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IRL (abbreviated from in real life) refers to the place where IRC Admin fags suck and take huge cocks anally on a daily basis.

Used ironically or sarcastically as part of Netspeak, IRL can be used to refer to any activity that can be done on IRC, or in the broader sense, online.

When online, one may often hear the phrase "I IS HOT GURL IRL". When this is heard, it should not be taken seriously, as they are most likely an anime fan, leftard, or attention whore, or in some all cases a bald fat fuck masturbating to the words on his computer monitor. It is extremely unlikely that they are actually an attractive female.

Rileigh LINKS DOWN a prime example of the typical, fat, bald, internet attention whore masturbating over pretending to be the girl he stalks in IRL.

Everyone on the Internet.

Although Internet drama has been spotted on the Internets since Al Gore and the Renegade master invented it in 1984, the real world has been filled with IRL drama for at least 100 years. And, just like OL drama spawned trolls, IRL drama has spawned the recreational activity of trolling IRL.

For a good example of IRL, simply refocus your eyes to take in that which lies slightly to the left and right, as well as above and below your shiny monitor box. The initial impression is clear: dark, shabby and lacking in emoticons. Why not just blow the whole fucking shitload up? Fortunately, this idea has already been created and forwarded by one George W. Bush.

IRL Activities.
Am i a man dreaming of being a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of being a man?


—Chuang Tzu

Above quote demonstrates the tendency of some people to ask the question: "what is IRL?". These are curious individuals. If you have the time to ask such questions then you are not spending enough time worrying about the size of your penis and when you will next have the secks. The only explanation is either that you are "secure" or possibly broken.

Things to do IRL


  • Join a yoga class
  • Find a cure for cancer while Idling in TF2 to get a shitload of hats.
  • Do coke
  • Lead a workshop
  • Fap
  • Edit this article
  • Troll
  • Get raped
  • Visit Santa at the North Pole
  • Eat
  • Renovate your bathroom
  • Start a band
  • Masturbate
  • Call your band "Lobsterman"
  • Get booed offstage at your first concert
  • Exercise
  • Choke the chicken
  • Get laid (Extremely difficult)
  • Fap
  • Die
  • Shoot some b-ball outside of the school
  • Do a Baal Run
  • Win (not likely)
  • Fail (you just did)
  • File a sexual harassment lawsuit (women only)
  • Never get promoted
  • Spread your life-generating wonder seed throughout the curvaceous valleys of your palm
  • Sleep
  • Become An Hero
  • Put things in your mouth
  • Find the Peng treasure
  • Fap
  • Die
  • Hack (cept u cant cuz I GOT NORTON)
  • Dream
  • Ask for it
  • Crash your car
  • Find out who was phone
  • Wank
  • Trick your body into thinking that you're fornicating
  • Be a black guy
  • Meet the spy
  • Eat ramen
  • Blog about how ramen is kawaii desu
  • Turn into a jet
  • Fap
  • Put another CD in the CD drive
  • Build a computer
  • Press the power button
  • Update drivers
  • Clean your keyboard
  • Goto your kitchen to get a drink
  • Goto the gas station
  • Fap moar
  • Shit in the sink
  • eat cyanide
  • mix ammonia and bleach in a bucket and inhale deeply above it
  • Jerk off twelve times in one day just to see if you can do it
  • Literally breathe oxygen

If this is actually an average day for you, please do us all a favor and kill yourself.


Usage Note: Some people try to use IRL as a synonym for "really", as in "I IRL hate her" or "I am IRL hungry", but this usage is widely discouraged for obvious reasons.

Real Life vs The Internet


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