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Mudkip don't roll that way.
You don't roll anyway faggot.
24 hours in MS Paint.

I Don't Roll That Way was a forced meme that was forced last Thursday by a newfag in the cesspool that is /b/ of 4chan. It started when another newfag discovered the magic that is copypasta and left a message that stated he was a virgin and would be 20 the next day. He made a promise to himself that unless he had sex before he hit 20, he would become an hero. He said rape and prostitution didn't count because "he didn't roll that way".

The post following this was also made by a newfag who, along with an image declaring that the OP had lost The Game and was a faggot (which he clearly was, due to posting epic amounts of fail), went on to say : ""I don't roll that way" If you're still a virgin at 20, you don't roll any way faggot" Quite a harmless newfag post, one would think, as they were clearly unaware of copypasta.

Anon followed with this thread commanding the OP to become an hero and just illustrating how much of a pathetic faggot OP was. All was fine until another newfag poster thought it smart to reiterate the comments that "If you don't roll that way, you don't roll any way" and the wheels of the internet hate machine began to turn. Quickly after that, Pedobear arrived shouting "I don't roll that way is now a meme" and a flood of "I don't roll that way" related posts and pictures flooded the thread until it reached over 9000 replies.

Oldfags tried hard to respond with "forced meme is forced" posts and copying the original copypasta, but the newfags, all hopped up on the Internets' naughty words and the abundance of loli, were too many for them.

No one knows when "I don't roll that way" will return to /b/ as a half-assed meme. All we know is that when it does, it will be a sad, fail-filled day.

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