof it is however not unreasonable to assume that , given his personality and his obsession with rape, Ian Miles Cheong is a pedophile and a rapist.

The prosecution rests.

Ian Caved

A few years ago this amoral spineless weasel showed his true colors (white inside, yellow on the outside) by being a yellow-belly and turning his rat-tail in-between his back-pedaling legs. After turning from a channer edgelord to a feminazi mangina, he went back to being a channer edgelord and apologized for everything he said about GamerGate, then created an "ethics" policy for his site. He frequently talks shit about his former friends and white knights many of these he bullied during GG, revealing he will always be a hypocite.

Pepe drama

He wrote correctly on a website called 'Heat Street' that Pepe The Frog is not a racist meme, as it is after all just a frog. That is a meme. Who is a frog, that is a meme.

In reality, Pepe the Frog is a complex creature. It’s lived multiple lives. After finding a home on 4chan’s /r9k/ boards shortly after coming into existence, Pepe naturally fell into the hands of self-described “shitposters” who disseminated its use far and wide across social media. Celebrities caught hold of it, found it funny, and used it like anyone else.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngNo Hillary, Pepe the Frog is Not a Racist Meme

But just a couple of days later when the Editor of Heat Street Louise (uber)Mensch decided that Pepe was indeed an anti-Jewish meme, Ching Chong Cheong ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmade a 180, and now thought he was wrong.

That piece was inaccurate. We apologize for publishing it. The piece was floated and rejected in a story meeting yet somehow, at high volume, this one slipped through the net...

While Pepe, once a harmless frog meme, may have started out as a widely used meme, the frog is now a symbol of the Nazi Jew-baiting of the alt-right...
As we approach the High Holy Days, we at Heat Street are well aware of the torrent of antisemitic abuse perpetrated online, of whom Donald Trump supporters on 4Chan are amongst the worst offenders...
But there has been far too much antisemitism and normalization, dismissal, and acceptance of anti-semitism online. This publication does not wish to be a part of that..


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHillary Clinton Is Absolutely Right, ‘Pepe’ Meme Is Antisemitic – An Apology

The irrelevant blog Heat Street is owned by News Corp, the mass media conglomerate that is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Rupert was getting more than a little concerned that Breitbart was taking too much of his daily click, especially among young conservatives; nothing wiser to do in response than to hire a former British MP and wife of a Jewish band manager to help you appeal to people outside of the now Ailes-departed Fox News with the average viewer age of 75. And like the sluts on Faux News she is a blonde with long legs and a 4/10 face.

In case you haven't put two and two together by now, Ian is a fucking weasel without convictions and it's no wonder both sides everywhere think he's a joke.


More Ian Nazi Shit About missing Pics
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