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I Dislike Cis People is a fat, ugly, feminist Karen.
You can help by pissing on her privilege whenever necessary.

Just like any other tumblrfag, I Dislike Cis People (Powerword: Adele Sheffield, AKA Adele Utatane, comes up with a new name every 5 minutes.), also known as Mentally retarded, IDCP, and Softcisphobia, has proven how full of shit she is. The self proclaimed tucute queen, she is a short tempered, hypocritical, homophobic, transphobic (Despite claiming to combat transphobia), self proclaimed cisphobic, ignorant, racist, sexist, and lazy 21 year old basement dwelling weeaboo furry (She claims to be 4785 years old) scumbag tranny from the backwards redneck cesspool of Woodstock, Georgia with a serious case of White guilt, Liberal guilt, special snowflake syndrome and an inflated ego. She feels the need to follow the tumblr trend of self diagnosing themselves with every imaginable illness known to mankind. Despite the contrary, she actually has type 1 diabetes, and frequently begs for money off the internet because she's too fucking lazy to get out of her basement and get a fucking life, along with the serious needing of a bitchslap into reality.

She's also an otherkin believing herself to be a cat and a magical girl. Despite this, she owned three cats (now only one, lulz) and to this day, amazes us that her poor cat hasn't been sexually molested by this pervert. IDCP is also notorious for her insane Puella Magi Madoka Magica headcanons, and cries when nobody accepts that Sayaka is a tranny with every imaginable illness on earth. Her army of white knights will defend anything she does, whether it's bullying other people, defending her fraudulent diabetes medication scam, or defending her highly unrealistic PMMM headcanons. Whenever she feels like she's been called out, she password protects her blog, and has almost every personality of another Autistic lolcow, she has way too much in common with him. Recently, it has come up that IDCP is faking being a tranny and it's believed so she could get extra feels from people on tumblr and make a ton of money off of it.

My name is Kat, think of it like a nickname. I'm the tucute queen, a gorgeous magigirl, my preferred pronouns are kit/kits/kitself, I'm a taurus, kittykin, firekin, ISFJ, and I'm an aromantic demisexual. ♥

I'm just a badass magical girl here to voice my outrage against privileged, self-important cis people who think they are allowed to push their opinions in on trans matters. As well as attempting to stop truscum because they were once magical but got corrupted and I aim to collect their valuable grief seeds.

Please consider donating to me to help me afford my expensive medications.


Her Tumblr bio

But just keep reading on, it gets worse, much worse.

Checking of The Privilege.

The money donated to help treat her diabetes instead being wasted on video games, completely responsible.
How she sees herself, note the Sayaka cosplay and cat ears. This is how much of a grasp on reality she has.
How she really is.

Ostensibly, she tries to convince people that she seems to be some expert on gender, sex, sexism, and oppression; though in typical tumblrina fashion, she's nothing more than a sad pile of trash that didn't get enough attention at home. She's writes near daily blog post about how she's being oppressed by cis scum and truscum and how cis people are the absolute worst thing on the planet. She soon realized she wasn't getting enough attention on tumblr, and needing a platform to bray her fucked up worldviews, she uses characters from the trashy anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica to speak for her; specifically, Sayaka Miki. Like thousands of other tumblrinas, she makes up words to sound cool, hip, and intelligent. In reality, she comes out as edgy and attention seeking. During Summer 2014, Adele went and bought herself a game, a new phone, new laptop, and other expensive shit that most can't afford with money that was supposed to be paying for her diabetes medication. Almost immediately, word caught on about the little "mishap" she had. She claims she bought this for her mental health and wellbeing and also blames it on classists telling her how to be fucking financially responsible. She attempted to cover her trail by closing her old blog. Despite this, she has proven that she has no interest in living a normal and human life, sticking to her hugbox known as her social media accounts and made up gender pronouns.

Adele claims her father abused her as a child, while providing no evidence beyond saying it. She blames all of her fuckery on this and on other issues she has, and uses this as the kind of reasoning of self diagnosing herself with everything. Just like another tranny with a persecution complex, superiority complex, and (allegedly) shady abusive father figure, she neglects to specify what kind of harassment she went through. Knowing her, she's probably lying about it in order to get attention or exaggerating abuse in order to get feels and Jew Gold from her fellow SJWs.

She tells people critical of her views to get a life, yet at the age of 22 it's unknown if she even went to college, currently attends one, or even graduated from High School. She still lives with her mom, mooching off of her and using her diabetes as a platform to beg for money off the internet to fund her lazy faggotry. Due to this, she feels no need to get a job or develop a remote sense of responsibility. It's literally her tugboat. She also claims to have a job, yet posted no reasonable evidence that she even works, and at some point was also stupid enough to post her credit card information on the internet. Intelligence and common sense are not her allies. She further proves how much of a life she lacks by responding to critics and trolls.

