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Looking to cruise tonight, young homosexual?
No, I wasn't kidding about that.

ICQ is the old meme of instant messenger systems. An ugly, unwieldy program, it was inundated with spam and later bought and put out of its misery by AOL. Today, the only people who use ICQ are Quasidan, mediacrat, homosexual 13 year old boys looking for sex, and emo kids looking for old high school friends to cry about.

Created in Israel it was probably some part of the jewish plan for world domination. Since the company lost all relevance they now sell toothpaste.

ICQ basics

  • The name ICQ is an attempt at leetspeak, as it stands for "I Seek You." Amazingly enough, ICQ's creators are not homosexuals.
  • ICQ, as a basic telnet, did not, and still doesn't, rely on screen names, but, rather, a series of numbers. One of the reasons it failed is because 16 year old girls have a hard enough time remembering their 10 digit phone number, let alone a 14 digit ICQ number. Not to mention that remembering a series of random numbers is way fucking more difficult and annoying than a traditional screen name.
  • ICQ has the single worst interface in the universe, and I mean that literally. See the image to the right.
  • ICQ was commonly used by pedophiles to find little shota boys near their homes.
  • ICQ can also be known as "Multiplayer Notepad".
  • ICQ has the most annoying alert sound imaginable, and you can't turn it of!
  • ICQ also hosts the gayest IRC chatrooms in the whole world. Do not enter one without a sufficient mental barrier for GRIDS and Assburgers, as these chatrooms offer nothing else.

Eye Seek Drama

Drama? On ICQ? No one frigging uses ICQ anymore. If you want to try, you could comment on how you still have a 6 or 7 seven digit number from the mid-1990s, but, as known, no one fucking cares.

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