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This girl has made many pairs of panties very happy.
Even Pokémon can came.
Catholic girls always came.
No need to brag.

Yet another /b/tard joke. Usually accompanied by a loli picture of Lindsay Lohan with a happy or orgasmic face. The meme comes from the final scene in the 1998 movie Happiness, written by Todd Solondz, where the 11 year old son of a serial child rapist masturbates to his first ejaculation, (No, they don't actually show his cock) has the jizz licked up by his dog, then the dog runs up to the boy's mother and licks her face. The boy comes in after the dog and simply says "I came" (Seriously). The audience then lulz uncomfortably as they try to conceal their own physical signs of arousal.

A slight variation on the term is "I came buckets", which implies something so hawt that the resulting ejaculation spews out enough cum to... well, you probably get the idea.

Julius Caesar: "Vidi, vici, veni." I saw, I conquered, I came.


The scene that started it all
Paul Potts will make you came, as it did with the judge.
The "I've just come" guy from The Fast Show.
The "I've just come" guy from The Fast Show again.
The "I've just come" guy from The Fast Show yet again.
She starts coming at about 2:25ish.

Finishes 2:40, has an emotional post-coital smoke.
Love the voice.
Turn the lights off and I'd hit it.

Watch from the start if you dare - rich white woman talking about what a drag slavery is.


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