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I GOT NORTON! is a meme that sprung up on /b/ shortly after an image depicting a friendly chat between two basement dwelling WOWfags was posted on 7chan's /b/. Anonymous instantly began inquiring as to HOW THIS NIGRA GOTZ DEM INFOMASHUNZ. Eventually, the conversation tunred to "Oh Lawd! This man needz moar medalz!" and Anonymous ended by declaring I GOT NORTON a meme. Its creation is depicted in the screen shot below:

Norton is excellent

"u cant hack or nothin, I got norton"

The initial post carried a screencap of the conversation between the two, in the middle of an apparent trade/transaction of a player character/account and all the dumbass "+9000 Sword of Pwning" shit that WOWfags cream over. However, as the two haggle and deal, it is revealed that one of the participants, a WoWfan4life, is attempting fraud by asking to "check out the account" and try it out before purchasing. In good faith, and against better judgement, afullmoon1 agrees, and is promptly scammed by the other WoWfag. WoWfan4life, believing himself to be the winrar, laughs as afullmoon1 scrambles to regain his lost honour account. But afullmoon1 is smarter than your average Wowfag, and in one of the lulziest maneuvers ever performed by anyone (excluding the time-honoured barrel roll) grabs the other WoWfag's OrgName, OrgID, IRL Address, City, State, Country, and Phone number. Lulz ensue.

>9000 GP's?! OH SNAP!

As afullmoon1 threatens to retaliate, WoWfan4life laughs, using the now famous, "stupid ass u cant hack or nuthin" "I GOT NORTON"


He fucking has NORTON.

Eventually, afullmoon1 CALLS HIS FUCKING PHONE NUMBER. Wowfan4life shits bricks, and all sense of Internet tough guy bravado fails him. He begs afullmoon1 to "please please don't call." As afullmoon1 challenges his manliness to ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE WoWfan4life replies "cuz dude my mom"

Screencap of conversation below:


/b/ creamed

Eventually, the conversation came down to WoWfan4life begging afullmoon1 not to call the party van, and that he was just joking. Finally, afullmoon1 delivered the coup de grace:


how do I scammed afullmoon1?

Enter Anonymous

Anon discovered everything they could about how afullmoon1 did it, how to do it, and then did it on each other for great justice.

Anonymous infighting PLAYfighting

Eventually, /b/ went back to doing what it had always done.

wow...aren't you paranoid...
LOl...nothing's free.


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