One bit of lulzworthy trivia: she claims to be opposed to cultural appropriation, and got mad at white people for "stealing culture", yet her alias and nickname on her facebook page is Utatane, which is Japanese for nap and the name of one of the Vocaloid characters. So not only is IDCP a flaming hypocrite, but also racist and guilty of cultural appropriation herself, along with being a weeaboo, which nobody will take seriously.

Deviantart Drama

Making serious (and fake) issues funneh may mays.

Like every autistic individual, she used to be on DevianTART. This is where her past (which she tries to keep hidden) and hypocrisy, collide. Along with that, a darker secret of Adele's life is revealed. She used to be 100% scene kid/emo kid material, posting threats of cutting on a near daily basis, her hot topic haul and new hair color, endless near nude selfies, and liking overrated and plotless animes. Eventually she cunted out of this phase, following both deviantart accounts getting mass flagged and b& quite some time ago. Well, before she evolved into a stage 4 lolcow and SJW. It was here that her n00dz were revealed, along with her frequent drama and absent grasp on reality. This is why she got banned in the first place. She also had a history of self harm, even going as far as making a meme of self harm and cutting, proving that she is not only insensitive, but also rude and willing to make everything a meme. For a long time, she was begging for a "sugardaddy" to be with for life, which sounds eerily familiar to Chris-Chan's lovequest/sweetheart search. For her sugardaddy material, she wanted a transman to date and have sex with. Like most other Tartlets, she never posted any actual artwork or original content whatsoever, opting to flood her gallery with selfies, memes, and journals bitching about her life and how her life is terrible.

YouTube Series and Gamergate Shenanigans

Following in the footsteps of the Social Justice Warrior's lord and savior, IDCP decided to start a new YouTube series called Transfrequency, the most blatant attempt to copy Feminist Frequency's formula. Only this time, it's calling out "transphobia in the gaming industry." Due to this douchebag being an anti-gamergater, this conclusively proves how much knowledge she has about gaming, just like FemFreq, she's a fake gamer that wants to make that Jew Gold from raking in views. She wants money to start her series, so far, only one episode has been completed and up on YouTube since October 6th, 2014. To see a failure of an attempted series start, watch the video below:

If she hadn't wasted all her money on useless plastic shit, she would've gotten a few episodes completed.

It is unknown if the series is every going to start, let alone be successful. Knowing how she handles funds, she'll probably do the same thing FemFreq did and beg for money to make the show better, then blow it all on useless anime figures, sexy toys, and video games to make her "psychological state" feel better. The comments are a mix of sanity, edgy 12 year olds asking to see her titties, and weeaboos saying how cute she is.

She has stated at least twice that she is opposed to the gamergate movement, for being a bunch of "nerds that hate women and trans people", despite being a lonely nerd herself with few friends. Hence why she started this fucking series in the first place.

LOL Series is canceled, video got taken down.

Editing The Official PMMM Wiki to Win Arguments

The edits she made.

Since IDCP is delusional enough to think Sayaka is transgender, despite evidence to the contrary, she went and edited the official PMMM wiki to say she was. This caught the attention of a basement dwelling anon who reverted them immediately. IDCP's alias was Applebelle, a telltale sign that IDCP is a huge brony in denial. If that wasn't enough, SHE PUBLICLY FLAUNTED HER EDITS on tumblr; going so far as to say, "I made an edit to the wiki, so that means I'm automatically right." This logical fallacy, editing a wiki article to make yourself right, makes her an even bigger asshole than before. She considers anyone who fails to accept her insane ramblings as gospel truth a homophobic, transphobic, bigot who hates progress.

An anon user reks her hard.

It's not even a valid entry for that table, hence it being invisible in the regular view mode (and still not a cited, valid fact)


—Anonymous user, via the PMMM Wiki

It should be noted, that the reason IDCP's headcanon doesn't hold up under any circumstances is because the central plot of PMMM revolves around harvesting the souls of lolis, IE genetic females who regard themselves as such, under the guise of turning them into superheroes. This is not revealed until midway through the series and is a major twist. We're forced to draw one of two conclusions because of this: either IDCP has never bothered to watch the show, and only latched onto it for attention due to its popularity at the time this article was written; or that she's simply that stupid.

Adele the Ironic Transphobe

I'm the only one being oppressed.

It is quite ironic that this bitch is transphobic, for as much as she fights for LGBT rights and is a flamingly proud "progressive liberal socialist leftist communist", she set the standard in recent encounters with fellow tranny basement dwellers. She has a problem if you insult her, yet insults other trannies and thinks it's perfectly acceptable. She also used to find Transmen hawt, now goes around calling them scumbags and basically bullies them. IDCP is a fine example of the hypocrisy and double standards of all of tumblr, from third wave feminist hambeasts to fat libtards wanting people to care about their double majors in gender studies and philosophy. Whenever she gets called out, she retaliates by making memes and posts about how she's being oppressed and why truscum are at fault. She indeed proves that the only one she cares about is herself, based on her routine shopping sprees with stolen money from gullible fellow SJWs and trannies that fall for her lies and deceit.

