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Brianna DeCassios. A real AMERICAN Hero.
The end result.

Late one night at the Alpha Chi sorority house at the University of Oklahoma a spunky sorority girl by the name of Elyse Downs thought it would be like totally awesome to take a fire extinguisher used for suffocating fires and "make it snow." Unfortunately it did not snow in the house that night because anyone with a fucking brain knows well that you had better be putting out a fucking fire because you are about to whip out a pressurized can of flame retardant and the gasses compressing it. The girl was stupid enough to squeeze the lever because and she blew her load when she should have been aiming for her disturbingly large mouth. The fire extinguisher did as it was designed and rained down a big fucking mess of powder and fire suppressant. Then the fire alarms went off because apparently they KNOW when you spray a fire extinguisher in the middle of finals week an entire house full of annoyed over privileged whores were purged from their home like a pizza at Dan's tailgating party because of their over zealous three brain celled sister.

At this point Miss Downs thought she was in deep shit and rightfully so because her paid for friends were not very happy being conscious after the two hour SICK PARTY of petty rape they had just returned from. Which was like totally awesome cause you know girls just wanna have like fun right? No! The secret clubhouse was ruined and the fire department had showed up to save their over hollow bastion of dick sucking from its pre-emptive demise. The sorority girls were told they would have to find another place to sleep that night... That's when a real life super hero showed up, one Miss Brianna DeCassios, to save the scene. The following ensued.

In the video she is crying over how she is in super devastating trouble for trying to "make it snow" in her sorority house by spraying the halls with a fire extinguisher. In the span of one minute and twenty-three seconds of pure lolz and blubbering Elyse cries her eyes out at the very idea that she might not get to be included into their convent of head cheerleaders.

Throughout the entire incident Miss DeCassios could not stand to contain her laughter but who could blame her. Her "sister" is off making the most terrible faces possible whilst crying uncontrollably about how no one loves her and how she is going to make it up she totally swears you don't even know. She doesn't even make an effort to get her troll of a friend to quit filming. She's so wrapped up in her own unwarranted self importance about how IT IS SO BAD AND HER FACE IT IS A FACE OF SORROW that she couldn't be bothered to realize she was being laughed at.

The situation was seemingly resolved but then the INTERNET happened.

This drama is what all TRUE attention whores strive for

After the initial drama had settled down her friend, Brianna DeCassios, decided it would be a good show to upload the video of her trolled friend onto the Internet for a few of her closer colleagues to enjoy for themselves. It was all good fun and they had enough of their little laughs to adequately stroke their MySpace angled egos. Then that video was leaked from that close circle and the motions of the nets went forward and it was sent to a friend of a friend of a friend who put it on YouTube. That is when shit hit the fan.

Brianna's Reaction

Brianna tried desperately to contain the video after experiencing a bout of troll's remorse. She worked tirelessly to have the video pulled off of YouTube over a copyright claim. She knew she might not get to make friendship bracelets with her BFF's if this was hanging over her head and then she would have to buy new friends. Brianna was ultimately successful in pulling the original video from the face of YouTube for a time but the damage had been done. The video had escaped from YouTube and was being mirrored on other sites that didn't really care about Miss Brianna's wishes.

Elyse's Reaction

Elyse wasn't too happy about having her fantastic facial aptitude being shown for the world to see and with the help of Brianna tried desperately to get as many videos of her pulled as possible. Her efforts ended in failure and the slaughter had spread to a number of Internet blogs. Faced with a lollercaust she set her Facebook to private and deleted everything. She tried her best to cover all traces of her involvement with the video but was unsuccessful at this as well.

Her Sororities Reaction

Slow to her aid, her sisters tried to mount a presence to discourage the merciless taunting of their make believe friend. It was all that could be expected from a group of people who are capable of adding Facebook applications and nothing really else.

The Spread

In trying to stifle the efforts of lolz profiteers Briana, Elyse, and her sorority were only successful in driving more people to view and mock the video. What started off as a small video no one had heard about was being spread amongst blogs for sexually frustrated fiends to have at. The video was quickly posted to numerous sources and the story was looked into after the consideration of the possibility of a troll. It made the circuit and was posted to various retard outlets.

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