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"I have a 140 IQ" (alternatively, "I have an IQ of 140" or "My IQ is 140") is a common catchphrase for haughty assholes who think that lies about their feeble intellects impress anyone; it is a staple of flamewars on the internets involving 13-year-old boys, asspies, and self-absorbed basement-dwellers.

Mind you even Mensa asspies don't quote their IQ. They go by percentages.


Insecurity is usually the only thing that can become larger than one's ego.
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I challenge you to read about the history of AIDS. They can trace it's spread from a monkey in Africa. They said it spread from the monkey to humans because of unnatural relations with the monkey. My IQ is 140 thank you very much. I'm out of here....don't respond to me anymore...there's no use being on this thread anymore. Someday we will all know the truth.


Sonserae, scholar of African history whose genius hasn't enabled her to implement proper punctuation or grammar

Lilly sucks fat fucking cock!

My ug GPA was around 2.5 in Biology from a top 50 school.

Lilly didn't hire me but the #1 company DID.

They also paid for my MBA, where my GPA was 3.4.

Have worked with this company for over 10 years now. Between the job and real estate moves I became a millionaire at the age of 33.

So fuck you Lilly - my ug GPA wasn't good enough but my 140 IQ and BIG BALLS made me a millionaire and I've been kicking your ass out there for 10+ years. Heading to my company's Hall of Fame - bitch!


Anon, not at all bitter and dishing out vengeance

Because of my co-workers, the general public assumes that I have jackalope shit for brains. They don't even bother to attempt to engage me in any intelligent conversation, instead they treat me like a drone, despite my 140 IQ.


tspikes51, furious because nobody will discuss subjects of erudition with him while he bags their groceries

i want my IQ to be almost 210 and i need help on how to enhance it. My IQ is 140 is that good


Concern, failing English while seeking advice on how to be smrter

Learn how to spell your as bad as the last guy...BTW my IQ is 140 .


tenfiveracer, who doesn't need that grammar bullshit

yet another dick face with no videos for others to return the comment... my iq is 143....and this video is much deeper than a complaint to nintendo.....but i dont think u could get your tiny brain cells around it..so fuck off and go lock yourself in your bedroom so daddy dont get u,,,,,,,dip shit..


richpickins, an Internet Tough Guy who uses his vast intellect to complain about shitty video games

My IQ is 140 and Encyclopedia Dramatica is the funniest thing I have ever seen.


R. Johnson, In defense of ED

My IQ is also 140, and Encyclopedia Dramatica is the funniest thing I have ever seen.


J. Cooper, in support of R. Johnson's defense of ED

I'm only about 135. But even I found the top class was not taxing my brain, and I could have done my high school in a 1/4 of the time. Instead, I just got got bored by most subjects, and became incredibly de-motivated.


scorpiomover, five points shy of the popular ideal.

Big deal, my IQ is 203 and I work as a trash collector.


Pete of "Mimai, Fla," whose learned presence enriches a distinguished social service

You're an uneducated idiot, and a troll, so who gives a flying fuck what you 'see'. Get it through your head little fella, I DON'T CARE about ANYTHING YOU THINK OR BELIEVE regarding me or anything else. To me you have less worth than the mold growing on my shower curtain. You're trying very hard to try to impress me, but I have proven myself many times in many ways. I'm a Chess Master, achieved a 142 (top 1 percentile) on a Stanford-Binet intelligence test, Computer Science grad (honors), etc.


Ken Fray, raging after trying to troll in a trollfest.

I'm Autistic, having Aspergers Syndrome, i have an IQ of 145, an Eidetic memory to do with sounds and am lucky enough to suffer from Bipolar disorder.





Asking the perpetrator what IQ actually stands for or where 140 falls on the IQ test bell curve will - more often than not - result in silence until they can Google it. Also, be sure to tell them that tests on Quizilla aren't meant to be taken seriously.

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