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IFavTrash's journal, explaining his mission.
Just some of the trash that has already been faved.
From Daily Disappointment. A fine sample of the trash that is posted and the kind of comment it receives.
Surprisingly, IFavTrash gets schooled hard.

Deviantart-favicon.png IFavTrash is a troll account on DeviantART that is devoted to, as the appropriate name explains, faving the ridiculous amount of trash found on the site. It was started due to the user's frustration at clicking on Random Deviation and being showered with, not delicious artworks, but rather, shitastic doodles, camwhorage, and the rest of the AIDS that killed dA.

As of August 29, 2009; Ifavtrash decided to pussy out and quit his trolling career because, paraphrased, he "didn't want to be considered a stupid American like one of us".


IFavTrash hopes to affect change on devianTART by helping to discourage the posting of such garbage on the site in the first place. The effectiveness of this method is questionable, as most of the people receiving a fave will probably be too dense to realize they are being insulted, and instead glory in their increased favecount. In addition, the size of the resulting favorites gallery would surely be so large as to swiftly attract the dA banhammer, if only to save the disk space wasted from hosting two separate and complete versions of the entire website.

IFavTrash was also started for the lulz, since perusing the gallery of favorites is quite funny (though also very, very sad).


As expected, drama has already begun to ensue in response to IFavTrash. Butthurt "artists" come to baaaw in the comments, or else to make lame excuses like, "I know it isn't art, I was just messing around!" (Well, then, don't post it up on deviantART). Other people get all politically correct and spout, "OMG, what if this account crushes the hopes and dreams of a young, aspiring artist and they become an hero in shame!!!11". Because, you know, the 13-year-old boy that worked so hard to doodle their Narutard OC on lined paper is totally going to one day sprout talent and become epic. And of course don't forget the most ridiculous response, "There's no such thing as bad art!1!!". Yeah, because Happy Tree Friends shipping is comparable to Picasso.

IFavTrash believes it is better to smash people's dreams sooner, rather than later, and eventually spare us from having to look at so much crap on the internet. Until then, we can point and laugh at all the trash that is faved.

Gallery of lulz

IFavTrash says

Due to this article providing him so much attention and tons of messages claiming "You are great, I support your fight", IFavTrash decided to post the "discussions" he has with the "artists", so people looking for drama won't bore looking for them through at least 100 pages of useless comments. Ironically, these deviations fill deviantArt with exactly the kind of non-art that he claims to combat. But we forgive him for that because he brings the lulz.

Moar Quotes

it's your personal opinion so thanks i will just keep doing what i want to on here and there aint nothing you or anyone else will say to stop me but have fun with thinking my work is trash it's very amusing to me


Kittyboy camwhore is serious business.

Come on! Look at the favs and you'll realize that theres no "worked hard on" thing. And about suicidal bad artists... I don't think I really care... at least they'll stop posting... No, seriously... Do you really believe that my opinion is that important?


—IFavTrash, like most trolls, can be very reasonable.

Mmm... well... Have I fav'ed any of your posts or are just being a spontaneous hero?


—IFavTrash - shutting the fuck up of whining troll-trollers.

She's not that bad... there are worst things round there...


—IFavTrash's opinion about Branca File:Branca_suggestion.jpg

I didn't said I like it... Tell you more... I don't believe manga/anime is art at all... not at least 99.9% of it.


—IFavTrash's opinion about Branca's animu talents.

Poor modern people, that claims for democracy in art. "Everyone is an artist and everything is art". God... What we'll have to hear next? A butcher saying "Everyone is a butcher and everything is a roast-beef"?


—IFavTrash showing his sense of humour.

In my other account, I participate at five deviant groups, I post deviations, get favs and critiques, I have over 10000 page views and lots of watchers, I'm even co-admin at a poetry group. I've opened this account 'cos I was tired of clicking "random deviation" and just found junk... You know something, life is cruel, not everyone has talent, not everyone can be artist. Say what you want to say, it's only babbling for me.


—IFavTrash's frustrated confession.

Yes, sometimes I think: "I am doin' wrong... I am a bad person..." then I go and see my favorites... and I realize that I'm damn right.


—IFavTrash - believing his fight will become epic.

I have a problem by the way you faved one of my works, a lot of people that seem to know you are commenting on the work and crtisizing me. Telling me that my poems, which I think are something, are a wreck and horrible. Some of it is not your fault, but you camed to start it. I feel worthless, and I imagine all of us who have passed by the experience also. Some people support me, but this is too much to handle.


cavallina feeling worthless.

You people are so...ugh!!


babylonrogues101 is most displeased!

There's so much to pursue... maybe you can help commenting on those deviations.


—IFavTrash wants you to troll.

If I was an admin... god... that would be a massacre...


—IFavTrash's wishes to hold the dA banhammer.

Similar Accounts

Deviantart-favicon.png DailyDisappointment

An inspiration for IFavTrash's trolling ways, DailyDisappointment features crap in its favorites gallery, operating as the opposite of DevianTART's official Daily Deviations. Actually, scratch that, they function exactly the same. DailyDisappointment's primary target is the infamous "blurry webcam emo shot," but will fave anything disappointing.

Deviantart-favicon.png BringBackArt and Deviantart-favicon.png saveda

Linked in IFavTrash's journals, these accounts take the moralfag approach against the trash on dA by whining and starting a club, but not actually achieving anything, especially not lulz.

Deviantart-favicon.png YouDidntPostArt, Deviantart-favicon.png Ionlyfavegarbage, and Deviantart-favicon.png ThisIsUNARTS

IFavTrash copycats, faving all kinds of crap deviations, but particularly targeting the "pictures of your friends"

Deviantart-favicon.png ifavecrap

A supposed photography buff, who, along with faving Myspace photos and effortless snapshots, also features exceptionally bad finds in journal entries, comparing them to worthwhile photography found elsewhere on the site.

Deviantart-favicon.png NOgoodplz

Sonic Says plz account, now serving the additional function of faving primarily shitty drawings.

Deviantart-favicon.png Garbage-Eater

A self-proclaimed grammar nazi targeting unintelligible script-style fanfiction.


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