IDCP is attempting to deny that back last Thursday, she used to be into transmen, wanting to date one and have sex with one. They turned her on, yet she now hates all transmen for some unknown reason. She claims that they have as much privilege as cis men and that they're unknowingly benefitting from it.

An honest review and typical reaction from sane people of IDCP's blog .

Is Kat Really a Tranny?

In recent months, IDCP's legitimacy regarding her gender and identity have come into question. Kiwi Farms has a thread that is well over 150 pages discussing the shit she did as of September 2015. IDCP has taken note of this and tried to silence any opposition or tried claiming it's a campaign to defame her. The reality of the situation is IDCP is, in fact, not a tranny. Photo evidence of her younger self proves this, for she cannot keep a straight story of when she started hormone therapy treatment. With her stories stating she started as young as 13 years old to as old as almost 16. However her type 1 diabetes might say something else. Some nerd from Kiwi Farms did the research and has speculated that IDCP's diabetes had actually delayed her puberty and required her to take hormones, because of this action, and around the same time she actually started taking hormones was around the same time she started getting into tumblr, which is what most likely convinced her that she's a tranny and what convinced her that she doesn't need to have dysphoria to be a tranny, just self diagnosis and an entitled mindset. With this in mind, she slowly starts to stick to the tranny gig, she even said that in an earlier post from 2011, that she isn't trans, she just thinks they're cool and wants to identify as one. Which could also further prove her hatred for transmen: if she was to get a reassignment surgery, she would have to take testosterone hormones and become a FTM, which she didn't want.

To put into perspective, IDCP is the Rachel Dolezal and the Shaun King of trannies, faking to be a tranny in order to receive money and sympathy; and at the same time, a false sense of respect on tumblr. It further proves she's a nolifer with no sense of self-worth past entitlement issues and bullshit identities on tumblr.

Kat Is a Furry

Around July 2015, Kat came out as a furry and proclaimed interest in the furry fandom, even going as far as to get an OC (which is totally unique and doesn't look like every other furfag OC to ever exist), which simply adds to her ever-growing autism she suffers from, along with increasing her special snowflake status and a fake tranny otherkin.

Things That T-T-T-Trigger Adele

You're on tumblr, idiot. Nearly everybody has a trigger warning on tumblr, and her triggers consists of the following:

Not listed:

Being called dude



Trolling Adele

You really want to troll her? Well, start with the following steps:

  1. Use the tor browser- you don't want your IP getting into her hands and her possibly doxing you. Remember, you want to dox her, don't let her do what you're attempting to do. Even if you're not intending to dox, be warned, she has some basic knowledge of being a Hax0r. It's believed, too, that she's an oldfag.
  2. If you're using Tor, go on tumblr and do anon asks, lulz guaranteed if she replies.
  3. Call out her homophobia or transphobia, remind her of her hypocritical statements and quotes he made, whether it was 4 years ago or 4 seconds ago.
  4. Don't call her by her insisted pronouns.
  5. Call her dude, guaranteed lulz from her.
  6. Remind her of her NSFW blog and all her n00dz she uploaded.
  7. Fucking trigger her.
  8. Tell her that you got her dox.
  9. Call her a trailer park tranny.
  10. Be normal.

She wants to fite 1v1 irl

Similarities to Chris(tina)-Chan

Similarities to Ahuviya Harel

A List of I Dislike Cis People's Aliases


If you really think trans people are privileged then tell me how much privilege we have when we can’t even specify our gender leanings IRL and we can’t even talk about our job or general area we live in online without fear of being doxxed.



—But doxing those truscum cissies is fine!

We’ve gone through many names and changes over the years of blossoming into the demonic goddess we are today, and we like to think of them as revisions. The time before we were trans? An alpha stage at best, buggy as hell, barely functioning, but got the job done.



—Either is stating that she's a robot or trying to be 2deep4u

Maybe I don’t specify things like that because doxxing is a thing (that is still happening to me btw) and I’m not gonna plebcomics myself for the benefit of transphobic trolls. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed by that but our first worry is protecting ourself from the likes of you. We work, we make money, however it isn’t enough to cover $200+ a month in insulin.



—Slowly, but steadily, her mental state is deteriorating to Chris-Chan's levels.

Wow, cis people are a fuckin hoot.



—Because you're totally sane.


A Disappointment to parents in pictures About missing Pics
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Remember, Adele hates porn, but she does it for money.

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