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Iambic pentameter is a common meter used in English poetry, most famously by Shakespeare. A normal person might think this obscure and boring subject could not produce drama on the internet, not knowing that poets are second only to musicians in their stupidity. References to iambic pentameter are often used in literary discussion to demonstrate intellectual superiority, generate lulz, or pwn emos.

Iambic Pentameter Getting Around OL

  • Dad Gone Mad
    • "Proper English is nice and all, but you simply cannot make a case that it's as interesting or fun as speaking the language of the great inner-city minds: MCA, Adrock, and Eazy Mutherfuckin' E. In my view, this is no different than a parent introducing his child to Shakespeare except that the iambic pentameter is replaced by a framework of profanity, misogyny, substance abuse, violence, retaliation, crime and infidelity. (Which, if you think about, sounds a lot like Macbeth.)"
      • "The quality of mercy is not strained, motherfucker." -- pdub
NZGames Forum
In poems, one crucial parameter 
Is use of iambic pentameter 
This term's poorly known 
But research has shown 
That my wang has a hefty diameter
-- Ajax
  • The Everyone Hates Helix Thread
    • "I'm composing a sonnet for you, but I'm having a heck of a time putting 'I'm really sorry I gave you crab lice' into iambic pentameter." --Brad
  • Film Threat Back Talk Forums
    • "Discuss? Theories? Everything I know is an irrefutable FACT, and the rest of you clods just haven't caught up yet. And I fucking HATE iambic pentameter. That fifth beat just hangs there, waiting for the other three to roll around so you can start the next line. Stupid beat...thinks it's so smart...mmm, donuts." -- Seedy

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