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Turks are such snappy dressers.

A retarded website, once found at ikissyou.org, created by Mahir Çağrı, a horny old Turkish guy with a Jew. Mahir became one of the first internet celebrities in 1999 when the world found his shitty Web 1.0 website which proclaimed "WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE! I KISS YOU!", launching the phrase into meme status. Some people say that Mahir marks the beginning of the Internet tradition of rewarding failure, but they are wrong. After a certain amount of public exposure, Mahir tried to blame the sexy parts of his website on a hacker, but this is obviously a lie.

Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate .....

She can stay my home ........


—Mahir Çağrı

Things Mahir Çağrı likes

Mahir cagri accordian.jpg


Mahir v Borat : Mahir favored 6:5

For Mahir, his legacy lives on in Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat" character, who bears more than a passing resemblance to the Turk. Mahir has threatened to sue Borat's ass for plagiarism, but so far he has been unable to find a lawyer.[1]

Mahir has long contended that Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat is based on him and his website. Unfortunatly, Borat's prototype "Kristo" had been aired on TV more than once before Mahir's site went live in 1999. This is another obvious case of an Arab being jealous of a Jew. He gave a bunch of angsty interviews and asked WIRED for help getting a lawyer, but is still waiting for an apology or some monies.

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Typical correspondence

Is your name Mahir? I love your Web site, and I kiss you back!!!
Here is my photo, I like reading, travel, and sports. 
You are a fine looking man! Where do you live! Write back! 
Don't you love the Internet? I like it very much because it lets me meet
people all over the world! Like you!
You're gonna get raped
Thanks for your email and picture* I live Turkey-izmir
izmir nice town-4 million near the sea
I invite you my home--
My home-your home
I belive we could be good friend*
Where are you live*
write me about you*
I wait you----
Kissessssssssssss and Hugsssssssss




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